7 Best Cloud Backup Services of 2024 | Features & Pricing

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Top 4 Reasons Why Any Businesses Need to Regularly Back Up

No matter how big your business, regular backups are essential to safeguard your corporate network. In fact, regular backups may arguably be the most important step you take to prevent network disasters.

Backups help ensure that regardless of your current security strategy, you have data that is safe and clean to keep your business running in case of data loss, hacking attacks or even natural disasters.

Here are four reasons you need professional small business IT support for backup and some tips to implement a proper backup strategy

  1. Failure to regularly Back-Up Information Can Cost You Serious Money

Regular backups is an insurance policy for your business. With so many modern businesses are supported by computer networks, network data loss you can have a crippling financial effect on your business.

A major survey of IT leaders from more than 24 countries reported by Security Week found that the incident which causes data loss has increased by 400 percent in the past two years, for a combined loss of $ 1.7 trillion due to network downtime and data loss.

Even a small security breach affecting a small number of files, which many small businesses are suffering, can have a major impact.

A report by Verizon found that a minor violation, which involves the loss of fewer than 100 files, it can cost your business between $ 18 120 and $ 35 730. Unless you have money to throw at problems prevented a regular basis, then it is time to implement an effective backup strategy.

2. Ransomware Can Strike at Any Time

Another trend is the growing worldwide spread of ransomware. When you are hit with ransomware malware, your entire network is encrypted.

At that time you’re locked out of your own network until you pay a ransom for hackers, usually with crypto-currency like Bitcoin.

Do not assume that your small business may fall under the radar of the type of attack. In fact, Oklahoma has been targeted by a variety of ransomware attacks.

A Time Magazine story on ransomware starts with a ransomware attack at a law firm in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Because of the lack of security, small businesses are often prime targets for attackers’ ransomware.

With a secure backup of your system, you can help avoid paying the ransom and simply restore your data before you are infected with ransomware.

3. Without Any Backup, Ransomware Disaster Could Put You Out of Business

Statistics from FEMA showed that 40 percent of businesses fail to open after suffering natural disasters and an additional 25 percent fail within a year.

United States Small Business Administration also found that 90 percent of businesses fail whopping two years after suffering a disaster.

Most of the problems to do with the failure to back up data, leaving the business to start from scratch after the disaster.

Unfortunately, many businesses are still not doing proper backups. For example, one study found that 60 percent of small businesses do not come back every day and many do not do a backup at all.

4. Regular Back up – Provide peace of mind

Backups help you rebuild your network no matter what happens. Otherwise, you can lose important data such as financial records of customers, product information, payroll data, mailing lists and business plans.

If a virus begins to destroy your network, failure to restore your system from a clean backup can leave you with network outages that can last days or more, destroy customer confidence in the process.

In some cases, it’s not a matter of hacking attacks or malware, but simple data corruption.

Backups help you back in time before you experienced network problems and quickly restore your network.

It is no exaggeration to say that even a major data loss incident can mean game over for your business.

Backups ultimately allow you to focus your business efforts on what provides value instead of always looking over your shoulder for a network security disaster.

With cost-effective backup strategies available to professionals managed IT service providers like Dobson Technologies, there is simply no reason your business should go without regular backup policy.

The right backup strategy

  • Cloud Backup: Cloud backup is an important part of intelligent backup strategy. Cloud backups help ensure that if your business is suffering from a natural disaster, you can restore your data off-site.
  • In-Transit Data Encryption: Backup data must be encrypted while in transit, otherwise hackers can peek data. An intelligent encryption plan is key to the overall data protection across your network.
  • The 3-2-1 Strategy: There is a different backup strategies. However, the 3-2-1 for a backup strategy is very effective. It involves three backups located in two locations, such as on-premise and cloud storage location. Finally, you have to generate this backup at least once a day for maximum protection.
  • 24/7 Support: When your network goes down or you suffer data loss, you want a partner who can quickly restore your system from a backup no matter what day or time it is.
  • Testing Backup: It’s important that you work with providers to test the integrity of the backup. The last thing you want is to restore your network to the backup problems of data corruption or other problems. An inventory report can tell you if the file transfer fails or if there is corruption occurs.

If you want secure and comprehensive backup support, Multiple options for a fully managed, solutions-based backup policy.

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