Top 10 trustworthy webinar software

Webinar software is a platform for broadcasting live web-based video conferences. It utilizes the net to connect the person hosting the webcast to viewers and listeners located round the globe.

The webinar platforms available today are capable of allowing a host to show himself or herself speaking also as switching the pc screen as required for a slideshow, demonstration, or other application.

During the video conference, the host also can invite guests located anywhere within the world to co-host the session with them.

As innovative as this technology could seem now, it’s not a recent invention. it’s been a mainstay in live video conferencing for more than 30 years.

When buying webinar software, you need to consider the requirements of your company. What exactly does your business actually need from webinar software?

How often does one or others within the organization plan on hosting virtual meetings with webinar software? What do you decide to use the software for—lectures, sales pitches, meetings with remote team members?

If you plan on holding webinars regularly every week or month, it might serve you to invest in software also gives unlimited access mobile access and streaming video. This flexibility will allow you et al.

Within the organization to host meetings when it suits you and without encountering technical challenges that would limit the number of individuals who can attend or in what manner the conference can reach people whom you would like to speak to during the webinar.

Similarly, you’ll need to contemplate how many users you’d prefer to give access to the webinar software at any given time.

Would a basic program which will accommodate one or two hosts and a limited audience fit your purposes, or does one need a complex program which will accommodate up when a dozen or more host a meeting?

Webinar software today makes it easy for hosts to change from user to user no matter one’s location.

once you want the convenience that comes with having quite one person host a meeting, you’ll want to invest in webinar programs which will accommodate several hosts at one time without causing the audio or video to freeze or stall during the printed .

There are many variables when considering new software purchase, so make certain to look at your personal requirements and needs before making any decisions.


ClickMeeting is a superb video conferencing service, especially for organizations that host live webinars.

From conducting polls and surveys to rebranding webinars to suit your company’s image, ClickMeeting allows you to control how you engage with other participants.

Another important feature is the screen sharing, private chat, chat-to-text translation, subaccounts multiuser, audio and video, and statistics webinar.

ClickMeeting’s large selection of features, easy-to-use interface and top quality make it a superb option for a video conferencing service which will host webinars for hundreds or thousands of individuals at just one occasion .

ClickMeeting is a cloud-based platform that gives high-quality video and audio streaming. additionally to its crystal-clear video and audio, the software features a wide selection of useful features and tools.

Some of our favorites are in-meeting polls and surveys for the audience, built-in chat for groups or private messaging, screen sharing for better presentation delivery, a lounge with an agenda displayed that participants can read while they await the meeting to start , and a whiteboard function for brainstorming and drawing.

ClickMeeting supports webinar recording and storage, also as branded webinar rooms and custom invitations. additionally , the service offers live streaming on social media sites like Facebook and YouTube.

This video conferencing service maintains quite a dozen integrations, including those with Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Google Slack, Hubspot, Zapier and PayPal.

ClickMeeting has an open API that provides developers the access they have to create integrations to other applications or software developed in-house.

ClickMeeting offers three paid service plans. Unlike video conferencing services that charge per host, ClickMeeting’s cost structure is predicated on what percentage attendees you would like in each webinar.


  • BrandingRole-based AccessRecording
  • Screen SharingPresentationsWhiteboardingLive ChatHand Raise
  • RegistrationAttendee Live ChatPolls and Surveys
  • SchedulingRecordingParticipant PermissionsOne-Click Join
  • Event AnalyticsAttendee Reports
  • MobileBrowser ApplicationDesktop Application
  • Social Media IntegrationSoftware Integrations


GoToWebinar is a platform for businesses and sole proprietors, helping them create and deliver online and video conferences with their customers, colleagues, stockholders, and so on. The applications of GoToWebinar are vast and wide.

This software is a superb option for professionals and corporations that want to further extend their reach to their target market, provide training through online and audio conferencing, and conduct speeches to participants without having to interact with them physically.

Boasting an easy and intuitive interface and a user-friendly platform, GoToWebinar is that the top self-service webinar application for several individuals and corporations . Setup is a breeze and doesn’t require IT support.

Its simplicity has helped companies and individuals generate high value, more qualified marketing leads for fewer cost. And it’s compatible with PC or Mac, making it easy for participants to enter a webinar and not worry about system requirements.

GoToWebinar is a solution that meets that “need to show” effective, especially in learning environments, such as training, knowledge sharing, and marketing campaigns where one must show how the products work and how their services are beneficial.

The platform simplifies all stages of the process: planning, promotion, engagement, conversion and analysis.

There is no IT expertise necessary so setup is quick and simple. The platform’s webinar services enable you to walk through the steps, from event management, scheduling, right right down to accessing webinar templates.

Having the means of getting invites, branding, custom registration, and automatic email reminders is a good way to market your event.

you’ll also utilize your channel page for on-demand webinars. The bundled GoToStage service is extremely handy in drawing even more people in.

This easy to use the webinar platform gives you the tools to effectively connect with your audience.

An engagement dashboard allows you to monitor how attentive your online audience is while webcam recording allows you to showcase your presentation talents.

Real-time polls and surveys also are available to assist increase interaction even more

GoToWebianr lets you record events you’ll reuse them for sharing online or tap into pre-recorded events. It integrates with your CRM and marketing automation tools so working becomes seamless and simple.

This web conferencing platform also delivers on the data end. It generates attendee reports that provide you with insights on who attended while event analytics tell you how your webinars performed.

Source tracking gives you a concept exactly which channels drove the most sign-ups so you’ll add it to your learnings.


  • GoToMeeting
  • Email Automation
  • Custom Branding
  • Channel Page
  • Practice Settings
  • Audience Interaction
  • Audience View, Management & Spotlight
  • Handouts Mobile Support
  • Lead Management
  • HDFaces Video Conferencing
  • Network Security
  • Desktop/Application Sharing
  • Reporting and Analytics
  • Polls, Handouts, and Q&A
  • Full-Service Registration
  • Integrations
  • VoIP, Phone & Toll-Free
  • Online & Local Recording
  • GoToStage
  • Custom URL
  • Recorded Events
  • Certificates
  • Video Editor
  • Transcripts
  • Source Tracking
  • Video Sharing
  • Video Embedding
  • APIs
  • Mobile Apps
  • Pre-recorded Events


GoToMeeting is one amongst the better-known video conferencing services, together with Cisco WebEx Meetings and Editors’ Choice service ClickMeeting.

But GoToMeeting, obtained from Citrix by LogMeIn in January 2017, does not dominate the space, and possibly even falling behind the competition in some areas.

If you have ever been a part of an online demo or viewed a web presentation, then chances are high that you have used GoToMeeting (or Cisco WebEx Meetings, for that matter).

Therefore, you already know a little bit about how this type of software works.

While the service is able to share screens, demos, and even remote troubleshooting, this article focuses on these GoToMeeting video conferencing capabilities.

GoToMeeting supports Chinese, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. once you switch language modes, all of the text and menu options change promptly.

As i mentioned earlier, I actually have access to Workspace Cloud, which lets businesses design and deliver workspace services to let users access apps, data, and IT tools within the cloud. this is often different from desktop sharing during a meeting.

With Workspace Cloud, you put in , set up, and manage the app in the cloud, and deliver secure virtual apps and desktops to any device. Nothing runs on the local device but users get the complete user experience (UX) no matter device and network.

GoToMeeting has apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. you’ll also download the Viewer from the Windows Store for Windows 8.1 devices. I tested the video conferencing from Android and Windows Phone and found the quality high and also the apps easy to navigate.

one of the latest features will appeal to frequent travels. Called “commuter Mode” is recognized when the mobile device in motion and makes muting and unmuting a feature of one touch. This greatly reduces the risk of being a distracted driver, so to speak.

GoToMeeting has recently added a “Call Me” feature, which allows GoToMeeting call during a previously scheduled meeting.

This allows you to join calls without having to enter the long dial-in information you normally have to enter.

“One-Click Meeting” is another new feature that lets users launch a gathering from integrated third-party apps, like Microsoft Office and email.

GoToMeeting has a three-step product tour to walk users through the platform and obtain familiar with all of its features.

There’s also a separate training session, which is offered at specific times during the week. You register for a time slot and get one-on-one training on scheduling meetings and managing in-session features.

It offers phone support for technical questions and sales chat online assistance in evaluating the product.


  • Simple interface .
  • Easy to create meetings.
  • Can use a custom URL to access room .
  • Free plan available. Commuter mode.
  • Trial doesn’t require mastercard .
  • Meeting transcription. 25 video feeds.
  • Electronic Hand Raising
  • HD Audio
  • Mobile Access
  • On-Demand Webcasting
  • Presentation Streaming
  • Presentation Tools
  • Private Chat
  • Real-Time Chat
  • Record & Playback Ability
  • Screen Sharing
  • Two-Way Audio & Video
  • Video Conferencing


WebinarNinja webinar platform is an all-in-one to do the job for you. Focused on simple use, this conversion-centered software makes it easy to teach, market, and sell.

Optimized for results, but simplified for users, WebinarNinja lets the host specialise in the presentation, not the software. Includes built-in landing page, mail order, and slide templates.

If you are looking for webinar software with a marketing and lead generation focus, Webinar Ninja seems like a really promising solution. As a long time user GoToWebinar, features and screenshots shown on the Webinar Ninja website definitely had my expectations.

Speaking of integrations, you’ll connect Webinar Ninja on to MailChimp, Aweber, Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Hubspot and Drip.

If you’re wondering which one among those to travel with, inspect my email marketing services review here. additionally , you’ll connect it to countless further apps via Zapier.

Unfortunately, the e-mail marketing integration is extremely basic.

you’ll add people that register to a Webinar Ninja event to your email marketing service and add one or several tags, but there is no further differentiation.

As an example, i can not assign different tags depending on which webinar someone signed up for or depending on whether or not they attended the live event or not.

They offer all of the services and features my business needs at an inexpensive price.

My business has WebinarNinja used for about two years now. I’ve tried almost all options for doing webinars and WebinarNinja is that the only 1 that supports all or our needs.

one of the biggest things that we need is the ability to play videos through webinars and handle WebinarNinja like champions.

Creating a webinar is easy and simple

You have a choice between 4 types of webinars:

  • Live: live event, taking place at one specific date and time.
  • Automated: The pre-recorded webinar that took place once or repeatedly.
  • Series: a series of live events, all of which are scheduled in advance.
  • Hybrid: a pre-recorded webinar in which a host is present in chat and answer questions to interact.

Webinar Ninja comes with a choice of 4 different models for registration page and thank you page. The templates are well designed and you’ll easily customize them by changing text, colors and images of anything on the page.

Webinar Ninja automatically records your events and makes a replay available during a replay room.

The layout of the replay room is nearly identical to the live event room. Strangely, all of the chat messages from the live event are displayed within the chat area, from the very beginning.

So, it isn’t a “chat replay” that shows how people reacted to the event in real time. There’s also no way to add new chat messages within the replay room which just makes the whole chat area pretty pointless.


  • Screen + Webcam (PiP)
  • Upload Presentation
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Multi User / Assistant
  • Live Chat
  • Private Chat
  • Q&A Feature
  • Polls
  • Exit Surveys
  • Clickable Button / CTA
  • Time Limited Offer
  • Polls, Questions Visible in Replay
  • Simulated Live Replay
  • Evergreen Webinars
  • Replay Resolution
  • 720p
  • Paid Webinars


EasyWebinar is a versatile webinar platform that allows you to run live conferences and stream recorded presentations automatically in real time.

It can support up to four multiple presenters and it allows you to invite an attendee to be a presenter also . due to this, you’ll create dynamic rapport along with your audience.

All this while, you’ll calculate EasyWebinar to provide seamless prime quality streaming with no delay and no latency.

The solution even supports high definition screen sharing for displaying documents, browser windows, desktop movements, and more.

On top of that, EasyWebinar ensures that each audience member hears your presenter’s words with top-notch quality.

The platform utilizes TrueVoice technology that reduces noise and delivers audio in time with the video, even when two people are speaking simultaneously. As such, you’ll present and enjoy smooth conferences.

With EasyWebinar, your online video meetings and orientation sessions converted into a smooth and powerful experience.

The solution has a no-delay and no-latency streaming that delivers prime quality videos on time. On top of that, it uses the TrueVoice technology that ensures audio is usually in sync with the video, even when two presenters are speaking at a similar time.

Other than that, the platform enables you to make something more dynamic by supporting up to four main, concurrent presenters and allowing members of the audience to be invited to present also .

EasyWebinar can record and archive all your video meeting. once you need to run it again for a new batch of audiences, you’ll configure it to run automatically and as if it had been happening in real time. This way, your audience can feel the timeliness and urgency of the video.

This lets them commit their time and a focus fully, something that a video they will replay cannot secure.

Additionally, the platform has a right-on-time registration feature. this permits you to stream webinars in 15-minute increments, enabling interested audiences to observe the stream right time.

Real-time chat are some things EasyWebinar supports. due to this, attendees can ask questions and make comments and observations because the stream goes on.

This helps create a connection between the audiences and therefore the presenters and lets a dynamic interaction play out.

apart from that, the solution can send polls you make to find the consensus regarding an issue or topic.

Plus, you’ll use the webinar to send offers in both live and evergreen streams. As such, you’ll maximize the session to enhance your profitability.

How attractive are your webinars and how effective are your efforts to market them? you’ll find out with EasyWebinar’s advanced analytics and reporting tools.

They tell you how many of us registered for the event and how many individuals actually watched.

Replays also are counted to find out the number of individuals who were curious about going through the stream again.

Moreover, the answer can analyze the actions attendees took during the stream and simplify them into averages. With this information, you’ll strategize accordingly to increase the type of behavior you would like to see in your audiences.


  • High-quality Streaming
  • Real-time Chat
  • Offers & Polls
  • Multiple Presenters
  • Record & Archive
  • HD Screen Sharing
  • TrueVoice Technology
  • Automated Webinars
  • Right-on-Time Registration
  • Registration Embed Form
  • Custom many thanks Page
  • Advanced Analytics & Reporting
  • Webinar Scheduling
  • Multiple Webinar Types
  • Mobile Apps
  • Integrations


BigMarker is a cloud-based webinar platform that provides hosting webinars for up to 1,000 participants, with no download required, featuring HD audio and video conferencing, screen sharing, and recording. it’s also the first platform which will integrate a Twitter chat into a webinar.

BigMarker provides hosts with a full suite of tools to market webinars, and a channel to build a community around their content. Hosts can make a choice from free webinars or selling tickets to monetize their content.

BigMarker’s landing pages module enables professionals to make customized landing pages by utilizing templates. Users also can personalize pages with their own logos and color themes. The landing pages are mobile and tablet compatible.

Further, marketing managers can create email campaigns and social media campaigns for potential clients. Its analytics module allows users to create data visualizations and view real-time performance metrics.

No installation required. many marketing features (was made for marketers). Amazing customer service. Easy landing pages and instant emails reminders. Lot of customizations. Support for dozens of languages.

The video stream is crisp & smooth. Love the feature that permits me to stream to Facebook. Webinar is allowed to put on your own site. The webinar serie may be a killer feature. The UI is extremely easy to use. BigMarker integrates with at lot of applications.

The software is incredibly easy for our presenters and attendees to use. While our presenters enjoy doing webinars, this is often the first time they’ve described it as fun. it is a very clean interface.

One of the simplest things that i prefer about Big Marker is it’s integrated with other social software like face book and YouTube, this has provided us great edge what we design on BigMarker , we will share on these tools, for better engagement of the audience.

It is also integrated with Mailchimp, Salesforce, drip, Hubspot etc that helps in capturing the info properly and launching them in multi dimensions.

It’s positively impacted our marketing and lead generation, our pipeline never gets empty, because of its drive fast results which pushed the data in our loop, its ever green webinars are helping us to manage our CRM effectively.

For learners and knowledge seekers, BigMarker provides a growing library of live and recorded webinars featuring thought leaders and experts from round the world.


  • BrandingRole-based AccessRecording
  • Screen SharingPresentationsWhiteboardingLive ChatHand Raise
  • RegistrationAttendee Live ChatPolls and Surveys
  • Meeting Coordination
  • SchedulingRecordingParticipant PermissionsOne-Click Join
  • Event AnalyticsAttendee Reports
  • MobileBrowser ApplicationDesktop Application
  • Social Media IntegrationSoftware Integrations
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