The best way to publish a book

If you’re trying to build your personal or professional brand—what’s the best way to do that? Basically, how can you stand out?

There are a lot of ways to do that, but one of the very best is pretty old school: write a book.

scribe media mission is to help everyone on earth write, publish, market, (and own) their book.scribe media past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with amazing personal stories.

Ready to get your book written and published? scribe media can help. | The Leader in Professional Publishing

Writing a book has been complicated, time-consuming, and painful while getting a book published has been equally challenging.our mission is to help everyone on earth write, publish, market, (and own) their book.

Traditional publishers only publish a small number of books each year, keeping ownership, creative control, and freedom away from authors. They say they do it to “maintain high quality.”

The self-publishing industry is full of scammers who will put out anything, producing cheap, low-quality work. They say they do it to “increase ownership and freedom for authors.”

Working with scribe media , you’ll keep creative control and ownership of your book so you can turn your vision of being a published author into a reality.

And if you can’t afford scribe media services or just want to do it yourself? Register for Scribe Book School. Book School takes you through the same process created by scribe media’s 4x New York Times bestselling author and co-founder Tucker Max and is 100% free.

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