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Selz Review- Ecommerce to start and grow your business online. Free trial


Selz is reasonable, easy-to-use e-commerce software package for commerce digital content. From launching your on-line store to managing customers, promoting your business, and activity sales and performance, Selz will build your life as alittle e-commerce business owner easier. whether or not you sell software package, video games, audio content or different digital product, Selz may be a nice platform that takes care of the work for you.

Selz is free for up to 5 product. Unlimited plans begin at $17 per month. Selz conjointly charges a a pair of % dealings fee per sale despite your set up, and 2.9 % and a 30-cent mastercard process fee if you utilize its inbuilt payment processor.

Selz is that the magic wand of on-line sales platforms. With a flick of the wrist joint (and a click of the mouse) you’ll created a store anyplace you would like using a sort of choices, all of them comparatively fast and simple. the primary choice is to include a store on your antecedently established web site} or WordPress blog; you’ll infix purchase buttons on your site yet, or just sell directly on your social media pages. If you simply would like an area to start, you’ll created a whole store on Selz’s net server.

Martin Rushe based Selz in 2013, creating it one amongst the newer eCommerce platforms offered. Since its foundation, the corporate has remained quite small; presently, the complete Selz team consists of solely twenty-one people. Don’t let that variety fool you, though. The team is also tiny, however somehow, those twenty-three individuals manage to serve over a 10,000+ merchants worldwide.

Selz is meant to suit the wants of most tiny businesses and works well for artists, writers, musicians, and startups. you’ll begin marketing while not ever learning the distinction between hypertext mark-up language and CSS—ease of use is absolutely Selz’s strongest feature.

In fact, from time to time Selz is easy to a fault. Growing merchants could notice the offered options somewhat limiting, therefore if you’re designing on increasing your business considerably within the future, you ought to look elsewhere. However, if you’re simply searching for the way to finally sell the work or product you’re therefore happy with while not picayune around with ASCII text file, Selz could be a smart place to start out.


To check Selz’s interface, I tend to signed up for our my business account. Of the various e-commerce platforms we tend to in person tried,  I tend to found Selz to be one amongst the best and most intuitive to use.

Using Selz does not need any technical school skills, and that we might begin instantly. The platform includes a clean layout with flat icons and a aspect navigation menu, therefore it absolutely was simple to induce round the Selz dashboard. There was no ought to came upon something manually, therefore it took solely minutes to start out adding product, opt for a web site theme and came upon our store.

What we tend to additionally favorite concerning Selz is that the high menu bar that enables you to simply kind your listings. Not solely will this feature assist you find products quicker, however it’ll offer you a far better plan of what your inventory feels like. Besides displaying all listings, you’ll be able to kind merchandise by class or by their standing of active, sold-out out or not on sale.

To try Selz yourself, click on the ” sign up for free “


Selz is all concerning creating e-commerce fast and simple. It’s our high choose for the most effective e-commerce code for mercantilism digital content as a result of it enables you to get your on-line store up and running in no time whereas additionally taking care of all the back-end operations to modify your business. This way, Selz takes the legwork out of running your digital store, permitting you to specialise in sales, customers and growth.

Here are some of the  best e-commerce features Selz should supply digital merchants.

  • Drag and drop Store Builder

    Selz super-simple “drag and drop” online Store Builder makes it easy for you to create a beautiful online store that matches your brand. No design or programming skill needed.

  • Free website themes

    Choose one of Selz professional free website themes then customize it easily to reflect your branding. Change colors, images, fonts and layout with our Store Builder.

  • Free SSL certificate

    Every Selz store comes with a free SSL certificate, not just for the checkout pages like some ecommerce platforms, but for every page of your online store.

  • Custom domain name

    Promote your online brand and register higher in Google with your own domain name. Register your domain name through Selz or bring your existing domain name.

  • Best blogging platform

    Built-in fully featured blogging platform. No need to set-up a blog elsewhere. Publish content that is relevant to your customers and drive your SEO to rank higher in searches.

Hero Admin Storebuilder@1X

  • Sell from your website or blog

    Add your products to your existing WordPress, Wix or other website or blog by embedding beautiful and customizable buy buttons, widgets or your whole store. Your visitors won’t have to leave your site to purchase.

  • Buy buttons and widgets

    Control the look of your buy-buttons, widgets and embedded store. Embed them easily in your existing site or social profiles for a beautiful checkout experience right on your site.

  • Facebook store

    Create a fully functioning Facebook store with a single click. Manage all our Facebook sales from your Selz dashboard.

  • process all major cards for you

    No need to use extra accounts or to integrate a payment gateway. Selz will process all major credit cards for you, plus PayPal transactions, and pay your funds direct to your bank account. Easy.

  • Automatic tax

    Automatically calculate taxes at checkout, including US sales tax and EU VAT.


  • Online Shopping cart

    Maximize your sales with Selz fully featured built-in online Shopping Cart.

  • Custom fields

    Easily collect extra information from your customers at the checkout including forms, checkboxes and Terms & Conditions. Collect all the information you need, gift details, delivery info, social accounts etc.

  • Post purchase redirect

    Keep your customers’ attention and take them to specific places after they have completed their purchase. Take them to exclusive content, custom thank you pages and more.

  • Abandoned shopping cart

    Increase your sales by automatically sending abandoned shopping cart emails to customers who have abandoned their purchases at the checkout. Send special offers and incentives to increase conversions.

Checkout Form

  • Ecommerce shipping

    All the tools you need to manage ecommerce shipping for your products, including SKUs, order notifications, shipping integrations, refund processing.

  • Real-time shipping rates

    Give your customers real-time shipping rates and shipping options at the checkout. Connect directly with all the major shipping providers including Fedex, UPS, USPS, DHL, Deutsche Post, Australia Post, Canada Post and more…

  • Sell what you want

    Sell physical products, digital products or services. It’s up to you.

  • Product variants

    Easily create any variants for your products like Size, Color or Weight.

  • Manage inventory

    Set and track your stock levels and automatically pause sales when you sell out.

  • SEO optimization

    Easy SEO optimization for your online store, with product and category specific meta tags, titles and URLs.

  • Multiple images

    Show your customers every angle, every variant and every glossy photo. Front and back, top and sides, you’ve got it covered.

  • Categories and subcategories

    Make your store easy to navigate by categorizing your products based on type, price, and theme, and create menus and pages to manage your content.

  • PWYW – Pay What You Want

    Empower your buyers to choose their own prices with the optional Pay What You Want feature.


  • Sell ebooks, videos, courses and apps

    Selz has all the features you need to sell ebooks, videos, online courses and apps.

  • Sell ebooks online

    Everything you need to sell ebooks including automatic delivery to your customers, send direct to Kindle or download to Dropbox. Protect your ebooks with automated PDF stamping and limited downloads.

  • Sell videos online

    Sell your videos as downloads or rent them as streaming videos. Provide video previews and downloads limited by time or views.

  • Unlimited hosting and unlimited bandwidth

    No hosting or bandwidth charges. Host and sell as many digital products as you want.

  • Automated product updates

    Automatically email previous buyers to tell them about updates and let them download for free. No charge to you.

  • License keys

    Protect your products from illegal use. Generate and issue license keys as part of the purchase process

Sell Digital Products

  • Real time sales analytics

    See where your visitors and customers came from and how they found your online store.

  • Access your data

    Export your sales, referral and traffic reports to .csv so you can easily add them to any external systems you use.

  • Connect your favorite services

    Easily connect other services like Google or Bing analytics.

Ecommerce Analytics

Tons of integrations

  • Connect your favorite apps with a single click

    Connect your favorite apps with a single click. No need to mess around with complex integrations. Selz app store has preconfigured 1-click integrations.

  • MailChimp

    Connect MailChimp and Selz to automatically export your customers, products and orders to your MailChimp lists.

Screen Shot 2017 09 13 At 4 52 53 Pm
  • Campaign Monitor

    Connect Selz and Campaign Monitor to automatically export customers and order to your Campaign Monitor lists.

  • AWeber

    Connect Selz and Aweber to automatically export

  • Build email lists

    Connect your MailChimp, AWeber or Campaign Monitor accounts to grow your mailing lists as you sell.

  • Discounts and coupons

    Reward loyalty and maintain healthy customer relationships by treating your buyers to discounts or free shipping.

Customers Browser 1
  • Comments

    Use commenting and rating apps like Disqus and Yotpo to engage your community on your product pages and show social proof.

  • Profiling and messaging

    Understand your buyers with detailed profiling and connect and communicate directly with them using in-app messaging.


Selling Features

  • Sell Anywhere: Set up shop wherever you have an online presence, whether that’s a website, a blog, or on social media.
  • Display Multiple Images: Customers like to know what they’re buying. Give them a good idea before they purchase.
  • Sell Physical & Digital Products: Selz has lots of features available to make selling digital products easier and more secure. You can sell your digital products as downloads or for limited-time streaming. Use license keys to protect your intellectual property.

Checkout Features

  • Automatically Calculate Tax: Set your account to calculate US sales tax and EU VAT tax for you.
  • Real-Time Shipping Rates: Connect with a variety of carriers to let your customers automatically calculate shipping rates for their locations.
  • Pay What You Want: A PWYW feature lets musicians and artists sell their original work in exchange for patron donations.
  • Charge In 100+ Currencies: Don’t let country boundaries limit your selling.

Customer Relationship Features

  • Offer Discounts & Coupons: Create unique coupon codes that apply to specific categories, products, and price ranges.
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery: Set up your platform to automatically email customers when they leave your site without purchasing the items in their carts.

SEO & Analytics

  • SEO Features: Write product and category meta tags, titles and URLs.
  • View Reports: Track your sales and traffic from your admin.
  • Integrate With Google Analytics: Harness the power of Google Analytics. It’s free.


As a WordPress plug-in, Selz will function AN add-on itself. additionally, there square measure some services that integrate well with Selz. Here square measure all of Selz’s integrations:

Accounting Software

  • Xero
  • QuickBooks
  • FreshBooks

Marketing Tools

  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Active Campaign
  • Gmail
  • Mad Mimi
  • GetResponse
  • Campaign Monitor
  • MailChimp
  • AWeber

Other Integrations

  • ShipStation: Shipping solution
  • Beepsend: SMS integration
  • Pushover: Push notification tool
  • Fomo: Social proof software
  • Yotpo Reviews: Comment and review software
  • Disqus Comments: Comment and review software
  • Google Sheets: Spreadsheet tools
  • Insightly: CRM software
  • Salesforce: CRM software

Feature Announcement: Powerful Upgraded Facebook Store

Facebook isn’t just the largest social media platform on the planet- it’s also the premier network to get your products in front of an audience of billions. Selz has always made social selling a priority, and mastering how to sell on Facebook is no exception. Selz revamped Facebook integration takes that commitment to excellence to the next level.

So what’s new?

  • Selz automatically syncs your products to your Facebook shop, making it easy to create ads for specific products. (Note: Facebook does have to go through the approval process for your items to make sure it is allowed on their site.)
  • Selz Facebook Chat feature lets customers ask questions and voice concerns while shopping. Make a personal connection and guide the buying process for more conversions and return business.
  • Fully-responsive design means that your store will look stylish and professional, regardless of whether potential customers are shopping on mobile, tablet, or laptop.
  • Selz looks great and works seamlessly on the Facebook app. A large percentage of Facebook users are on mobile, and now you can sell directly to those users without them ever having to leave their phone.
  • The Facebook Pixel allows you to track users on your site, from their initial visit all the way to the sale. This integration makes Facebook advertising so, so simple and adds some powerful features. Re-market to users that have been to your page before, effectively capturing leads and giving you a more targeted approach. Even if you’re just learning how to sell on Facebook, Pixel is streamlined and user-friendly. Advanced, results-oriented analytics mean that you’re never flying blind: make advertising decisions based on real sales data. Even better, Pixel can automatically bid for advertising conversions, meaning you can set it up and then let it take over the lion’s share of the labor.

An example of how your store might look when you learn how to sell on facebook

What else does it do?

  • This feature has the same smooth functionality and simplicity of Selz. You can still set up your Facebook store in a matter of minutes.
  • Processing payments, tracking sales, and expanding your business are as simple as ever.
  • You can expect the same world-class support, 24/7.

The biggest advantage of Selz is that it offers options specifically for digital merchants. It combines all the capabilities you would like in e-commerce software system with options that assist you distribute and defend digital content. Selz’s sales rep tells North American nation that this includes the following:

  • Protection against unauthorized file sharing, such as PDF stamping and automatically generated, user-specific download URLs
  • Product personalization, such as adding a customer’s name to files
  • Giveaways like free-to-use content and free downloads
  • License keys for your digital content (you can specify them or have Selz generate them)
  • Options to sell products as downloads or streaming content
  • Previews for audio and video content to help customers decide on purchases

Increase sale with the help of SELZ

Selz additionally helps you increase sales, build relationships and boost client engagement. The platform offers many tools to assist you manage customers.

  • Email marketing: Connect MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, AWeber, and other email marketing products to automatically build email lists and connect with existing and potential customers.
  • Personalized receipts: Upsell with custom receipts that include product recommendations, top-selling items, discount codes and other promotional items catered to the customer’s tastes and preferences.
  • Customer support: Every store comes with a direct messaging system, giving customers on-demand access to your support team.
  • Disqus integration: Boost engagement with Disqus and let customers leave comments, questions and reviews.


Selz uses Stripe, 2Checkout, and PayPal to process payments. Since Stripe is not an actual payment gateway option in the admin, I can only conclude that Stripe powers Selz Pay. Selz uses payment gateways so that credit card information is never stored on your site, which keeps your customers’ information safe.

Selz stores are all SSL secure and PCI compliant.


Selz offers the most effective value for the options it offers. you’ll even get a web store at no cost. not like with most e-commerce software system, that charges monthly fees, you merely pay Selz once you build a buying deal.

Selz is liberal to use for up to 5 merchandise on your web site. This free package includes all the fundamental options you wish — together with unlimited storage, purchase buttons, a Facebook store, client management and secure delivery – while not the premium monthly subscription charges that different e-commerce software system needs. you merely should pay a two % fee per dealing, and a mastercard process fee of 2.9 % and thirty cents whenever you create a buying deal (rates could vary if you utilize a third-party payment entranceway, like PayPal). There are not any contracts or commitments, thus you’ll attempt the service riskless.

If you’ve got quite 5 merchandise in your inventory, Selz’s paid plans begin at $17 per month. The another plans are standard $23/mo and $35/mo professional arrange includes unlimited everything, a custom domain, and advanced options to totally customise your store and facilitate boost sales.


Free: $0/Month

  • 5 Product Maximum
  • Unlimited Storage, Bandwidth & Customers
  • 2% Transaction Fee
  • Basic Feature Set
  • Basic Support
    • Support Center
    • FounderU
    • Email Support

Lite: $19/Month ($17/Month On Annual Plan)

  • Unlimited Products, Storage, Bandwidth & Customers
  • 2% Transaction Fee
  • Adds
    • Themes
    • Pages & Blog
    • Apps & Integrations
    • Facebook Store
    • Customizable Online Store
    • Remove Selz Branding
    • Free SSL Certificate
    • Support
      • Live Chat
      • Personal Appointments

Standard: $29/Month ($23/Month On Annual Plan)

  • Unlimited Products, Storage, Bandwidth & Customers
  • 1% Transaction Fee
  • Adds
    • Custom Domain
    • Accept PayPal
    • Shopping Cart
    • Worldwide Shipping
    • Abandoned Cart Emails
    • Custom Fields
    • Priority Support

Pro: $49/Month ($35/Month On Annual Plan)

  • Unlimited Products, Storage, Bandwidth & Customers
  • No Transaction Fee With Selz Pay
  • 0.5% Transaction Fee With External Payment Gateway
  • Adds
    • Custom Receipts
    • Tax Invoices
    • License Keys
    • Real-Time Shipping Rates
    • Priority Support

SELZ 24/7 Support

  • Selz’re here to help you

    Selz provide 24/7 real-time live support on all their paid plans.

  • Tons of resources

    Join Selz vibrant community of Selz Experts and entrepreneurs at FounderU and get ahead of the learning curve fast withSelz free Expert Guides.

  • Help Center

    Get the most out of Selz features with Selz comprehensive and easy-to-navigate Help Center.

Pat Support

you know that selz pride ourselves on their exceptional 24/7 support with real, helpful people. While their stellar Customer Support team helps merchants daily, their merchants don’t always have time to leave reviews, since they’re running their dream businesses and all.


Selz is fantastic for merchants who sell a number of product to a number of customers. Once you get into a lot of difficult commercialism options (complex discount options, multiple location shipping, multiple payment gateway options), you’re reaching to expertise some serious limitations. once you’re simply beginning out, you don’t need to spring for high-ticket accredited software package.

Considering that web hosting is included, Selz’s costs are very cheap.Selz representatives revisit to you quickly, and that they appear to genuinely need to assist.You have several choices for commercialism digitally, as well as secure downloading options and PWYW.Selz taken off to create on-line merchandising simple, and that they have accomplished simply that.

This software package is basically one in every of the only ways that to induce merchandising on any web site.Selz could be a nice possibility for a particular cluster of merchants. It’s ideal for sellers who need to monetize AN already established web site or for people who are ranging from scratch. It’s even higher for merchants who deal primarily with digital product.Overall SELZ is nice platfom for tiny business owners.It is not appropriate for giant merchants.




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