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Instapage Review – The Most Powerful Landing Page Software


Instapage is a best landing page builder .Instapage gets an excellent rating of 8.5/10 .Instapage helps you rapidly create professional, effective landing pages. No graph or coding skills are needed to create pages. Instapage has all the principal elements expected in a landing web page builder including templates, drag and drop editor, conversion rate analytics, and mobile-responsive design.

Pro and Premium subscribers have the delivered characteristic of A/B testing functionality.Instapage helps companies that need to create new advertising and marketing pages fast. And nowadays, who doesn’t? Pages are generally created to generate leads, sales, webinar registrants and thank you pages. Instapage pages do not require the time, cash and effort of hiring a developer, designer or constructing in-house.

Instapage gives an convenient way to analyze the performance of your landing pages. The analytics dashboard suggests the conversion information for each Instapage landing page. This allows you to compare one landing page versus others as properly as enterprise benchmarks.


Instapage is a service that lets you build landing pages for your on line advertising and promoting campaigns with ease. It affords facets such as A/B Testing, a couple of marketing campaign management, handy web page building, and a lot more!Instapage makes two fairly simple and simple to manage your on line advertising campaigns.

You can respond to the development of your campaigns as and when they progress.Instapage has an in-built A/B Testing tool to help you investigate the overall performance of your landing pages and choose the one that works excellent for your online advertising campaign. You can track visitor behavior, amplify your conversion quotes and effortlessly enhance the average overall performance of your campaign.

You can automate emails, analytics and a lot many different things. You can combine with social media platforms, and even different tools such as CrazyEgg and ClickTale.

Also, the integration simply does now not cease here. Got a WordPress website? Well, Instapage permits you to put up landing pages as a natural extension of your present WP site. Instapage allows you to create landing pages within minutes, at times, extra offerings are required to precise promote and get the most out of your landing pages.

As such, Instapage makes it effortless to integrate with third-party apps and solutions. Need to join with the likes of SalesForce, ZOHO Office, Facebook, Google Analytics, Constant Contact, MailChimp or WuFoo Forms? Have no fear, because Instagram has got you covered!Instapage gives a WYSIWYG Editor that lets you easily create touchdown pages. Simply select the template of your choice, and then you can customize and tweak it to suit your needs. Almost every aspect on a web page can be Creating Professional Landing Pages with Instapage.


The internet is a crowded vicinity to be in, and when it comes to promoting yourself in such a crowded room, it might also no longer constantly be such an effortless task.

Landing pages have, time and again, been used to promote each startups and ideas on the internet. In fact, in the discipline of on line marketing, certain things just in no way seem to lose their charm, and landing pages certainly come below this category.

In this post, I will be taking a seem at a modern service that lets you build touchdown pages with ease — Instapage.

To celebrate the arrival of the new Instapage class on ThemeForest, for one week only, we have a selection of 1/2 fee templates avaiable here.

Instapage provides a WYSIWYG Editor that lets you without difficulty create landing pages. Simply pick out the template of your choice, and then you can personalize and tweak it to go well with your needs. Almost each and every issue on a web page can be dragged and aligned as per needs.

Plus, Instapage additionally comes with its own set of social sharing buttons and web optimization plugins to help you promote your on-line campaigns with ease. Instapage gives free sub-domains, but you can also use your own custom domains across all paid plans.ragged and aligned as per needs.


Fast Landing Pages
Instapage helps corporations that want to create new advertising pages fast. And nowadays, who doesn’t? Pages are generally created to generate leads, sales, webinar registrants and thank you pages. Instapage pages do no longer require the time, money and effort of hiring a developer, designer or building in-house.


Easy Lead Generation

The wellknown lead generation tools like bins and types can without problems be delivered to your pages. Form submissions combine smoothly with most major e mail advertising solutions. This allows you to build your electronic mail list in a professional and effective manner. Instapage additionally has templates for two-step or multi-step opt-in forms

Easy Conversion Rate Analysis

Instapage gives an convenient way to analyze the performance of your landing pages. The analytics dashboard indicates the conversion statistics for every Instapage landing page. This approves you to evaluate one landing page versus others as well as industry benchmarks.

Best A/B Testing

Not positive if your web page format or reproduction is your first-rate work? Use A/B Testing to split take a look at the web page with two or more versions (pro/premium plans only). A/B Testing with Instapage is easy. Duplicate your most important model (A) to make a second version (B) with copy or design adjustments you want to test. When human beings visit the url, some will see version A and some version B. Over time, you will have the facts on which page is converting better.


Instapage doesn’t have a massive features list with heaps of bells and whistles. Instapage focuses entirely on their core presenting of landing pages. Their 9.0 ranking shows they do it well. It’s not supposed to be a internet site builder like Wix or Squarespace. Instapage’s characteristic listing includes:

nstapage provides the features you need to turn clicks into more conversions.

1. The Industry’s Best Landing Page Builder

Employ Instapage  fully customizable builder to create stunning, conversion-friendly landing pages. With contextual element editing, over 5,000 fonts and 33 million images to work with, the Instapage landing page builder takes the pain out of producing on-brand, conversion-friendly landing pages.Personalized Landing Pages, At Scale


Effortlessly add layers of functionality to your landing pages with widgets.Widgets let you insert elements like CTA buttons, countdown timers, and more.

3.Customizable Templates

No matter what kind of campaign you’re creating, Instapage  200+ fully customizable and optimized templates are designed to increase your conversions.Customizable Professional Services

4.Bigstock Image Library

Access over 33 million images from Bigstock’s Image Library

5.Custom Code Editing

Create specialized customizations with Javascript, HTML/CSS, or third party scripts. Use custom code editing to drop in tags as needed for remarketing and conversion tracking.

6.Conversion Analytics Solution

Directly integrate with Google AdWords and Analytics for easier attribution and make real-time cost-per-visitor and cost-per-lead metrics visible right in the Instapage platform. Then, pass lead metadata down to your CRM or marketing automation system.

7.Unlimited A/B Split Testing

Optimize your landing pages for conversions with A/B testing capabilities on both our standard landing pages and AMP pages. Track visitor behavior, test variations with new elements, layouts, and/or designs, and increase your conversion rates.


Heatmaps provide detailed insights how your visitors interact with your landing pages. This better informs you on what page elements to A/B test.


9.Page Grouping for Campaign Management

Instapage simplified campaign management. PPC marketers can quickly build ad groups for their different ad channels, products, features, and demographics.

10.Integrations Overview

Easily integrate Instapage with today’s most-used, third-party advertising, analytics, CRM, email marketing, and marketing automation platforms.

11.Real Time Reports

Get real-time data, over any time period, across all your devices, anytime.

12.Publishing to WordPress, Drupal, or Custom Domains

Publish your standard or AMP landing page to any domain, whether it’s running on WordPress, Drupal, or is a custom domain.

13.Private and Secure Subaccounts

Subaccounts can be used for separate teams within a marketing department or for agency clients. Keep pages and account details separate for ultimate control.

14.Collaboration tools 

Instapage brands itself as a platform for “marketing teams & agencies”, which results in a number of helpful tools for collaboration. For example, you can leave comments on specific parts of a landing page design draft.

Real-Time Collaboration15.Instablocks 

Save specific landing page sections to reuse across designs, or choose from Instapage’s pre-built sections.Global Blocks and Instablocks™

16.Detailed attribution data

Beyond analytics, Instapage can connect to Google AdWords and other services to integrate attribution data like AdWords campaigns or price data.

17.Multi-User Capability

Multi-user capability makes for effortless collaboration, no matter where your team members or clients are located. Maximize conversions by inviting your copywriters, contractors, in-house designers, stakeholders, and more to work together in real time.

18.Audit Log

Troubleshoot issues and manage account security by tracking account history.

19.Single Sign-On (SSO) with Okta and OneLogin

Sign on to Instapage via your organization’s Okta or OneLogin instance. Manage all your permissions in one place, verify trusted users, and have a single source of truth.

20.Fast Page Loading

Worldwide CDN, dual cloud infrastructure on both Amazon and Google, and advanced image optimization algorithms ensure quick page load speeds.

21.Server Up Time

Dual Amazon + Google cloud server redundancy equals a near perfect uptime (99.9999) and means your campaigns are capable of converting 24/7.

22.Global Data Centers

Instapage has servers across North America, Europe, and Asia to ensure and deliver the fastest possible page loads no matter where you are.

23.AMP Landing Pages

AMP Landing Pages

Build mobile pages that load instantaneously, create a better browsing experience, and drive more conversions with Google AMP-powered landing pages. Instapage has the only builder that allows you to create and A/B test landing pages using the AMP framework, no developer required.

24.Customized Plans

Need more landing pages, team members, subaccounts, or visitors per month? Or have any other custom needs? Leverage the customized functionality and advanced features and security available on our Enterprise plan.

25.Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Rely on a dedicated Customer Success Manager who will be an extension of your team.

26.Migration Services

Instapage ‘ll provide customized, one-on-one onboarding, implementation, and landing page migration services to ensure you get faster time to value.

27.Advanced Google AdWords & Analytics Integrations

Track landing page and variation performance by directly connecting your subaccounts or individual landing pages to your Google AdWords and Analytics accounts.

28.Expert Design Reviews

Instapage  conversion optimization articles and customer support team can educate you on landing page best practices and A/B testing tips. Even with advanced support, sometimes that still may not be enough to build a perfectly optimized page that will convert. Premium Instapage users can take advantage of a template design review. Each review is a comprehensive look at over 30 design and conversion techniques with suggestions for improvement from one of Instapage  Conversion Experts.

29.Professional Services

Leverage Instapage  team for any custom needs such as landing page creation, custom functionality, design services, managed optimization services, and more.

30.Collaboration Solution

This is the industry’s first, and only, fully integrated Collaboration Solution. Collaborate directly with teammates and clients in real time to streamline the design review process. Get your pages created, reviewed, published, and converting faster.

31.Integrations for All Your Marketing Software

Integrations for All Your Marketing Software
Seamlessly integrate with Salesforce, Marketo, and 40+ other tools, including ad platforms, marketing automation, CRM systems, and everything in-between.


When you first head to the Instapage interface, you’ll get a extensive overview of your account. And you can also create two things:

A web page – This is an true landing page
A crew – This is type of like a folder. Groups assist you organize unique pages.

When you go to create a new page, most of the time you’ll be doing it from a template, though you can additionally import web page designs.

Instapage has a lot of templates (200+), all divided up into specific classes at the top.They range from primary frameworks (like the ones in the screenshot) to greater distinct designs with greater defined aesthetics. You can also usually select to start from a blank page.

Once you pick out a template, Instapage will drop you straight into the Instapage Builder.

I’m surely going to begin this area with page builder.I assume it’s essential because it shows how powerful the Instapage Builder is.

If you’ve ever used a web page builder, you comprehend that, whilst they invoice themselves as drag and drop, you can only drop matters into pre-defined areas.You can’t drag an component anywhere – it has to match in the existing row/column framework.

With Instapage, you have actual drag and drop. You can function a widget literally somewhere you desire.

1. Choose your beginning point

Once logged in, you have numerous choices for the starting point of your landing page.

Pick a template on Instapage

This is the most famous starting point. Templates grant a professionally-designed web page to work from. my Instapage overview recommends started here.

You can browse over 200+ Instapage templates to discover a template that quality fits your purpose.

Templates are classified into lead generation, click-through, webinar, cell app and thank you pages. Instapage templates are bendy and thoroughly customizable. You can definitely alter the layout, images and copy in the drag and drop builder.

Purchase a template on Template monster

What if you cannot find the perfect template on Instapage? There are about 10,000 templates for sale on at the external marketplace Template monster The prices of these templates range from $17 to $55 with most at $24 .

Always Start with a blank page

You can usually choose to absolutely start from a blank page. This is the most flexible option as you create your web page from scratch.

Landing pages aren’t very complicated. You can construct a easy landing web page pretty rapidly with an thinking of the pics and copy. The query is whether it will appear as expert and polished as the templates.

Also this choice requires the most amount of work and diagram skill. For these reasons, I don’t recommend the blank page option for beginners in this Instapage review.

Instapage’s Template Importer is an interesting advanced premium feature. You give Instapage a internet address of a landing page. Instapage then scans the style of that page and returns it as a template. Instapage will pull in its style and diagram in the Instapage editor. From there you will be in a position to exchange any text, videos, or buttons you want.

2.Customize the page with drag and drop builder/editor

Next use the drag and drop editor to entirely customize the web page to your liking. People rave about the strength and ease of use of the Instapage editor. The editor is central to the Instapage platform.

Instapage has managed to acquire a stability of simplicity and power. You can obtain most modifying choices with an intuitive interface and no clutter. The editor has a cellular view to take a look at if your web page is mobile-responsive.
For example, say you choose to add a new section with a title, video and CTA button.

a. First add a blank area in Instapage and vicinity it where you choose on the page.

b .Next pick out a background photograph or color if desired. The tool to nudge the background photo is helpful as that can be difficult sometimes. There is a first-rate function to add a coloration overlay to your image.

c .If you want to add video, actually paste a  YouTube url into the edit box. To alter the dimension of the video box, certainly drag the corners to your desired size.

d . Adding and styling a button is easy. Choose Add New then Button. All the key editing picks are there . Just drag the nook manage to dimension the button.

It is not a hassle if you want elements to overlap. Drag and drop anyplace you like and then prepare which element goes on top.

Landing pages regularly use experience of urgency to convert. One of the largest conversion tools is a countdown timer. Instapage has a countdown timer which is missing in some different builders.

One thing we didn’t like was the parallax background effect. Instapage definitely fixes the background photograph in the background while the page scrolls. In a proper parallax effect, the background image have to scroll at a slightly distinctive pace than the rest of the page. This creates a 3D-like effect.

The full list of elements consist of headline, paragraph, image, video, button, form, shapes, map, social, timer, and HTML.

The HTML container permits you to embed any forms or different html items that you couldn’t add otherwise. Map presents a live Google Map for any tackle given.

While it is difficult cover all elements/section of Instapage here so it will be better to TRY YOURSELF HERE to understand  all things better.


Preview is a important part of to to create a final  landing page .if you want check the look of your landing page then click the button of preview on the upper right side of  builder.here you can see the preview of your landing page.if there is something missing then correct it and then  go for publishing.

4. Publish

Once you are comfortable with your landing page, you can publish it online. You have a number of publishing options:

Publishing on Instapage is very simple. However you may additionally have to use a url with an Instapage subdomain.

You can use the WordPress plugin to publish it to your WordPress site. Drupal is also entirely integrated.

Publish directly to your internet site servers which requires extra technical know-how

You can  post it on Facebook as a web page


 All interactions are secure and encrypted so visitors willingly enter their information knowing that their privacy will not be compromised.


What happens if you exceed your traffic limit?

You can upgrade your plan through custom limits with help of Enterprise plan. it is easy.

Instapage 24/7 Customer Support

The expert support team at Instapage can answer your questions. Submit a ticket or reach out on live chat.

Instapage’s #1 Ranked Customer Success Team is on duty 24/7, which means all help tickets get a response in record time. Having trouble setting up a domain or adding HTML code? Send their a message and your problem will get solved quickly with ease. Don’t have time to wait for an email? Log into your Instapage account and visit your dashboard. You will find the live chat widget on the bottom-right side of the screen.

Phone Support

Phone support is available for customers who sign up for their Enterprise Plan. Get any question answered or any issue resolved, instantly.


Instapage pricing for the core plan is $129/month paid monthly or $99/month if you choose the annual plan.

The Enterprise plan is custom plan and will depend on your requirement . It provides access to team access and A/B testing.

The Enterprise plan includes personalized support options and expanded team access options.

All plans include unlimited pages, visitors and domains.


Quickly building pages with Instapage saves me plenty of time.Pages are responsive so they seem great on mobile too.Instapage has over 200+ eye-catching templates to select from so I can continually discover the right look.

The drag and drop web page editor is extraordinarily intuitive to use.The tools are easy to use yet nevertheless very powerful.Customer provider has amazed me with their quick, beneficial customized responses.When it comes to online promotions and marketing, landing pages are frequently employed to determine the temper of the target audience as nicely as to promote a given product or service.

As such, a provider such as Instapage can very well be extremely accessible in the merchandising of products and offerings on the internet, simply because it takes away the complications that are in any other case associated with landing pages — proper from introduction to publishing to analytics and tracking, Instapage manages it all.

Instapage is backed by way of precedence guide for paid users, as nicely as a very accessible set of documentation that you can refer to if ever needed.

If you are planning to set up a landing page for your next advertising campaign, do give Instapage a try! And if you have already tried it out, go beforehand and share your experiences with the world the usage of the feedback below!



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