To remain in advance of the game, use an editorial calendar and manipulate all of your posts.

Is this something that will cost you money? Nope.

How to do it? Google Calendar. And yes, you guessed it. There is additionally a WordPress plugin for Google calendar, referred to as Simple Calendar.

That is something you are, chances are high, quite familiar with already. Am I correct?

You might create a fresh new Google Calendar from scratch or you can locate a free template online.

In the final section, you made some selections about how you will execute your blogging.

If so, fill your Google editorial calendar with the wanted content one or two weeks beforehand of time.

The in addition in the future you format your editorial calendar, the extra prepared you will be.

Not to mention, make positive you have three or 5 posts organized in advance.

Who knows, perhaps you have some different stuff to do on the publishing day and just can’t find time to write.

Or you hit writer’s block. With a few articles constantly ready, none of the stated will cause any distress.