How to Grow Your Email List ? lead generation strategies.

your boss is planning the next sales promotion, and he wants you to out of nowhere find enough people that will receive the news? With the internet being the main way of communication and promotion for the past 20 years, sending emails to people is a logical solution. But, where to find all those recipients if they are not already familiar with your product?

Buying email lists from certain websites became a wide-spread option, and many seem to like the easiest solution. Buy, send and that’s it. There are a few problems with that. First of all, often you are getting those emails illegally, which sends you in the spam section of one’s email, and secondly, most of the people are simply going to send your message to thrash when they are not familiar with the sender or what is it offering.

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That is why we will give you a few tips on how you can save yourself of this trouble, and with just a few steps accomplish a much better result than if you bought an email list. These are the steps on how to create email list by yourself:

1. Subscription

The easiest way is simply to post a sidebar on your website for subscription, and that way any news you come up with will directly be sent to the mail of those subscribers.

Source: Drop Studio

2. Run a Giveaway

As you might know by yourself when people are offered free things, especially those they are interested in they give a lot of information they usually wouldn’t. So our advice is to run a giveaway for a thing or two, attract the public interest using social media, and in just a few days, you have emails of a lot of people that you got using a legitimate way and that now belongs to your email list.

3. Email Add-Ons

Using add-on options in your email newsletters is one of the best ways to get new recipients. For example, allowing the current subscribers to forward it to a friend is one of the best ways, or simply adding other CTA to it.

Source: Zapier

4. Encourage the Refer a Friend Program

One of the best ways to earning new subscribers is to motivate your readers to share it with their friends or promote via social media. Whether they get some type of bonus codes, for it or another promotion, it’s up to your decision.

5. Contact Form Opt-In

Include a box your readers should check-in to get all the important info, news, and promotion related stuff on their email.

6. Social Media Promotion

Use social media as one of your greatest weapons. There are so many options, one can only tell. Whether it’s including the link to your blog website in your posts, or creating a widespread Facebook page or group (including call-to-action button) its a matter of your preference. Remember, if you use it the right way, without breaking the rules of one network, you are sure to get numerous new followers, and a wider email list

Source: Buffer Blog

7. Go Outdoors and Promote Your Stuff

Using the power of public speech and promotion is one of the oldest methods out there, but still works like a charm. Take a paper and a pen, and ask for the interested people to give you their contact information so you can tell them more about what you offer.

8. QR Codes

The power of these is incredible when it comes on how to create an email list. You can include them on your business cards, promotive material, postcards, whatever comes to your mind.

9. Point-of-Sale Signups

If you manage to sell a product or two, simply go and ask for the contact information of your buyer as a part of the process. This way you can inform them about what is upcoming, and something else they might be interested in.

10. Papers

When handing out catalogs or other promotive material include something like “Would you like to be a subscriber” section, and it is going do a magic trick for your email list.

Source: Live Better Lifestyle

11. Phone Orders

When receiving orders made by phone be sure to ask for their contact email address telling them it is a way that nothing goes wrong and you keep in touch. This is one of the best ways acquiring new contacts, and it is best that very soon after you contact them once again, but now via email, just so that they have in mind that you are there for them, and by that way, you are also promoting your stuff and your brand.

As you might see, after reading this eleven advice, there is no reason why you should risk buying email lists and that backfiring, when with just a bit of fun trouble you are going to have much better results creating your own email list!

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