ShareASale Review : Affiliate Marketing Platform


ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network based in the River North neighborhood in Chicago, IL USA. ShareASale services two customer sets in affiliate marketing: the affiliate, and the merchant.

Affiliates use ShareASale to find products to promote, and earn commission for referrals on those products. Affiliates use their own website, blogs, social media, PPC campaigns, SEO campaigns, RSS and email, as well as a number of other means.

Merchants use ShareASale to implement, track, and manage their affiliate program.

ShareASale was founded in 2000 by Brian Littleton, and to date has over 3900 merchant programs hosted on its network platform. ShareASale is primarily targeting small and mid-size merchants. 

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ShareASale is among the largest U.S. affiliate networks in terms of number of advertisers who are using an affiliate network to manage their affiliate program.ShareASale has over 700,000 affiliates and more than 86% of affiliates say they are a member of the network


If you are new to the affiliate marketing, ShareASale provides affiliate offerings where you can turn to their affiliate improvement team in order to assist you grow as an affiliate marketer.

They can suggest the excellent merchants for you to associate with if you ever feel misplaced in their huge sea of 3,900+ affiliate programs.

 Additionally, you can take part in classes, month-to-month newsletters and webinars in order for you to maintain abreast with the affiliate advertising and marketing industry, as well as assist you develop and reach your full potential as an affiliate marketer.


ShareASale is fairly pleasant toward its users, mainly if you are the type who owns more than one websites. This is due to the fact of the truth that you do no longer need to apply to merchants for  each and every internet site that you own.

You clearly listing all of your websites in one textual content box, point out which are the most necessary ones and provide descriptions for each, and you are excellent to go! Another place in which ShareASale excels at, in terms of presenting a smooth, convenient experience to users, is their search functions.

Finding the proper affiliate program for you is an absolute breeze due to the fact of alternatives that let you search merchants by way of category, keywords, merchant status, and even when a merchant joined ShareASale’s network.

In addition, their “PowerRank” characteristic permit you to search for the pinnacle 100 merchants primarily based on a variety of factors. You can additionally sort merchants by means of a 7 day or 30 day EPC.


ShareASale provides affiliates and merchants numerous benefits. These benefits consist of real-time tracking and merchant and affiliate quality control. ShareASale additionally guarantees well timed payments of earned commissions.

 Moreover, Share a Sale affords the possibility to deep link. This ability as an affiliate, you can hyperlink possibilities straight to a registration web page on the product owner’s website, bypassing the home page. Deep linking helps to make certain that you will earn commissions for your referrals.

ShareASale is an example of overall performance marketing. For an online merchant, performance marketing permits the merchant to expand its consumer base through acquiring new customers.

ShareASale provides merchants the capability to use proprietary technological know-how to connect to an massive network of established affiliates.

The individual merchants figure out the commission structure to pay the ShareASale affiliates and only pay commissions from sales. Therefore, if the ShareASale program does no longer result in a direct sale, the merchant will no longer pay any commission.


ShareASale features greater than 2,500 merchants presenting a range of products and services. As an affiliate, you choose any of the ShareASale retailers and try to direct sales to the merchants’ websites

The retailers will then pay a commission for sales resulting from the affiliates’ referrals.

As an affiliate, you figure out the particular merchants you would like to promote and how you choose to promote these merchants. Affiliates can also log into the ShareASale website and check their stats and earnings in real time.


ShareASale affiliates will in no way sense that they are missing in high-quality products to promote, Lot of thanks to over 3,900+ affiliate programs spanning 40 unique categories.

Whatever category your website or weblog can also fall under, this affiliate advertising and marketing network has received you covered.

You can find products to promote that relate to trend accessories, automotives, art, music, photography, books and media, clothing, computers, meals and drink, video games and toys, normal internet services, gifts, health, real estate, sports and fitness, and many, many more.

Moreover, this affiliate advertising and marketing network affords some definitely wonderful tools that will definitely assist you in your campaigns. For one thing, they provide actual time tracking that lets you understand to the second a banner is clicked, a sale is made, and a fee is generated.

Their reporting tools also provide you a total host of options. You can generate reports for transaction details, CSV downloads, today’s stats.

ShareASale takes deep links a bit similarly by using giving you the ability to customize your affiliate links. With this function you can turn any of your deep hyperlinks into shortened URLs, consequently making it greater attractive to your visitors.

You can even enable a “Socialbar” that makes it particularly easy for all of us presently viewing your link to share it with their buddies through social media or email.


Reporting & Statistics

Social Network Marketing


Third Party Integration

A/B Testing

Activity Dashboard

Campaign Analysis

Campaign Management

Content Management

Customizable Branding

Customizable Templates

Data Import/Export

Drag & Drop Interface

Engagement Analytics


Multi-Channel Marketing

Real Time Analytics

Real Time Data


The only downfall about the platform is the dashboard is a bit outdated and wish it was more tablet friendly.

Everything is at least in one place and you can track everything from one place. It’s easy to add new links and track performance by affiliate.

Their updated design and custom link generator is greatly improved and makes it faster and easier to generate custom links to the store product page with your affiliate ID. The reporting is very good for showing the clicks and sales from brands.

It’s great for bloggers who have a great community that can get many about Share a Sale is that it is beginner friendly.

The whole website is super easy to figure out for beginners. Easy to apply to programs.




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