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Leadpages Review : Landing Page Builder & Lead Gen Software

Leadpages Introduction

LeadPages is a powerful all-in-one small business software that enables you high-converting opt-in forms and landing pages for capturing leads and winning over your customers.

LeadPages integrates with your digital marketing tools:  from Facebook ads to product creation to ecommerce.

Generate leads and increase revenue using the industry-leading landing page creator with accompanying suite of lead generation and opt-in tools.

Build Custom Landing Pages That Drive Leads & Sales With Easy-To-Use Tools.

You can test elements like headlines, templates, background images, call to action button, opt-in forms, etc.

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LeadPages is an on line tool that you can use to gather e-mail subscribers.

That is the major feature of LeadPages, and they provide lots of purdy templates that you can use for lead magnets, webinars, and landing pages in order to grow your email list.

LeadPages additionally has templates for things like sales pages — it’s a very sturdy tool! I actually use it everyday.


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Why choose LeadPages ?

  • It has many features for building your landing pages. You can add a countdown timer to an offer on your Landing page, publish your page as a Facebook page, have exit popups to convert visitors about to leave your website, sort proven templates according to their average conversion rate.
  • It has a large collection of templates of about 500 and about 200 are free. If you lack coding skills and want to build a landing page, then you’ll find many options among the templates provided. You’ll also find templates that have been used by influencers on the internet and their average conversion rate.
  • You have access to Leadlinks and Leaddigits. With Leadpages, you can insert a link in your broadcast emails that will automatically subscribe people who click it to an email list you have created. Leaddigits is especially useful when you’re at a location where people may not be able to visit your website. Well, they can send a text message to a specified number and they’ll be subscribed to your email list.

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LeadPages is *not* the equal element as your electronic mail marketing software, such as Ontraport, ConvertKit, or Infusionsoft.

LeadPages helps you get extra subscribers, but does not allow you to send regular emails to your list.

So, LeadPages can be used to develop your e mail list and then you can use any other provider to speak with that list. Make sense?

In that case, why would any one choose to use LeadPages?

Because they offer lots of templates to assist you make high-converting landing pages and permit you to effortlessly send content upgrades.


       Mobile-Friendly Templates

>> Delight your audiences with sleek digital designs that seamlessly adapt to all their favorite connected devices


       Instant Ad Creation

>> Their integrated Facebook Ad Builder pulls content right from your page to  instantly  create compelling ads. Just review, tweak, and launch (then let the traffic roll in).


         A/B Testing

>> Easily fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact by testing multiple versions  side-by-side so you can keep what’s working and ditch what doesn’t.

Automatic Pixel Placement

LeadPages place Facebook’s tracking pixel on your landing pages for you, so it’s easy to retarget, and access accurate answers to your analytics curiosities.

Marketing Tool Integrations

Connect your campaigns to the tools that make your business hum: payment processors, webinar platforms, email automation, and beyond.

Human-Friendly Analytics

Quickly understand how each campaign, page, and pop-up performs over time with simplified data charts that won’t drive you mad.

Easy Audience Targeting

Customize your audiences with a variety of robust targeting tools that ensure every penny pulls its weight.

Pop-up Boxes

Use opt-in boxes to deliver key messages and offer a little extra lead love when and where you need it the most.

Human-Friendly Analytics

Quickly understand how each campaign, page, and pop-up performs over time with simplified data charts that won’t drive you mad.

Built-in Payments

Drop a checkout on any landing page or pop-up for quick upsells and seamless conversions and right when your lead is itching to buy.


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 Clear Campaign ROI

>>No more spreadsheets, guesswork, or digging for data. Just a detailed picture of each campaign’s performance, so you can see what’s working (and do more of it).

Easy Interface

Just drag, drop, click, and type to customize your landing pages and opt-in forms—no tech skills required.

Dedicated Support

their technical support specialists are there to help you every step of the way via email, chat, or phone.

SEO-Friendly Pages
Unlimited Domain Publishing

Have a website (or five) already? Publish new pages directly to your existing sites and domains.

Simple WordPress Plugin

Install the Leadpages WordPress plugin and publish any page to your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

Major Email Service Integrations

Easily link your favorite email marketing account—whether you use MailChimp, Drip, or a host of others.

Ultra-Fast Hosting

Experience industry-leading response times with Leadpages hosting on the subdomain of your choice.

Digital Asset Delivery

Automatically send out “opt-in bribes” and other digital assets via email when someone joins your list.

Lead Notifications

Don’t have an email service yet? Set up lead notifications to get new leads’ data sent straight to your inbox.

Sub Accounts

Stay organized and share access with your team or clients by setting up sub accounts linked to your main account.

HTML Editing

Know how to code? Go beyond your favorite templates by adding your own HTML widgets to a page.

Custom & Hidden Form Fields

Track and pass along any data you desire to your email service or CRM through hidden form fields.

Unlimited Landing Pages

It’s true: the sky’s the limit when it comes to publishing landing pages at Leadpages. Your account includes free hosting on a custom subdomain.

Unlimited Leads & Traffic

Leadpages’ll never stop your growth or charge you more for it (unlike those other guys)!

Unlimited Pop-ups

Use simple but effective pop-up forms to capture contact information from any page you own.

Mobile Responsive Pages

Leadpages optimizes each page to look great on any device, whether desktop, tablet, or mobile.

Lead Magnet Hosting & Delivery

Instantly send subscribers your digital products with our built-in lead magnet delivery system.

Facebook Ad Builder

Easily build, launch and track Facebook and Instagram ads right inside Leadpages.

Real-Time Analytics

Easily track the performance of your landing pages and Facebook ads, so you can optimize as you go.

Weekly Group Coaching

Join live Q&A coaching sessions to clear your marketing roadblocks and improve your results.

40+ Integrations

Connect with tools you already use: MailChimp, Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, WordPress, and more! Plus 1000+ apps through Zapier.

GDPR Compliance

The data you collect with Leadpages is processed securely and in accordance with GDPR requirements. Plus, you can easily add an active consent checkbox to any landing page or popup form.

SEO Capability

Optimize your page’s SEO by easily specifying metadata and keywords right within Leadpages.

Rapid Page Load Speed

Increase conversions and improve visitor experience with industry-leading page load speeds.


Unlimited Mobile-Responsive Pages, Traffic & Leads

Unlimited Pop-up forms with Click, Exit Intent & Timed Display Triggers

Free Hosting on Secure Custom Subdomain

160+ Free Templates

40+ Integrations

Facebook Ad Builder

Weekly Q&A Coaching Calls

Online Sales & Payments

Unlimited A/B Split Testing

1-Click Signup Links (Leadlinks®)

10 SMS Campaigns (Leaddigits®)

Special Discounts with Partner Companies

Advanced Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce Integrations

5 Free Sub Accounts

50 Extra SMS Campaigns (Leaddigits)

1-on-1 Quick Start Call

Free Leadpages Virtual Workshops

Priority Phone Support

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What you Like About LeadPages?

You have get right of entry to to Leadlinks and Leaddigits: With Leadpages, you can insert a hyperlink in your broadcast emails that will robotically subscribe human beings who click on it to an electronic mail list you have created.

Leadpages is mainly useful when you’re at a location where people might also no longer be capable to go to your website.

Well, they can send a text message to a specified wide variety and they’ll be subscribed to your electronic mail list.

It has many points for constructing your landing pages: You can add a countdown timer to an offer on your landing page.

submit your web page as a Facebook page, have exit popups to convert traffic about to go away your website, kind established templates according to their common conversion rate.

It has a massive collection of templates of about 500+ and about 200+ are free.:If you lack coding abilities and choose to construct a landing page, then you’ll discover many choices amongst the templates provided.

You’ll also discover templates that have been used by using influencers on the internet and their average conversion rate.

You can perform A/B tests. You can test elements like headlines, templates, background images, call to action button, opt-in forms, etc.

Leadpages offer a 30-day free trial. You can use Leadpages for 30 days just to see if it’s the right software for you.

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It’s used to construct landing pages thru its popular and drag and drop editor.

There are over a hundred and sixty landing page templates and greater are added.

Most of these templates are free but you’ll additionally discover paid templates that vary from $10 to $60.

If you find a paid template that suits your style greater than any other, you can buy it.

And if you’re a designer who can layout an beautiful landing page, this should be an chance to make some money.

If you’re constructing a landing page, the fundamental intention is to accumulate as many leads as feasible and with a bit of luck flip most of them into customers.

In this regard, the conversion fee of your landing web page is crucial to your business.You can use two options in the editor.

The general editor and the drag and drop editor.

The drag and drop editor is less complicated to use and you can edit the web page factors to your taste.

Campaign Billding-specific landing pages

1. Welcome gate: this is the landing page that is normally on the homepage of your website.

You can use this web page to inform customers greater about your internet site and additionally seize their emails as they visit your internet site for the first time.

2. Squeeze page: this landing page is used to ‘squeeze’ data from visitors.

You can encompass important points about your enterprise or a unique product, testimonials, or case research in a bid to capture their emails and generate precious leads for your business.

3. Sales page: you can pitch your products and services to site visitors on this page.

Although this is now not frequent for first-time visitors, if you’re an authority in your industry who has a popularity for providing cost in the past, you can use such a page.

4. Event Registration page: do you have an upcoming match that you feel is quintessential to any visitor to your website?

You can use a touchdown page to register your visitors for this event. Through this, you also capture them as leads.


1. The motive of your landing page: why are you developing your landing page.

Is it entirely for lead technology or to get traffic more acquainted with your website? Or to get them to register for your upcoming event?

2. Landing web page copy: even with a captivating design, you want content material on your landing web page to persuade site visitors that you’re presenting enough value for them to release their email tackle or different information you request for.

You need to have a compelling copy before you begin to layout your page.

3. Quality Images: this should be the picture for the background and/or the image in your copy.

It is important to ruin your text with images on your replica as this engages visitors better.

4. Superb Video: If you favor to use video on your landing page, you have to have it prepared for constructing your page.

Video increases engagement and the use of it may want to expand your conversion rate by way of as tons as 86%.

5. Email service provider: You ought to have your email advertising software program in area earlier than you build your landing page.

Because LeadPages doesn’t keep your leads for you. Your leads ought to be transferred to a succesful e mail provider provider so that they can enter your sales funnel.

Without in addition ado, how do you layout your landing page on LeadPages?

Now Log in to your LeadPages account.

When you get to your account, you see all the tabs such as LeadPages, LeadBoxes, LeadLinks, LeadDigits, and templates. Navigate to the templates to create your landing page.


Select your template. For instance, the template here has provision for a video.

You can pick a template in accordance to the content material on your touchdown page and your industry.

Use the drag and drop builder as this is easier. Name your page.Now your template is loaded.

You can edit the elements on the web page to suit your taste.

You can get rid of the ones you do not want and you can add factors you want to the template.

Edit the header emblem and alternate the words in the header button to your needs.You can edit the social share buttons to go well with the shade of your page or go away their colorations as they are.

This depends on you.Paste your content material in the header and the subheader.

This is your web page title and the introductory text. You can choose a color that fits your page.

For every other template, you should simply paste your content material and insert your picture and your name to action button.

But right here you also have to embed your video. You can host your video on Wistia or YouTube and embed the code in the house provided.

After the video widget, you can edit the call to action. In this case, the call to action is “Get began with Leadpages Today.”

After the name to motion button, you can paste more written content in the paragraph widget to provide an explanation for what’s in the video.

You can additionally change the background colour and the textual content to go well with the theme of your page.

Add pictures after the text to show the traffic greater about your product. You can modify the image as you deem fit.

It can be on one side of the web page or fill the complete page.

In the footer, you can edit the text or delete it altogether. You can also edit the social share buttons.

If you have left the first set of social share buttons as they are, you can go away this one to make them uniform.

If however, you have edited the first ones, then you have to edit this too to have a steady format for the social media buttons.

You can save your page after this. In some other way, you can still edit this page further.

For instance, you can add every other headline, content and a name to action button.

But on account that there’s no provision for that, you have to expand the widget section and include the factors you want on the page.

The drag and drop editor gives you a lot of flexibility related to what you can do on your page.

No matter what template you choose, you can eliminate and add any aspect you want to make your web page better.

Depending on how innovative you are with the tool, you can change as many matters as you want in a template.

So a great deal that your landing page ends up being unique and looks like no other one.

Drag And Drop Column

You can modify your paragraph to match the in the past paragraph on the page.

When you are through with this, you take a look at the LeadBox that your name to action button will trigger.

This is where traffic enter their details.

You have to make sure that the colour schemes on your landing page healthy that on your LeadBox.

The coloration of the call to action button on your landing web page ought to fit that on your Leadbox.

Make sure you join all the call to action buttons on your web page to the Leadbox.

When you are finished with the adjustment of the design in your LeadBox, you also have to take a look at if your landing page is connected to your e mail carrier provider.

If you have now not completed that, you navigate to the integrations to join to your electronic mail service provider.

In this case, there is already an integration to MailChimp.

Select the e mail list you desire subscribers from this web page to be delivered to.Insert the tackle of your landing page.

It can be a page on your internet site or even the homepage where humans land on.

If you do not have a website, you can additionally create your landing web page with a link that you can share with people.

One downside right here is that the hyperlink will be a LeadPages link and that might also appear unprofessional.

When you’re performed with this, click on the ‘publish’ button to post your landing page.

After this, you can take a look at your live page to see how it looks on your website.

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To provide your landing page the nice chance of capturing as many leads as possible, there are some practices you need to follow:

1) Use clear language to make your offer.

The content material on your landing page is supposed to make your provide clear to any visitor.

Using too many technical terms right here may want to confuse your traffic and make you lose many leads.

2) Focus on the Benefits, earlier than the features.

No one cares about the aspects of your product, they solely choose to comprehend what that product will assist them achieve.

If you are speaking about a PC, you should inform them how it will make your digital work makes easier.

After that, you can discuss about the PC having a stunning case.

3) Have a easy design: The sketch of your web page shouldn’t strive to cram as many snap shots and colors on the page as possible.

A easy and clean graph be your intention when building your landing page.

4) Have a responsive design: Many human beings are searching these days on their smartphones.

In fact, more than 1/2 of searches on Google are now carried out on mobile.

Having a landing page for computing device by myself potential you’re neglecting about half of of your visitors. Which is terrible for business.

5) Have a clear name to action. when traffic get to your landing and eat your compelling content, they might also be convinced by way of your offer.

But you nevertheless have to inform them what to do to declare your offer. This is where a call to action comes in.

Mostly for landing pages, your call to action is generally for traffic to enter their e mail address.

Are you imparting an ebook or a video or discount for your products or access to outstanding and one-of-a-kind content material on your website?

Tell them to enter their small print to declare your offer.

Your call to action may want to depend on the content you’re sending to your visitors.

For instance, if you are sending an ebook, your call to motion could be ‘claim your e-book now’ or ‘send me the e-book now.’

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See what Leadpages can do during your 14-day free trial.

Select your plan to get started.Leadpages has three pricing plans.

first plan is standard plan $37 /mo Billed Monthly , second plan is PRO$79 /mo Billed Monthly and third plan is $321 /mo Billed Monthly.

If you will buy annual plan then you will get a 39% saving of your plan.


Leadpages has pre-built templates, making it really easy for YOU to make a high performing landing page quickly.

Aand yoy love that it allows you to customize it entirely as well, if you wish like the way lead forms and opt-in pages built on Leadpages look.

They’ve got very sleek pre-designed templates. And also the editor allows you to customize the pages to look and do what you need them to.

It’s easy to make highly functional pages that match your brand.

They offer a lot of integrations with all the other major tools you need to run an online business, including Infusionsoft and all the major autoresponders.

And recently they added the ability to really easily make Facebook ads for each page.

Leadpages will help you more than double your email subscriber list  in less than 6 months.  An average conversion rate of 60% to 80%+ on all landing pages.”

I would like to suggest you to try leadpages.


If you use the standard subscription, you will only be able to communicate with them through email, which can take days.

They make you upgrade to more expensive accounts before you have access to their support chat or their phone line.

Also, the reporting capabilities for the landing pages are limited. You can get the information you need, but you might have to do some basic math to get it.

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