Buy expired domains with great DA & backlinks 2022

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About Domain Coasters

In 2019, Domain Coasters was started by Antony Deroshan and Gopi Kanna to disrupt the overpriced and second-rate quality of SEO domains in the industry. They wanted to boost the standard of SEO domains and make an impact in the market.

Their domains have been continually providing ranking blockbuster for our clients. With our in-house pall software, They’re way ahead of multiple sellers in getting the stylish quality of expired domains.

Through social media and word of mouth, we grew far beyond our expectations and came a global expired domain provider to clients from 35 nations.

Above all else, Domain Coasters deliver with the dream of enlivening our ultimate mission (i.e) to help you rank your sites on Google with expired domains.


Budget Domains- They deliver expired domains that are qualified for Private Blog Networks, 301 Redirections or creating money websites on them. They’ve domains in several niches and at several pricing ranges starting at just$ 39.

Premium Domains- Domain coasters deliver premium expired domains that are sourced from several silent auctions, these domains are more significant with plenty of authoritative backlinks which will have a great impact on Search engine rankings. Premium domains are best suited for creating money websites on them or for 301 redirections.

Nitro Links Nitro links is our PBN backlinks service. They use their premium expired domains with lot of important metrics and backlinks.

They’re so confident you’ll love what Domain Coasters do, that They offer a surety on all the domains we deliver won’t have any manual actions in Google Search Console, plus free domain transfer to the respective registrars.

What If You Could Rank speedily Without awaiting For Years?

As you presumably know, ranking keywords in Google SERP takes a considerable amount of time, money, and effort. But SEO experts around the globe fast-track the ranking procedure with expired domains.

Truthfully Now, Expired domain really help you to rank rapidly on Google?

The expired domain comes with plenty of benefits like pre-built authority, age, contextual backlinks therefore it requires minimum efforts to rank in Google. Domain Coasters provides the world’s finest expired domains to help you rank rapidly and efficiently by utilizing the domains as money sites, PBNs or for 301 redirections.

Doing SEO with Recently Registered Domains

While They understand that you can get your desired brand name and a fresh launch with a newly registered domain, They also need you to understand that it’s going to be a long road before you get any results with them.

  • Insanely premium to build high-quality links
  • Takes months or years to rank for your target keywords
  • Gets stuck into Google sandbox effect for months
  • Takes years to build up authority and trust

The market is crowded with low-class domains.

These days, everyone is selling expired domains online.

Let us make one thing perfectly clear.

  • Vendors aren’t sure what they’re doing and this leads to plenty of low-quality and spammed domains in the market.
  • High Threat of getting low quality spammed domains
  • Ridiculously premium domains that provide little to no value for money
  • You might end up getting spammed and penalized domains
  • No proper support from the seller post-purchase

How Hard Is It to Find Expired Domains by Yourself?

While domains are expiring every day and 1000s of SEO’s actively hunting to get the domain, it’s surely a tedious process to get a spam-free expired domain.

  • The time-consuming process to sludge the quality domains
  • You need premium SEO tools and APIs
  • Tiring bidding wars for auction domains
  • Recruiting and training VA’s to spam- check the domains

What’s the result of getting overpriced and spammed expired domains?

Still, how do you expect them to perform well? How does that affect your rankings? If your expired domains are spammed and of low quality.

Why Expired Domains Work?

It’s been proven several times by various experts that high-quality expired domains work perfectly for SEO. More and more companies and individuals are realizing the HIGH ROI that expired domains can give- So taking advantage of it today is the best thing you can do!

Aged to perfection

Wine tastes better with age, just like that Google algorithm favors aged domains over new domains. Expired domains are already aged several years, this is a significant advantage.

Backlinks are the backbone of any website. Whether you’re starting with a new site or using an expired domain, Quality backlinks keep Google happy and improve your ranking. Our expired domains have plenty of existing authority backlinks, saving you time and money.

Skip that Sandbox

Newly registered domains can effortlessly get stuck in the Google sandbox. Expired domains, however, have already beaten the dreaded sandbox filter and are ready to rank on Google SERP.

Building authority of a fresh domain requires a lot of time, money and effort. But with expired domains, you can sit back and relax. The work is already done and you can reap the rewards instantly.

Got the best domains in the industry!

Domain Coasters was started to raise the standard of SEO domains and make an impact in the market. And we make sure to keep our word!!!

They follow some of the stringent quality check processes to assure you get the best of the best domains.

Finest Backlink Profile

Domain coasters domains will have contextual backlinks from the Internet’s most authoritative sites like BBC, HuffPost, New York Times, etc

Spam Free Domains

Every domain’s anchors text profile, backlinks, Wayback history are completely spam- checked by our experts

High Niche Relevancy

Domain coasters make sure that the domain was never repurposed and the niche remained the same throughout the history of the domain.

Links To Root Domain

All Domain coasters domains will have links pointing to the homepage, this is to assure that you get advantaged by the link juice.

Google Indexed

Domain coasters Domains are already indexed in Google that ensures the domain is free from Manual Actions or Penalties.

SEO Metrics

They use all major metrics such as Domain & page authority (Moz), Domain Rating (Ahrefs)

A brand that you can trust

Due Diligence

All their domains go through strict quality checks where our great professional team will manually check every aspect of the domain to guarantee the domain quality.

Domain Experts

With years of experience, They know what we’re doing. Domain coasters constantly test & work on their process to assure you’re getting results with our expired domains.

Domain coasters value your money

  • You get the best domains at a radically fair price compared to any of the other competitors.
  • A brand that you can trust
  • Super Fast Domain Transfer
  • They’ve automated our workflow to transfer the domains to you within 24 hours of buying the domains.
  • Delivering Constant Results
  • Their clients get significant results with a high return of investment.

Client Support

Feel free to ask us any questions and their support agents will go out of their way to help you with your queries.

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