Lemonstand Review : Cloud E-commerce Software Platform

Lemonstand Review : Cloud E-commerce Software Platform
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LemonStand is the best eCommerce Software Platform for online retailers who want to grow their online business. Build your customized online store now!LemonStand is a Canadian e-commerce company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, that develops cloud-based computer software for online retailers.

LemonStand Version 1 was launched on July 28, 2010. It is written in the PHP programming language.

Version 1 was released as an on-premises proprietary licensed software, and the commercial license was not free. However, there was a free trial license available.

June 2012, LemonStand raised seed funding from the BDC Venture Capital, and a group of angel investors.
Dec 20, 2013 a cloud-based SaaS version of the LemonStand eCommerce platform was released publicly.

Who Is LemonStand For?

LemonStand is an eCommerce platform for entrepreneurs that are challenging the status quo. These entrepreneurs need a flexible platform that can be highly customized to support their vision whether it includes a unique interactive design, digital products, subscriptions or something else.


These entrepreneurs are on a mission to stand out and grow quickly, and regular off-the-shelf platforms can’t be taken far enough. They need customization over the entire shopping experience, including the checkout, and the ability to optimize the sales funnel using modern analytics and A/B testing tools. That’s where LemonStand shines.


LemonStand isn’t your typical SaaS (Software as a Service) resolution. not like websites designed on most SaaS platforms, LemonStand websites square measure utterly customizable.

you’ll modification nearly each side of the design and feel of your internet store. the sole hassle is that so as to form those changes, you’ll need to dive into the ASCII text file.

Along with a high degree of customizability, different necessary aspects of LemonStand embrace sturdy subscription charge options associate degreed an easy-to-use content management system (CMS) for participating customers along with your whole.

valuation levels for LemonStand square measure based mostly only upon the quantity of orders placed on your web site per month, and plans begin at simply $19 for seventy five orders.

You secure access to any or all the core LemonStand options from the starting time, and your store is positioned to grow aboard your increasing monetary investment within the computer code.

LemonStand helps you start with a couple of directions. I spent a while testing the purposeful backend 1st.

Fortunately, as a whole, I found LemonStand’s admin to be straightforward to navigate. Everything you would like is on the left-hand sidebar. I didn’t ought to pay massive chunks of your time creating by removal for hidden features; they’re all promptly on the market

Why LemonStand – Key Differentiators

LemonStand is fully customizable

Platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce are built for stores who want something basic and off the shelf. They slap on a theme and change some colors and they have a new store. But for entrepreneurs who are going against the status quo and disrupting their market, they need complete customization and LemonStand is where they go for that. They can customize every single aspect of their shopping experience, including the checkout design.

Even content management features are included, so brands can create engaging and beautiful content beyond the product catalog.

LemonStand don’t charge transaction fees

Many other platforms have a low base price to make it look like they are cheap, but they add on transaction fees for every sale, so stores that earn a lot end up paying more. LemonStand’ve had customers move over from Shopify for just this reason alone.

LemonStand’s pricing is a fair, flat rate every month, and is compatible with retailers selling millions of dollars per year.

LemonStand’re extremely developer-friendly

LemonStand’ve heard so many complaints from developers about how other platforms are really hard to customize. LemonStand use Twig which makes it easy for developers to create dynamic and custom eCommerce websites.

A robust API is also offered across all pricing plans, for developers to create custom apps and integrations.

Plus LemonStand have a bunch of developer tools to speed up their workflow.

LemonStand have built-in Conversion Rate Optimization

LemonStand comes built with features that allow retailers to optimize for conversions. You can drop in tracking scripts, conversion pixels, and anything else you need. You implement tools to create popups, exit offers, landing pages, and so much more.

You can run A/B tests using tools like Optimizely, and you can track which tests lead to higher revenue, which you can’t do on platforms like Shopify because, guess what, that checkout redirect doesn’t allow you to.

LemonStand don’t charge extra for important features

All core features that every eCommerce business needs come as part of LemonStand. You don’t need to pay extra and buy them on an App store. Want to sell digital products? It’s built in. Need live shipping rates from UPS? Built in, available on all plans. Want to sell subscriptions? Built in. Custom fields? Volume-based pricing? Extra tabs? All built in.



Design the Way You Want

Completely customize the entire user experience including the checkout process using your favorite front-end techniques.

  • Complete design control to create a unique brand experience
  • Customizable checkouts with no redirects to optimize conversion
  • Use Bootstrap, React, Angular, or any other front-end framework
  • Free LemonSync tool for quicker local development and workflow
  • Powerful theming engine using the popular Twig language
  • Free open source themes can be adapted to fit any design
  • Partner program and revenue sharing for freelancers and agencies

A fully customizable eCommerce Platform

eCommerce CMS and Blog Features

Flexible content management system gives you the tools you need to easily design, create and publish content to grow website traffic, increase engagement, and educate customers.

  • Complete design flexibility over content presentation
  • Full control over URL structure, meta-data and all aspects of search engine optimization
  • Built in WYSIWYG editor to easily publish new web pages, blog posts, announcements and more
  • Create links between content and products to help customers find, learn about and buy products
  • Design and embed reusable content widgets with shortcodes

LemonStand eCommerce CMS and Blog Features

Extend and Integrate to Anything

LemonStand’s developer API, tools, partner integrations, and extensibility make it possible to meet even the most demanding requirements.

  • Robust, developer-friendly API and webhooks
  • Built-in integrations to many popular web services
  • Over 95 different payment gateways in over 100 countries
  • Thousands more integrations via Javascript and Zapier
  • Extensive developer documentation and training content
  • Slack community for designers and developers

LemonStand Intergrations

Adapt to Fit Your Business

Flexible store configuration and tools that let you match up to business needs and keep costs under control.

  • Easy to use interface for store owners and staff
  • No transaction fees on any of lemonstand subscription plans
  • Customizable order workflows
  • Automated inventory management
  • Customizable shipping rate tables and real-time carrier rates
  • Advanced tax configuration
  • Sales and conversion analytics

Custom and flexible eCommerce platform - LemonStand

Leave the Dev/Ops to Us

LemonStand take care of support, infrastructure and maintenance with their enterprise grade SaaS platform so that you can focus on coming up with new ways to grow faster.

  • Instant deployment with automatic updates
  • Auto-scaling and bulletproof reliability
  • Site-wide SSL
  • PCI/DSS compliant infrastucture
  • Global CDN for blazing speed
  • Development sandbox stores for partners and larger businesses
  • Top quality user and developer support

Design the Way You Want

Completely customize the entire user experience including the checkout process using your favorite front-end techniques.

  • Complete design control to create a unique brand experience
  • Customizable checkouts with no redirects to optimize conversion
  • Use Bootstrap, React, Angular, or any other front-end framework
  • Free LemonSync tool for quicker local development and workflow
  • Powerful theming engine using the popular Twig language
  • Free open source themes can be adapted to fit any design
  • Partner program and revenue sharing for freelancers and agencies

shopify competitors

Advanced Checkout Features to Convert More Customers

With LemonStand, you can completely customize every aspect of your checkout and keep customers on your own domain to avoid checkout confusion, no matter which plan you choose.

  • Complete customization control over checkout design, layout and elements, including adding custom fields to your forms and more
  • Create multiple different checkout designs and flows (1, 2, 3 pages or as many as you want) and multiple payment options
  • Do A/B and multivariate testing on your checkout

Shopify vs LemonStand

Better Value With No Extra Fees

Save money on subscription fees and offer your customers payment options that are best for your business without worrying about extra fees for not using Shopify payments.

  • Reduce your costs and increase your margins
  • No “hard-sell” forcing you to opt into a specific payment system
  • Choose 1 or more payment methods without any extra transaction fees
  • Optimize your payment options for faster revenue growth and higher margins

Flexible Products and Pricing

Freedom to set up and present your products exactly the way you want, no matter how complex your needs.

  • Create complex and customizable products with custom fields
  • Unlimited product options, variants and images
  • Encourage upsells and cross-sells with related products
  • Volume, wholesale, and group-based pricing
  • Advanced discount engine

compare Shopify to LemonStand

Faster, More Personalized Service

Get faster, friendly support from our knowledgeable team, who actually might know who you are! We also offer services to help you make the move from Shopify to LemonStand and grow your business faster.

  • Faster response times – LemonStand responded 47X faster than Shopify in a recent independent test
  • Talk to someone who knows who you are and understands your business
  • Have real-time chat conversations right from your LemonStand admin panel
  • Concierge onboarding*
  • Theme design updates and maintenance*
  • Expert coaching on strategy, marketing, design, conversion rate optimization and more*
  • Optional Shopify data and theme migration and implementation services

alternative to shopify

Built-in Subscription Sales Engine

Create lucrative recurring revenue streams with a range of flexible subscription options.

  • Set up recurring subscription plans quickly and easily
  • Create weekly, monthly, quarterly and other billing schedules
  • Manage your products, customers, orders and subscriptions in a single app, no extra third party apps to integrate and no extra fees
  • Offer normal one-time purchase products, and subscription products from the same store

Shopify subscriptions alternative


Your customers are out there researching products to buy. Help them find you first.

Site Wide SSL

Google recently announced that using SSL certificates on your site will give you a boost in search engine rankings. Fortunately, with LemonStand, every page comes with SSL, meaning your entire site will get the boost.

Custom URLs

URL optimization is a key factor in search engine rankings. Many eCommerce platforms generate long, dynamic URLs that can harm your rankings. At LemonStand, we give you full control over your URLs, allowing you to create short, static ones that rank higher.

Optimize your store's URLs with our eCommerce platform

Mobile Friendly

LemonStand were responsive before it became cool. While other platforms are just waking up to the mobile revolution, LemonStand was created with the knowledge that people are shopping on your site at this very moment via their smartphones. Every single page, from the homepage to the checkout, renders beautifully on devices of any size, giving your customers a consistent user experience.

Create a responsive store with our mobile-friendly eCommerce platform

Advanced Onpage SEO

Title tags, header tags, meta descriptions? Sounds too technical, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, with LemonStand built-in on-page SEO features LemonStand make it extremely easy for you to create optimized tags.

LemonStand's eCommerce platform comes with advanced on-page SEO




  • Customizable Checkouts: Fine-tune the look, feel, and functionality of your checkout pages. Customers check out on your site; they won’t be redirected to a LemonStand URL.
  • Command Line Tool: Use LemonSync for local theme development.
  • A/B Testing: Experiment with design and checkout changes to observe the impact on conversion.
  • Free Open-Source Themes: These themes are 100% customizable if you have the right know-how. LemonStand uses the Twig theming language.


  • Unlimited: Set unlimited categories, products, products options, variants, and images.
  • Custom Products: Provide customers with custom fields to enter their specifications for custom-made products.
  • Digital Products: Sell digital products (photos, music, etc.) on the same site as your physical products.
  • Subscription Selling & Recurring Billing: Sell subscription products with LemonStand’s recurring billing feature.
  • Flexible Pricing: Implement volume, wholesale, and group-based pricing.


  • Inventory Management: Set your products to automatically hide when they are out of stock.
  • Shipping Rates: Configure your own shipping tables or use integrations with major shipping carriers (UPS, FedEx, USPS, Canada Post, and Australia Post) for real-time shipping rates.
  • Tax: Set your own tax rates or integrate with Avalara for easier tax setup.
  • Analytics: View stats on abandoned cart rates, traffic, sales, etc.
  • Order Management: Automatically send order status updates to staff and customers. Use the built-in test payment gateway to test checkout and order management before launching your store.


  • SEO Features: Customize URLs and metadata. Manage title tags, header tags, and meta descriptions on-page.
  • Global CDN: Quick page loads via the Content Delivery Network help boost your SEO rankings, while also making impatient customers happy.
  • WYSIWYG Editor For CMS: Manage your site’s pages, announcements, and blog posts from a “what you see is what you get” editor.
  • Widgets: Create your own widgets and embed them on your site.



  • Cross-Sell & Up-Sell: List related products and have them appear alongside products your customers are considering.
  • Discounts: Create discount codes and specify how many times they can be used.
  • Built-In Email Marketing: Create as many types of automated emails to your customers as you’d like.
  • Target Abandoned Carts: Manage abandoned cart recovery emails via the native MailChimp integration.

Secure, Fast & Scaleable eCommerce Hosting

LemonStand provides you state of the art eCommerce hosting, without the hassle, complexity or risk of managing it yourself. Rest easy knowing that your eCommerce website is being managed by a dedicated team of professionals.

Enterprise Grade Hosting

LemonStand’ve taken the complexity out of enterprise grade hosting infrastructure. All you have to do is SIGN UP. No installation, tweaking, backing up, monitoring or separate bills.
LemonStand include fully redundant and secure hosting, around the clock monitoring, daily and hourly off-site backups, and a global CDN.

Global Content Delivery Network

LemonStand keeps a copy of your site’s files on cloud servers in 54 different locations around the globe.

This is done automatically for you, to ensure that your website is blazing fast for customers around the world.
LemonStand’s Content Delivery Network is available to all customers, on all plans, at no extra charge.


Safe & Secure

LemonStand do not store, transmit or process cardholder directly under any circumstances, and use SSL encryption on all pages, not only the checkout. You can feel safe knowing LemonStand’ve taken care of security for you.

PCI Compliance

There are 2 types of payment integrations that you should be aware of for PCI compliance, Standard and Alternative

Standard Payment Methods

The majority of our 95+ payment integrations are what LemonStand call Standard payment methods and connect to your payment provider through a PCI Level 1 secure card vaulting service called Spreedly.

All Standard payment gateway integrations use Spreedly’s iframe integration method specifically to reduce the burden of PCI compliance for all of our customers.

The result is that your LemonStand store’s checkout pages do not touch, process or store cardholder data, and do not serve any card collection forms (forms are served by Spreedly via an iframe)

Alternative Payment Methods

These payment methods (examples include PayPal Payments Standard, Amazon Pay, Bitpay, etc.) connect to the payment provider by redirecting your customers to pay via an offsite payment form that is served directly by your payments provider.

Once payment is complete, your customers are redirected back to your LemonStand hosted store (usually a receipt page) to complete the purchasing experience.

The result is similar to that of LemonStand Standard payment methods. Your LemonStand store’s checkout pages do not touch, process or store cardholder data directly, and do not serve any card collection forms.


Unmatched flexibility and outstanding support at fair prices.There are Four main pricing tiers based on the number of orders customers place on your site each month.Each plan comes with unlimited product and variants, unlimited employees accounts, and unlimited file storage and information measure. There are no dealing fees or cancellation fees. Here ar the 4 plans that share all of LemonStand’s core features:


Starter Plan – $19/month


  • 200 Orders/Month
  • Unlimited Products
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • 100% Customizable Design
  • Advanced SEO
  • Custom SSL Certificate
  • Content Management

Professional – $69/month



  • Everything from Startup Plus:


  • 400 Orders/Month
  • Enhanced Google Analytics
  • Digital Product Selling
  • Webhooks
  • Standard Email Support


Growth – $199/month



  • Everything from Professional Plus:


  • 1,000 Orders/Month
  • Wholesale Features
  • Custom Fields
  • Subscriptions
  • Premium Email Support

Premium – $399/month



  • Everything from Professional Plus:


  • 5,000 Orders/Month
  • Concierge Onboarding
  • Dedicated Success Coach
  • Premium Email/Phone Support



LemonStand offers a comprehensive plan with premium white-glove support for high volume retailers.

  • For retailers doing > 1,000 orders per month
  • Sandbox store
  • Higher API limit
  • Custom email sender domain
  • Avalara AvaTax Integration
  • Secure saved credit card vaulting for easy reorders.
  • Dedicated eCommerce success coach
  • Priority phone support

Starting at $399 / Per Month

Every plan includes all core features.

  •  Unlimited products & variants
  •  No transaction fees
  •  Subscriptions & recurring orders
  •  100% customizable design
  •  Unlimited staff user accounts
  •  Site-wide HTTPS
  •  Unlimited file storage & bandwidth
  •  Integrated blog & CMS
  •  Customizable checkout pages
  •  Over 95 different payment processors
  •  Real-time carrier shipping rates
  •  Volume & customer group pricing
  •  Unlimited category nesting
  •  Product ratings & reviews
  •  Discounts & coupons
  •  Custom fields
  •  Sales & conversion analytics
  •  Integrations: built-in & via Zapier
  •  Advanced SEO
  •  Up-sells & cross-sells
  •  API & webhooks


LemonStand’s support is offered by email and live chat for all users and is accessed via your admin dashboard. sadly, solely LemonStand Premium customers have access to any phone support. If you question me, it’s tricky promoting for LemonStand to state that premium customers get “priority” phone support, implying different customers get “regular” phone support. I would like the web site was clearer on this. On the brilliant facet, you’ll be able to forever strive the sales signaling between 9AM-5PM Pacific Time.

Let’s recap LemonStand’s technical support options:

  • Phone: Premium Plan only
  • Email/Web Ticket:
    • Available 24/7
    • Typically reply within one hour between 6AM-6PM PST
    • Longest response time is 24 hours
  • Live Chat:
    • Monday-Friday 8AM-6PM PST
    • Typically reply within three hours

Here are some additional resources:

  • Documentation: Support articles, tutorial videos, API documentation, code examples, and more are accessed at the main website or from your control panel.
  • Blog: New feature announcements and ecommerce tips.
  • Ebooks & Webinars: In-depth guides and ecommerce advice.
  • Roadmap: LemonStand maintains a public Trello page tracking feature updates.
  • Custom Support: Fill out the web contact form for a quote.
  • Social Media: Reach out to the team or follow company news on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Dribbble.


LemonStand is also the thanks to go. You’ll have access to solid client support, a stunning admin, and 100% ASCII text file themes. Since you’ve created it this so much in our review, you’re additionally already cognizant that some technical ability is needed to create the foremost of this platform. If you have got the resources to rent somebody to try and do your internet development for you, then LemonStand is unquestionably price your thought.

Although LemonStand’s valuation starts out terribly reasonable for little sellers, keep the costs of the upper level plans in mind.You can go with lemonstand.




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