7 Essential WordPress plugins for business in 2024

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Essential WordPress plugins

WordPress is a fantastic platform for building your own blog, portfolio, or e-commerce site. It’s packed with tools to help you create a professional-looking site and monitor its performance, and you can make it even better by installing WordPress plugins to add new features.

Some WordPress plugins are free, while others are premium products with a price tag to match.

You can find free plugins using WordPress’s own Plugin Directory, which is accessible from your dashboard.

Paid-for plugins can be uploaded using the Add New option from the plugins menu.

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You can only install third-party plugins if you’re hosting your site yourself using the software from WordPress.org. If your site is hosted on WordPress.com, you won’t have a plugins menu.


EasyAzon 4.0 is an Amazon affiliate marketing plugin that works with self-hosted WordPress websites.

Its purpose is to provide bloggers and niche marketers a simple, time-efficient way to find and add suitable Amazon affiliate links, widgets, images to blog post content.

The plugin was co-crafted by entrepreneur, blogger, and Amazon affiliate marketing superstar Chris Guthrie.

You may, or may not, have heard of Chris before, however, Chris is a successful entrepreneur and product creator.

A free stripped-down version of this plugin is available for FREE here.

Is the pro-version affordable? Yes.

Simple to setup and configure with step-by-step video tutorials? Yes.

A powerful all-in-one solution for getting the most from your Amazon niche websites.

30-Day money back guarantees when you purchase EasyAzon.

Save time by adding Amazon affiliate links and images directly into your content quickly, without having to leave your site.

Link localization means no wasted traffic, generate Amazon affiliate commissions from the traffic you get from other countries!

With the developer license, you can create niche websites for yourself, your clients, and even flip them and make even more money!

Too many upsells shoved in your face when you purchase the plugin.

You’ll have to jump through some upsell loops before you can actually download your plugin. I guess that’s just the way it’s been marketed, badly!

The plugin can sometimes conflict with other plugins or even your theme, so beware of this.

The customer support is NOT that great. No response to support emails sent to BoostWP LLC, since I purchased the plugin.

Instructional videos are out of date since Amazon has made a lot of changes over the years.

Version 4.0 has been out for a number of years now, so who knows when the next big update is coming out.

The Developer site use rights license will currently set you back $67, whereas the Multi-site license will cost you just $47.


After checking the internet for the best WordPress plugins to use with Amazon Affiliate I came across AAWP (Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin).

AAWP is recommended by a number of sites that I was following because of the nice design on which is inserting the Amazon Products and the good code it has.

The first thing that I liked is the nice design that the plugin has and how is perfectly integrating with the WordPress theme. Below are some aspects related to design I really love:

Responsive – You can insert the various product boxes and the design will look great on mobile, desktop or any other device you may think off.

AMP – I am using AMP for my sites as it is offering a ranking boost in Google on mobile, having AMP support is a very important for me. AAWP has AMP support which is great.

Templates – in case you want a custom template to be build you have this option. You can easily customize it to look unique.

With AAWP you get various widgets and boxes to insert into your posts. They have a nice design and also they pull out details like, price, reviews, description, etc.

AAWP it is working with all the Amazon stores around the world, you can configure the tracking ID for the store like UK,CA, AU, etc and AAWP it will redirect your traffic automatically to that stores in case the IP address of the visitor is from that country.

AAWP is working with multiple GEO Targeting and you can choose the one you like the most. AAWP has: GEOIP-DB.COM, IPINFO.IO, DB-IP.COM.

With the help of Geo-Targeting you can increase you’re earnings without any real extra work.

Click TrackingAAWP it can activate click tracking with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager or Piwik.

With One Click I can activate the tracking and I have report is Google Analytics of how much clicks I have or what page or product is generating it. Very nice feature to see exactly what is happening.

Translations – in case your site is not in English the plugin was also translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian and French.

Cashing – Amazon is changing the policy to their API quite frequently and over time limited a lot the number of request you can make.

The plugin has the option to cache the product details and reduce the number of request to Amazon. This will also make your site faster as it doesn’t need to go every time to Amazon to get the details.

Gutenberg – I have the new editor activated already on some of my sites and I was afraid that it would be more difficult to add products or problems will exist between the plugin and the new editor.

It appears that nothing has changed with the new editor and everything is working beautifully.

Development/Updates – From my experience with the plugin and what I have seen, a good thing is that is updated constantly and developer it is communicating with the buyers.

It’s a big plus for me as I have plugins that are not updated.

On off my sites I already have hundreds of articles with the plugin and it will be hard to change everything in case the plugin is not updated and it doesn’t work with new WordPress releases.

The price is not low but it is offering a lot of functions and I think is worth it.

The price it can be high for newbies into Affiliate building sites but if you are serious about making money with Amazon then you need to pay.


If you engage in affiliate marketing, displaying coupons for stores is a great way to boost your sales and connect with buy-ready shoppers.

The conversion rate on traffic you send from coupons is always going to be super high because the very nature of a coupon means that people are ready to make their purchases.

Affiliate Coupons is a freemium WordPress plugin that helps you add that same type of functionality to your WordPress site… plus a lot of other helpful features.

You’ll be able to create a directory of stores, list all of their coupons, employ conversion-boosting tactics for displaying coupons, and more.

In our Affiliate Coupons review, I’ll share more about exactly what this plugin can do, as well as show you how it works on a live WordPress site.

Affiliate Coupons comes in both a free version at WordPress.org, as well as a premium version with extra functionality.

Let’s start with the core functionality that’s available for free. You can:

Create unlimited vendors with predefined affiliate links. A vendor is basically a store for which you want to offer coupons.

Create unlimited coupons and assign those coupons to vendors.
Use categories to organize coupons.

Use shortcodes to insert coupons in any content (you’ll also get a page to list all the coupons for all your vendors)

The free version also comes with “click to copy” functionality, but it does not offer “click to reveal” functionality, which is what most of the big coupon sites are using nowadays.

However, if you upgrade to the Pro version, which starts at $39, you’ll get access to that conversion-boosting “click to reveal” functionality, as well as:

View, copy, and click statistics for all your vendors/coupon codes.
More styles and templates to control how your coupons look.
The ability to feature and highlight specific coupons.

A “popular coupons” widget that you can use to showcase coupons.
Event tracking via Google or Matomo (formerly Piwik).

An option to create dedicated, indexable pages for each coupon (can be good for SEO).

Affiliate Coupons Pricing
Again – the premium version starts at $39 for use on a single site.

Other options are:

$99 for use on three sites.
$199 for use on ten sites.


WP Security Audit Log Plugin is a WordPress plugin that helps site administrators and owners monitor all activities on their site.

It is a comprehensive monitoring tool that boosts your site’s security by helping you immediately detect anything suspicious before it turns into a serious problem.

The plugin tracks activities related to plugins, themes, widgets, user accounts, and core WordPress settings.

Every activity is assigned an alert code which makes for easy viewing while going through the logs.

The log includes details like user ID, role, and IP address for each activity making it so easy for you to act against unwanted visitors to your site.

Unlike regular audit logs that display a long of activities making it hard to sift through, this plugin lets you enable specific alerts that are important to you.

That way there is little chance of missing critical alerts when they are logged or worrying about the logs taking up too much space.

The plugin supports both single and multisite WordPress installs.

This extremely popular monitoring and auditing plugin is developed by the team at WP White Security.

The plugin supports a bunch of developer-only options which come in handy during testing and staging. It generates an alert when a PHP error, warning, exception, or shutdown is detected.

It is also possible to log all HTTP GET and POST requests that are reaching your WordPress installation to a log file.

These settings, when enabled, will affect your site’s performance and hence not recommended for live sites.

The team at WP White Security provides excellent support for the plugin on WordPress forums for free.

If you’re looking for personalized premium support, that too is an option via email to those who purchase any of the Premium Extensions that we just talked about.

The plugin is extremely easy to use and helps you track everything that’s happening on your site.

Whether it’s a single user site owner or a website designer managing multiple sites, this plugin has something unique to offer for everyone.

You can effectively track changes to your site before they turn into serious issues.

Use the plugin to block or limit multiple simultaneous sessions for users. Enable notifications to get alerted when multiple sessions for the same user are allowed or blocked.

The plugin can also be configured to terminate idle users sessions, protecting your site from users who leave sessions unattended.

See who is logged in to your WordPress and WordPress multisite websites and blogs and what they are doing in real-time.

You can also remotely terminate suspicious sessions or all users’ sessions with one click.

Mirror your WordPress site’s activity logs to external services and solutions such as Slack so you always have a backup copy and add them to your corporate central logging solution.

Plugin Pricing – STARTER
From just:$89/yr


Have you ever tried to add tables on your WordPress site? Then, you definitely know how tough it is to do the customized design for your tables.

Let alone importing or exporting your large tables or making the table responsive!

Meet Ninja Tables that comes with all the solutions of the problems you face while creating tables on your posts/pages.

Ninja Tables will give you an experience of making tables with any possible ways you can ever think of.

Whatever you can think of with Ninja Tables, you can do it without writing a single line of code!

The best part is, Ninja Tables won’t make your website a little bit slow even you have thousands of data on your table!

You can create and manage tables from the admin panel quickly, effectively and easily.

Ninja Tables The Easiest Table Plugin on WordPress that comes with most advanced frontend table styles, for example, Footables, Bootstrap 3, Bootstrap 4, Symmetric UI etc.

Ninja Table is perfect for your product list view, make order forms, wholesale WooCommerce products and product catalogues.

If you want to add pagination, sorting or filtering on your tables, Ninja Tables is perfect for you.

Our Ninja Table is SEO friendly and all the contents of the table can be picked by the search engines.

If you are worried about table styling I would say brace yourself because we are giving you the freedom to choose styles from 100+ tables styles.

We also have 3 most popular CSS libraries with unlimited color schema! The most featured styles of Ninja Tables are as follow.

  • SEO friendly, content of your Table picked up by search engines like google
  • Single Line Cells
  • Fixed Layout
  • Hover rows
  • Bordered table
  • Table Inverse
  • Striped rows
  • Compact Table
  • RTL Support
  • Data Tables
  • Foo Tables
  • Stackable Table
  • Bootstrap 3 Table Styles
  • Bootstrap 4 Table Styles
  • Semantic UI Table Styles
  • Also Table Plugin have the following Pro Features
  • Unlimited Table Colors and Customization
  • Live Connect with Google Sheets
  • WooCommerce Product Table
  • WP Posts / Any Custom Post Type Integration
  • Rich Media Integration with WP Table
  • Conditional Column Formatting
  • FrontEnd Table Editing
  • FrontEnd Table export – CSV, Print, PDF
  • Show data from your own custom SQL table and SQL query

We care about the developers and the users. We know other plugins receive a high amount of complaints about the speed of rendering of the tables.

But Ninja Tables never has the issue of loading or rendering data both on frontend and backend!

Ninja Table’s backend is built on VueJs and VueRouter as SPA!

That is the main reason why Ninja tables users get the smooth experience of creating tables, configuring settings, adding entries, importing from CSVs, rearranging columns etc in like less time than a blink of an eye!

The frontend of the tables is even faster!

We use minimal JS and CSS to load the table while we do have the AJAX with our tables so our tables can handle thousands of data without affecting the page load!

Another improtant part is, the css and js files will be loaded only in the page where you add ninja tables shortcode.


We have introduced the finest feature you can ever get for editing a table which is a design studio for customizing and styling your tables with the most realtime visual changes you can see while editing and making your tables!

With our Design Studio, you can set colors to the table components or do customize anything without even writing a single line of CSS!

If you are worried about the responsiveness of your tables, you can visually see how your tables will look like on various devices from the design studio.

Here is a quick view of how you can customize your tables with the Design Studio.


It is hard to believe that we have made all types of tables responsive!

Yes, we did that critical task f making all the tables responsive for mobile devices by placing in-row expandable areas!

You can control which columns you want to show what kind of device form our design studio.

The amazing part is, the searching, paginations, sorting and all other features also work on the mobile devices! Trust me it is tough for the common users! Here is a demo for you.

You can build any type of table using Ninja Tables. Our Users already build various types of tables using this responsive table plugin.

  • Data Table
  • Pricing Table
  • Amazon Affiliate Product Table
  • Product Comparion Table
  • Responsive Product Specification Table
  • Member List Table
  • Any type of Sortable and Searchable Data Table
  • Customer List Table
  • League Points Table
  • Sports Team Member Table with Image
  • Any Type of Data that need to be shown as tabular format


Looking for a way to organize and manage your affiliate links while optimizing your income?

The ThirstyAffiliates plugin for WordPress can help you manage and cloak your links so you can earn more.

Monetize Your WordPress Blog with Affiliate Marketing

Whether you’re running a blog as a hobby or as a professional endeavor, you’ve probably thought about ways to monetize your blog.

When it comes to earning money from your blog, there’re a lot of options out there: promoting your own services such as writing or coaching, selling physical or digital products, displaying advertising, and more.

One of the most effective and popular ways to earn money from a WordPress site is with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing has the advantage of being quick to set up, with no upfront investment required (unlike selling your own products).

Why Do You Need an Affiliate Link Plugin?
Once you get into affiliate marketing, you might realize it’s not quite as easy as you thought.

There’re quite a few logistical details to keep track of, including keeping track of all your affiliate IDs and links, and making sure every link on your site is working correctly.

A few benefits of using ThirstyAffiliates are:

  1. Easily Manage Affiliate Links

Using a dedicated affiliate link plugin like ThirstyAffiliates allows you to keep all your affiliate links in one central location: your WordPress dashboard, right where you need them.

For example, if the company you promote alters their affiliate link, you don’t have to dig deep into every blog post you’ve published to find and replace the affiliate links you’d added.

Instead, you can replace the link in your ThirstyAffiliates panel and all your links will be automatically updated.

  1. Link Cloaking

ThirstyAffiliates also enables link redirection (aka “link cloaking”) for your affiliate links.

That means instead of seeing an ambiguous URL like http://tracking.example.com/a/5653/3535/6582, your visitors will see a nicer-looking URL like http://yourblog.com/go/example.

Using bare links instead of redirection can be confusing or off-putting to your visitors, making them hesitant to click those links — this feature prevents that form of hesitation.

  1. Help Users Understand What They’re Clicking On

Using a consistent redirection system for all your links, like ThirstyAffiliates allows you to do, gives visitors more confidence in your site and recommendations.

It helps them understand exactly what they’re clicking on, and more easily tell which links are affiliate links.

ThirstyAffiliates is a link cloaking plugin developed and managed by Rymera Web Co., a team based in Brisbane, Australia.

ThirstyAffiliates was built with WordPress bloggers in mind. However, it’s the perfect choice for any affiliate marketers using WordPress to manage their affiliate links.

Unlike other affiliate link plugins, ThirstyAffiliates doesn’t have bloat or unnecessary features, and it won’t slow down your site.

It has just the options you need in order to manage your affiliate redirect links.

ThirstyAffiliates also supports backups and full importing and exporting.

That means, if you decide to create another affiliate site, you can just export your links to the new site instead of typing them in all over again.

7 . itTHINX

itThinx Affiliates Plugin is an affiliates software for WordPress. It’s one of the best WordPress affiliate plugin on the market and it seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce.

Plus, it has an array of extensions to perfect your affiliate program.

itThinx is one of the best WordPress affiliate plugin on the internet. It integrates with WooCommerce and you can have your affiliate marketing program up in minutes.

What is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the most used marketing tools on the internet.

It’s where affiliates refer your business via blog posts, social media posts, and other referral methods in return for commission. In other words, affiliates get paid a portion of sales.

Affiliate marketing is used by many companies because there’s a direct return on investment.

It’s a performance based program where affiliates are paid for the actual sales they refer to your business.

It’s the reason why it’s used by everyone who has an online business.

The advertising costs are directly associated with your sales versus paying an “influencer” for a sponsored post that doesn’t provide any direct return on investment.

itThinx affiliate plugin helps you implement your own affiliate program for your WordPress site.

They have a great plugin ecosystem where you can enhance and perfect your affiliate marketing program.

In addition, they have different affiliate plugins like Affiliates Pro and Affiliates Enterprise. Affiliates Enterprise is the plugin with all the features you’ll need to start a great affiliate program, so we’re going to discuss it.

itThinx affiliates software for WordPress lets you manage your affiliates with ease.

Affiliates can automatically register on your website or you can add them manually with or without user accounts. Affiliate registration is a breeze with a notification email.

In addition, affiliates can be notified when they make a sale.

Also, you can export all your affiliate data with a push of a button. itThinx doesn’t limit the number of affiliates like other plugins.

With itThinx, you can easily create an affiliate dashboard (i.e., affiliate area) for all your affiliates.

itThinx Affiliates Enterprise automatically creates your affiliate area; after Affiliates Enterprise creates it, you can customize it as you see fit.

You can add as many pages as your want. You can add a campaign, banner, profile, links, statistics, and so much more.

It’s completely up to you. This feature definitely makes itThinx one of the best WordPress affiliate plugin.

itThinx affiliates software for WordPress lets you easily create banners. The banners can be used by your affiliates on their blogs by simply copying and pasting the code.

In addition, you can add the banners to any page via short codes.

There’s no coding experience necessary for the setup with itThinx copy and paste. ItThinx makes it easy for you to setup your affiliate marketing program.

In addition, with itThinx, your affiliates can track the source of their traffic and sales. In other words, the plugin can determine if the clicks are coming from Facebook, Twitter, websites, and etc.

It’s a great tool because it helps your affiliates optimize their campaigns and switch resources for more sales.

For example, your affiliate can do more Facebook posts if they see most of their sales is coming from Facebook. This feature definitely makes itThinx one of the best WordPress affiliate plugin.

itThinx affiliates software for WordPress lets you create different commission rates.

You can set it at a fixed amount, a percentage of sales, different rates for different affiliates, different rates for products, or complex equations for your commission structure. There’s no one-size-fits-all with itThinx.

In addition, with itThinx, you can create multi-level commission rates where they get paid more for referring more sales.

For example, you can set the commission rate at 10% for 10+ sales, 20% for 40+ sales, and so on. It’s a great incentive commission structure.

Also, itThinx includes a multi-level-marketing program. In other words, your affiliates can get paid for referring other affiliates.

For example, you have affiliate A who has a large network.

You can incentive him to refer affiliates to the your program by offering him commission for any sales his affiliate referral makes.

tThinx affiliate software for WordPress makes tracking referrals easy.

All referral traffic are recorded in real-time and available as transactions occur. In addition, itThinx offers pixel-based tracking, which allows affiliates to refer customers without them clicking on the affiliate link.

The traffic can be monitored by you on the back-end; in addition, affiliates can monitor their individual traffic on the front-end with a simple shortcode.

The pixel-based tracking definitely makes itThinx affiliate plugin one of the best wordpress affiliate plugin.

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