AmalinksPro Review 2022: Is best amazon affiliate wordpress plugin ?

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AmaLinks Pro is a WordPress plugin designed to help Amazon affiliates manage their links better.You can search for products in the plugin, create a referral link more quickly, adjust the CTA button, make a stylish showcase box, and also build a responsive (?) Tables.

Matthew Allen is the creator of this plugin. It was created to help Amazon affiliates by providing them with an important tool that allows them to earn more money.

This is achieved through an increase in their product reviews so that they have a higher conversion rate.

The main reason people fail in earning money as an Amazon affiliate is that they do not know what it takes to make an excellent product review.

They do not use proper layout and other elements that sustain the reader’s attention and cause the reader to immediately buy the product.

There is also the fact that WordPress can take some time to learn.

While studying WordPress, it is easy to make mistakes that have negative consequences for product reviews. With this plugin, the potential problems are resolved.

amazon affiliate marketing is hard enough, without wasting time manually find product images, add links and make a comparison table.

That’s why many of us use Amazon Affiliate plugin to do the hard work for us.

AmaLinks Pro comes at an interesting time when no other product like EasyAzon falling behind the curve and products such as AAWP and GeniusLink fighting for the lead.

AmaLinks Pro is the premium Amazon Affiliate Plugin built for members of the Association Amazon program who want to add the product boxes, tables and links to their WordPress content.

AmaLinks Pro was created in 2018 by an affiliate marketer Matthew Allen, from and WordPress developer known only as “AlchemyCoder”, known for creating the now discontinued AzonTables Plugin.

Although a relatively new plugin, AmaLinks Pro has gone through some interesting updates, including adding a non-API function and builder table.

If there is one thing we know about Matt Allen, it’s that he’s one of us.

This means we can expect to hear him and AmaLinks Pro spoke our language because he is affiliated real work and we also look forward to a lot of innovation as well.

I will help you through the process of purchasing, installing and using AmaLinks Pro to add affiliate elements to your WordPress site.

If you have access to the Amazon API ad then it’s worth looking into.

If you are also looking to streamline your operation a little more, then yes, this will allow you to restrict access to the Association’s account VAS.

showBox looks amazing showcase also sand I can see a lot of affiliate save time with the design work. Plus everything is pulled directly from Amazon API so that you will not violate the terms of the Amazon.

As we have mentioned, and depending on when you read this, the builder table is ready, so we can say much about how well it works, but the rest of AmaLinks works pretty seamlessly.

There is a lot of documentation and videos to help beginners and for experienced affiliate, you’ll quickly breeze through the interface I’m sure. We have high expectations for this product roadmaps and so should you!

I’ll start with the good news, and there is quite a bit of it:


Amalinks Pro helps you monetize your pages to help you add affiliate links of all kinds. You can add text, images, buttons, showcase box (it was awesome), and desks.

The whole of this plugin is very easy to use and there is virtually no learning curve.


One thing I love about Amalinks Pro is that they let you change the product box and buttons with a single shortcode.

ASIN you change and you’re set. That’s good news because it saves you time and help authors ensure accuracy with every product.


Monetization you add will not be visible spam or dirty.

Amalinks Pro buttons, tables, very interesting showcase box plus you can customize almost everything. That’s good news for your brand and build custom views.

Now let’s talk about a single con Amalinks Pro:


It is not too expensive. But it is more expensive than competitors’ services. Some argue that it packs more features (and I agree). But it may not be the best option for someone on a very tight budget.

Amalinks Pro works as part of the WordPress editor. When you edit posts or pages, you will get a small button near the top that says Amalinks Pro. You can click this button to be taken to Amalinks Pro selection.

And when you click this button, you are taken to a screen that asks you for keywords or ASIN product you want:

I searched for “hiking boots”. Amalinks Pro gives you a list of options. If you want, you can put in an appropriate title from Amazon and Amalinks interesting products up.

Amalinks listing gives you indicate whether Prime qualified products. You can view or select an item.

After you click Select, you can see all the things you can do with Amalinks Pro:

Let’s look at each one.

Text link with Amalinks Pro is pretty standard. You get a preview of what the link will look like and the option to change it:

If you like your link, you are given more choices: you can open it in a new tab, set nofollow, or set it to add product to cart visitors.

I discussed why add to cart might be an option for you later on down the post, so keep reading.

I do not think linking text is super handy and it takes one minute longer than just using Sitestripe. I get all my text links from Sitestripe.

Amazon image link add images to your site. This is great because Amalinks Pro uses the Amazon API. Do not just download and insert these images; against Amazon TOS and can get you banned.

Amalinks Pro allows you to choose from one of the images that are available for the products:

After you select the image you want to insert, you get additional options. You can choose the alignment (left, center, or right), if you want the link to open in a new tab, be nofollow, or to add product to cart visitors.

And now we’ve seen in the pictures and the text, let’s take a peek into areas where Amalinks Pro really stands.

A CTA Link means “call to action” link. But really, it was an abbreviation of the word: button

But we custom code. With Amalinks Pro, you can create a beautiful button and insert them into your content in just a few seconds. The standard Amalinks Pro button looks pretty good.

But they gave us the option to edit this key. They gave us a lot of options to edit this key:

amalinks pro edit button edit button 3amalinks pro 2amalinks edit button 1
This extensive customization is super important.

But one thing i prefer even over the button customization is how the buttons are inserted into the text.

Rather than providing you with a wall of HTML, Amalinks Pro gives you a shortcode. All you’ve got to try and do is change the ASIN for any different products.

This makes changing out your buttons super fast. If you’re doing a roundup style post with several products, you’ll still use an equivalent buttons for the full post.

Just change out the ASINs for every product. you’ll find the ASIN in any Amazon URL. It’s nearly always after /dp/.


I love this shortcode method of adding buttons since it makes it very easy to edit writers.

And Amalinks Pro doesn’t just make awesome buttons. They also make something called a showcase box.


Showcase boxes are one among the newer and more awesome ways of featuring products on your website.

They will show images, gives descriptions, and include buttons for the product. The Amalinks Pro showcase boxes appear as if this:

amalinks pro showcase box
Everything with a watch next to that are some things that you simply can change about the box.

That’s to say: you’ll just about edit every a part of this. you’ll change elements how you wish or simply hide them from view.

And in fact you get to open links in new tabs, add nofollow, or add the product to a visitor’s cart.

Once you’re ready, you get a shortcode like this:

amalinks pro showcase shortcode
I’m not as big of an admirer of this shortcode as i’m for the button one. you’ll change out the ASIN, but that doesn’t change the product description checklist.

amalinks pro checklist doesn’t change
That’s pretty frustrating. And for a short while, there was no workaround to this…

But now there’s . Amalinks Pro heard what users wanted and that they added the ability to possess short shortcodes. they appear like this:

amalinks shortcode change asin
You can change the ASIN and you’re good to go. That’s much faster for you and much safer for your writers.

Amalinks Pro also allows you to create product comparison tables.

And I’ve gotta admit: these look pretty good.

From the WordPress editor, you’ll get into the table builder an equivalent way you access everything else associated with Amalinks Pro: click the Amalinks Pro button above the editor.

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nce you’ve got Amalinks Pro pulled up, click Table Builder

amalinks pro add the table
And you’ll get a screen with settings on the left side and an un-made table on the proper . to add products to your table, click the + button.

amalinks pro add items to the table
And then look for your keyword. After you run your search, you’ll get a listing of all the things you’ll add into your table. Click on those that you simply want to input.

amalinks pro select items
A green checkmark will show up next to every item you would like in your table.

And when you’re through with that, you’ll get an opportunity to edit your table. you’ll change the colour , pick which columns show abreast of different devices, add new columns, display whether an item is Prime eligible, and more.

You might find yourself with something like this once all is claimed and done:

amalinks pro table
There are tons of customization options, so you’ll be ready to get your table to match your brand.

Amalinks Pro has 4 different pricing plans: basic, blogger, premium, and platinum. We’ll do a deep dive of every of those below.

When watching pricing, i feel we’d like to induce off of the dollar signs and pay more attention to your return on investment. is a dollar here aiming to help your site earn more?

I think that Amalinks Pro’s pricing represents a high return on investment. Even the most expensive annual plan is a smaller amount than $20 per month. only one or two extra conversions per month could more than pay money for your subscription.

So i feel that in the least levels, Amalinks Pro represents a high return on investment for your money spent.

Amalinks Pro Basic costs $127 per annum and works for five websites. You get access to everything in Amalinks Pro apart from the table builder.

This is an honest option for a budget buyer with several websites.

Amalinks Pro Blogger costs $67 per annum and works with 1 website. But you get access to the table builder.

So for one site, you’ll have full and unhindered access to Amalinks Pro.

This is a decent plan for somebody who wants to monetize better with Amazon but just has the 1 site.

Amalinks Pro Premium costs $197 per annum and works with 25 websites. You get access to the table builder.

This is a decent plan for somebody who has several sites and needs the table builder.

Even at $197 per annum , you’re still just looking at around $17 per month. That’s a reasonably low investment to form your site look better and boost your conversions.

Amalinks Pro Platinum costs $597 and works with a limiteless number of internet sites . This plan has no yearly subscription, so it’s a one-time fee for your business.

You get full and unrestricted access to all or any that’s Amalinks Pro.

I like to recommend this plan for somebody with several websites who doesn’t like annual subscription fees.

It costs the maximum amount as 2.5 years of Amalinks Pro Premium, so it’ll take a couple of years to pay itself off.

But over the long-term, i feel it’s a solid investment.

Now for the most important question in this Amalinks Pro review – is that the WordPress plugin definitely worth the price tag? I didn’t buy Amalinks so this is often a tough question to answer but I’ll try my best.

I know for new bloggers paying for a plugin may be a big investment.

If your website doesn’t review heavy and you’re not getting plenty of traffic to the site, then I’d hold off on buying Amalinks and concentrate on creating great content for the present.

But if you are doing have high traffic or are planning on monetizing specifically as an Amazon Affiliate, then yes, this plugin can help increase your sales.

The Basic plan will allow you to include product showcases and official Amazon ‘buy now’ button on your reviews and throughout all of the blog posts on your site for only $127 per annum .

  • Use License On
  • Table Builder
  • Plugin Updates
  • Add Text/Image Links
  • CTA or Buy Buttons
  • Showcase Boxes
  • Priority Support*
  • 2,796 Niche Ideas
  • Upgrade Anytime

1 WP Install Only
Buy Now

Most Popular
Up to three WP Installs
Buy Now

Up to 25 WP Installs
Buy Now

Unlimited WP Installs
Buy Now

So if you’re thinking Amalinks might be a decent fit, I’d say click here to do it out for one year and add up your Amazon sales at the end – if you make significantly more than the value you paid then you, my friend, have made an honest purchase.

Personally, i really like clean and professional look Amalinks pro gives my reviews and realize it gives off an excellent first impression to new readers.

Of course, I’m loving the increased revenue as well!

It’s easy to use, doesn’t conflict with any of my current plugins, and is all around an excellent choice for Amazon Affiliates.

If you pull the trigger and take a look at it out, let me know what you think that within the comments below!

And if you found this Amalinks Pro review helpful and are ready to start , find out more about the plugin!

Rock-Solid refund Guarantee

You have nothing to fear and nothing to lose. they have a rock-solid – 100% money-back guarantee – NO questions asked – within the primary 30 days.

If you’re unsatisfied for ANY reason otherwise you just don’t want it anymore, just cancel your subscription on your account page then contact their support team (within your first 30 days) and they’ll send you a FULL refund.

They won’t even cause you to fill out one in every of those stupid surveys after you cancel. No questions asked means NO questions asked!

Below I’ll run through some common reader situations and we’ll discuss whether Amalinks Pro will help your business.

I’m getting to put you in this camp if you’ve got a site or sites making but $500 per month from Amazon Associates.

Amalinks Pro won’t be the simplest option for the new Amazon associate. This isn’t any fault of Amalinks Pro; instead, you’ll hold Amazon responsible.

It wont to be that everybody and their mother could access the Amazon API (the tool wont to grab pictures, pricing, and reviews off of Amazon).

Amazon has started restricting access and only allows you to use the API if you’re getting some sales.

There’s no exact limit that I can find, but you would possibly not be able to use the API if you aren’t drawing in a very few sales per month.

And without the API, Amalinks Pro doesn’t work.

I’d recommend getting a couple of sales and applying for the Amazon API. If you’ll use the API, I don’t hesitate to recommend Amalinks Pro.

I’ll put you here if you’re making over 0 per month from Amazon Associates.

Let me add another quick caveat that you’ll need to have some Amazon affiliate sales to urge access to the API 🙂

If you are doing have access, then i feel that Amalinks Pro can assist you tons .

It can monetize your posts, looks tons better than anything you’ll draw from Sitestripe, and that i think it gives you an overall “branded” look.

Not to mention that i feel the showcase boxes look tons better than competitor showcase boxes.

The level of customization you get on buttons and tables is unmatched in other tools.

Amalinks Pro allows you to use their software on up to 25 sites for fewer than $200 per annum .

I feel that’s a large boon if you’ve got a portfolio of websites.

Amalinks Pro won’t be able to assist you much 🙂


  • Plenty of documentation
  • Intuitively designed workflow
  • The Showcase box works fine
  • Shortcodes for each kind of link
  • Streamlines content processes so you do not need to share your Amazon Associates account


  • Can be buggy and need to reload screens twice
  • Customizing buttons isn’t too easy, would really like more templates
  • Need to have an Amazon API key
  • Working with page builders could also be a hassle


Amalinks Pro helps you maximize your return on investment by converting visitors into buyers. It is easy to learn and it works great.

Amalinks is a WordPress plugin for Affiliates Amazon.

It connects directly to the Amazon API so you can easily make an exhibition of products and add affiliate links, images, and buttons to your blog posts without ever leaving your WordPress editor.

This not only makes write reviews and add Amazon affiliate links to your articles faster and easier than ever before.

It also can increase your affiliate sales and earnings due to use buttons instead of text links can increase click-through rates-A

amalinks Pro also has a Table Builder add additional comparison table to build products in your review.


I think that Amalinks Pro will be a helpful tool for you if you’re an Amazon Associate and have some sales under your belt.

It helps your site look amazing, reinforces your brand, and helps you boost your revenue.

Amalinks Pro represents a high return on investment. Even the most expensive annual plan is a smaller amount than $20 per month.

If Amalinks Pro helps you change only 1 or two more buyers, then you’ve got already paid for your membership.

And I think it’ll assist you convert more buyers.

If you’re new Amazon Associates and don’t have any sales yet, i like to recommend that you simply keep on with Sitestripe until you’ve made a couple of .

With a couple of sales you’ll get access to the API and with it, full use of Amalinks Pro.


Now let’s discuss some things that individuals ask about Amalinks Pro.

You won’t need the other software to use Amalinks Pro.

you’ll got to get on self-hosted WordPress (not, have PHP 7.0 or greater (check along with your host) and access to Amazon’s API. Amazon grants access after your first few sales.

Yes! Amalinks Pro works with regular WordPress, Gutenberg, Thrive Architect, Elementor, Divi, and Beaver Builder.

Amalinks Pro doesn’t handle geolocation. But they have compatibility with GeniusLink and with Amazon OneLink.

Yes. They even include instructions on how to insert Amalinks Pro into your widgets.

When it comes right down to it, we’ve to ask one question:

Will this tool help boost your Amazon affiliate income?

And I think the solution thereto is yes, it’ll assist you . Amalinks Pro’s amazing look helps convert visitors to buyers. It’s simple to use and works faster than Sitestripe, so you’re saving time else .

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