Easystore Review 2021: Is E-commerce Software Any Good? 5 Ways You Can Be Certain


EasyStore is one of the most popular e-commerce website builders in Malaysia.It elements a drag and drop internet site builder and convenient app integrations, making it viable for people who have zero tech skills to construct their personal e-commerce internet site inside a few days or hours.

This way, all of us who desires to get commenced with e-commerce can get commenced shortly and begin incomes money online.

If you have been thinking about whether or not to use EasyStore to construct your e-commerce site, read on.

In this post, I will describe you thru the professionals and cons of the use of EasyStore so you can decide for yourself if you sign up for it.

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EasyStore is a small group of youth brought together by our passion to help small businesses grow through technology.

With EasyStore, you can easily create & manage your online store and sell online – on your computer, your phone & your tablet.



Store design

30+ customizable themes

No coding knowledge needed. Over 30 pre-designed theme for you to choose from and you can still customize it with our built-in-editor.

Install theme in seconds

Select a preferable theme and install it immediately. No worries if you wish to change to another theme, as you can change to a new theme within a few seconds.

Full control over HTML & CSS

You can access to the HTML & CSS source of your store. We make it flexible for you to build a completely customized online store of your own.

Store design

Designed for all devices

All EasyStore templates allow your online store to be mobile commerce ready and responsive on any devices desktop, tablet and mobile.

Shopping cart

Guest checkout

Your customers can checkout as a guest without an account. The customer’s details are automatically collected and shown on your admin panel.

40+ payment gateways

Over 40 payment gateways to receive payment locally and globally. You can enable international payment gateway like PayPal, 2Checkout, Braintree, Stripe or your preferred local payment gateway.

Checkout in local currency

EasyStore allows you to enable multiple currencies at your store with your preferable exchange rate. Your customers can choose to checkout with their local currency.

Imposing tax charges

Impose different tax rate on your ecommerce website and you can decide it should be charged to the shipping or billing address of your customers.

Single-page checkout

Simplifies the checkout process for your shoppers to complete their purchase within one page on any devices.

Express checkout

One-click to complete purchase securely without having to key in card information, when customers repurchase on your ecommerce website.

Shopping cart

Voucher code creation

Create voucher code with various types of promotion like minimum purchase, delivery zone, specific products. You can also limit the condition by customer group, number of use and active date.

Abandoned checkout recovery

Optimize those who did not checkout. An automated follow up email will be sent to the prospective customers.

Multiple languages

Attract more shoppers with the website translator app. Your customers can browse your ecommerce website with their preferable language.

Store management

Manage on the go

Manage your orders, customers, products and settings of your ecommerce website on your mobile device when you are away from your working desk.

Automated email notifications

A set of customizable email notifications will be automatically sent to your customers based on the corresponding actions they took.

Order fulfillment automation

Fulfill an order by inserting the tracking number & carrier name, and the fulfillment email will automatically send to your customer.

Inventory management

Receive alert notifications to restock products through email or Slack when stock runs low.

Staff management

Invite your business team to manage the online store. You can specifically restrict the role of each staff on your admin panel.

Store management

Analyze your customers

Understand your customers shopping behaviors with the access to their contact information and order history. Export your customers data to ease your analysis.

Customer group

Bulk-categorize your customers into groups. Produce different variety of newsletter, promotion or message to target different customer group.


Manage products in bulk

Upload your products in bulk. You can also export your products into Excel/CSV file and edit your product information at once.

Product variations

Create products with multiple choices, such as sizes, colors. Each variation can have its own retail price, cost price, barcode, SKU, weight, and inventory.

Product collections

Categorize your products into different collections and manage them with our drag-and-drop function.

Product inventory

Track product inventory level from time to time. You can manage the stock count of all the products to avoid overselling on your store.

Flexibility to edit SEO

Edit your product specific meta tags, titles, and URL handles for search engines optimization.


Product status

Control over products visibility on storefront with settings: publish it now, unpublish it and schedule for a date.

Move products arrangement in bulk

You can select and move multiple products from page to page to arrange the sequence of products on your ecommerce website.

Marketing & SEO

Search Engine Optimized

EasyStore supports SEO best practices: customizable headings, titles and meta tags. Our optimization tool liaises with Google, Facebook & social media standard.

SEO friendly blog

Utilize EasyStore user-friendly blog editor to publish articles and create engagement among your customers and public.

Product reviews

Encourage your customers to leave SEO-friendly reviews on your product pages with their preferred language.

Publish products to Facebook

Your Facebook page fans can browse your products catalog on your Facebook page and they can checkout on your store.

Discount and promotion

A selection of discount types such as amount discount, percentage discount, purchase with purchase, store credit and gift with purchase.

Marketing & SEO

Email marketing automation

Send newsletter to different group of subscribers with your preferable email marketing app.

Store credit

Reward your customers with store credit. You get to choose whether the credit is given by percentage or value with the minimum spend.

Generated sitemap.xml

No manual work needed. Your e-commerce website sitemap.xml is automatically generated with your products, content pages, and blog posts.

Social media integration

Connect your shoppers with your brand through social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and more.

Reporting & analytics

Generate traffic report

Generate the pageviews and total number of visitors to your e-commerce website. It can be generated based on days, weeks, months, or a custom date range.

Access to your product & sales report

Be optimized to gain insight into your sale’s growth by knowing which products are selling, your top customers, sales by country, sales by currency and more.

Connect with Facebook Pixel

No coding required. Just install the Facebook Pixel app on your store and you can keep track on your Facebook ads result.

Understand your shopper’s behavior

Understand your shoppers through how they click and scroll on your e-commerce website. Their behaviors can be recorded for you to watch it later.

Reporting & analytics

Enable Google Analytics

Google Analytics has been integrated in EasyStore and it will work with your e-commerce website to track sales, visits, and referrals.

Web hosting

Hosted solution

Managing servers by yourself could be complicated and expensive. All EasyStore plans have included the secured web hosting and we help you to manage it.

Unlimited bandwidth

No traffic limitation to welcome your shoppers to your ecommerce website. You will never be charged for the traffic and data usage on your store.

Complimentary domain

Start your business right away even on free trial. A domain hosted by EasyStore (e.g. your-store.easy.co) will be generated for you or you can also use your existing domain.

SSL protected

Your ecommerce website includes a 256-bit SSL certificate to keep your business data and customers’ information secured. A custom SSL can also be easily integrated on your EasyStore.

Automated system upgrades

All EasyStore updates are automatic, you will be able to access the latest features immediately, without any manual setup or extra cost.

Fast loading speed

No barrier for shoppers who from all over the world to access your ecommerce website from anywhere within seconds on every clicks.

99.9% uptime and 24/7 monitoring

No worries about the downtime with EasyStore.  EasyStoreconsistently monitor the server status and you can view EasyStore live server status anytime.

0% transaction fee

EasyStore do not charge on any transaction fee, you earn 100% from what you have worked.
Mobile commerce ready

Your customers can shop on the go with any screen-size devices.

Worldwide payment & shipping

Flexible to tailor your payment & shipping options for local & global shoppers.

80+ advanced plugins

Personalize your ecommerce website with advanced plugins in seconds.

Multiple currency checkout

Welcome oversea shoppers by accepting any currency around the world.

24/7 Professional support

We can provide the best fit solution for you anytime, anywhere.

All-purpose promotion tools


Grow your sales with a wide range of discount tools. From a minimum purchase to specific products offer, you can run different promotion with the flexible discount tools.

Product discounts

Control over what products to be on sale and highlight them to stand out among all products.

Category discounts

No complicated steps involved. One-click to enable promotion for large portion products.

Order discounts

Quick and simple. Discount will be applied to the order total of customers purchase.

Free gift

Create a compelling reason for customers to make buying decision. Compliment your customers with free gift and they can redeem it instantly during their purchase.

More than one gift

Not only that you can reward more than one gift, it will also be your online store sales booster.

Auto redemption

No waiting time for gift redemption. Customers can redeem the free gift right away during their purchase.

Purchase with purchase

Upsell your customers to add more items into cart. Your customers get to add on specific items with discounts when they shop.

Bundle pack promotion

Choose any related products and make them the options of PWP. Customers can purchase the products as a bundle pack with discounted price.

Auto upsell promotion

Never missed a chance to upsell other products on your e-commerce website. Customers get to see the related promotions on the product page itself.

Reward credit

One of the best ways to increase your brand loyalty. Your customers can collect the credit and spend it in their future purchase.

Automatic reward

No manual job needed to reward your customers. Credit will automatically be rewarded to customers when they spend.

One-click to spend

No complicated process for your customers. Customers can spend their credit balance during checkout with only one click.

Mix-and-match with extra condition

Available for promotion type: Discount, Free gift, PWP

Voucher code

Only customers who have the specific voucher code can enjoy the promotion.

Target customers

Promotion can be targeting public, logged-in member or specific customer groups.

Maximum order

Restrict the maximum order number by each customer to enjoy the same promotion.


Recover lost sales

Lower down your cart abandon rate from as high as 69%!

Potential abandoned checkout

Not everyone who adds a product to their cart completes the checkout. When a potential customer provides their contact information but doesn’t complete the order, their cart is stored as an abandoned checkout.

The causes could be varied from:

  • Complicated checkout process
  • Shocking prices due to shipping fee and other charges
  • Inconvenient to pay
  • No readily available information
  • Ecommerce website is not mobile responsive and more!

Automated follow-up email

EasyStore seamlessly recover lost sales by automatically emailing to customers within 24 hours that have not yet completed their purchase.The personalized link in the email will redirect them from where they left out.

Work with promotion tools

Work with promotion tools

Urge the shoppers to complete the purchase by sending them an exclusive voucher code, with a free gift or offer free shipping together with the reminder email.

Manually email customers a link

Manually email customers a link

You can manually email a customer a link to their abandoned cart so that they can complete their checkout. Automatic recovery emails will not be sent to customers if abandoned checkout total is $0.

Flexibility to create great content

Make all your marketing materials compelling, including abandoned cart recovery email content. Increase your customer’s curiosity to open your abandoned cart recovery email by creating attractive email subject line and email content with text editor!

Reduce hassle checkout process

Sophisticated checkout process will lead to cart abandonment. Enable single page and express checkout, or seamless payment option can eliminate unnecessary pages and helps to streamline the process.

Allow guest checkout

Simplify buying process by allowing customers to checkout without signing up an account. All the information given for shipping will be saved and can be used for email marketing campaign. Enable guest checkout.

Offer multiple payment options

Lost sales happened when you only provide one payment option that creates obstacle for your customers to make payment. With over 40+ payment gateways integrated in EasyStore, you can offer online banking, bank transfer and even credit or debit card payment options.

Be mobile commerce ready

40% of users will go to the competitor after a bad mobile shopping experience and 84% have experienced difficulty completing a mobile transaction. EasyStore’s themes are fully mobile responsive, even making payments are also mobile-optimized.

Make getting in touch easy

Customers will inevitably have questions during the checkout process. It’s important to make information readily available so they can reach out directly. Live chat feature, an FAQ page or contact form is the ideal option.


Integrate popular apps using one-click

When you set up your personal shop or appoint any individual to set it up for you, you will want to spend some effort to integrate all the offerings you want into your website.

This can fee time and cash you may no longer have.

With EasyStore, app integrations are easy. All you have to do it pick from their listing of apps and integrate them into your website with one click.

Ecommerce & Cloud POS

The essential feature you need for modern retail

POS hardware-less

No extra hardware and complicated setup process needed. You can sell your products through any device – tablet, mobile phone and laptop at anywhere such as roadshow, pop-up store, or retail.

Manage on-the-go

Manage on-the-go

Easily browse your products and add orders on your device when you have an offline purchase. You can conveniently manage all offline orders, customers, payments, and receipts in one place.

Manage on-the-go

Real time synced

Easystore’s POS is web-based and your business operation will be up-to-date with internet access. Both your online and offline customer, sales, and inventory will be synced under one panel in real time.


A better and secure business with SSL

SSL certificates protect your customers’ sensitive information

with EasyStore, you do not have to buy your own SSL certificate. It comes with any plan you choose.

All you have to do is activate your free SSL certificate in your dashboard.

The free SSL certificate is provided by Let’s Encrypt, a free, automated, and open certificate authority, run for the public’s benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group.

Protect sensitive information

SSL certificates protect your customers’ sensitive information from being intercepted by hijackers. The data sent from your customer is encrypted and then decrypted once you’ve received it.

Google boost your search ranking

Security is a top priority for Google. HTTPS encrypted websites will have a higher domain quality and will be pushed higher in search results. This will give you a boost in organic traffic.

Customer Service

 consumer service is without problems handy thru chat on the store itself. All you have to do is begin a ‘New Conversation’ and describe your troubles to the customer provider representative.

if you are not skilled in putting up e-commerce shops is having humans to talk to when you have a problem.

You can also take the help of ” help centre”.


You can start a store for as little as $19/month and 0% transaction fees.Easy store has four plans. first lite is $19/mo , standard is $49/mo , business is $129/mo and if you are looking for enterprise plan then you can chat them for this plan.


If you have a small budget EasyStore can be a right way to start.and prefer to begin promoting online.

For some others, EasyStore can be too limiting. They can’t add facets or adjust their webstore layout beyond what is provided on EasyStore.

Although the $19/month plan can be affordable to get started, some may discover the facets presented via this plan to be very limiting.

Although you can cancel your plan with EasyStore anytime, you will discover it tough to go from EasyStore to some other website builder or even your own website.

Like most e-commerce internet site builders, EasyStore does not offer you an easy solution of transferring all your facts from EasyStore that easily.

If you do not have the finances or abilities to build your own site, it is quality that you begin somewhere first.

If you prefer to give EasyStore a try, the good information is that you can give it a take a look at run for free for 14-days!


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