Most popular session replay / recording and website heatmap tool

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Mouseflow is the most popular session replay/recording and website heatmap tool.

Mouseflow reveals why your visitors aren’t converting into customers.
Mouseflow lets you replay the full visitor experience to identify pain points, boost conversions, and optimize your site.

Mouseflow tracks clicks, mouse movement, scrolls, forms, and more.

It shows an anonymized recording of the activity from each visitor on your site – just like CCTV. Best of all, you can filter sessions to find ones with user frustration, errors, compatibility issues, and much more!

This eliminates guesswork so you can take action sooner. And, it’s fast, secure, mobile-friendly, and supports checkout, dynamic-content, or members-only pages.

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Mouseflow makes it easy to find sessions. It takes less than a second!

You can sort/filter by location, language, page count, duration, browser, operating system, platform, traffic source, visitor type (first time/returning), screen resolution, pages viewed, custom variables/tags, and much more…


Spot trends in activity that matter.

Mouseflow provides heatmaps to anonymously summarize where people click/touch, move the mouse, scroll, pay attention, and are located. It shows key behaviors in a simple, easy-to-read format.

This makes it easy to uncover what works – and what doesn’t. And, it supports custom date ranges, mobile and responsive layouts, and A/B or split tests.

Mouseflow includes a full suite of heatmaps covering clicks, movement, scrolls, attention, and geography.

This makes it easy to track activity, uncover patterns in behavior, and improve the overall page experience in an anonymous way.


Discover where visitors are leaking out.

Mouseflow tracks activity from page-to-page on your site. It helps you analyze key journeys and processes (like checkout or sign up).

Build reports to examine visitor behavior throughout a journey. You can also watch the sessions of visitors who drop out!


Mouseflow monitors how visitors interact with forms. It measures drop-off, refills, blank submissions, errors, and more – for each relevant form field – and can be filtered in real time.

This helps you uncover issues, improve usability, and increase conversions among different segments of visitors.


Mouseflow makes it easy to jump into the minds of visitors. You can create custom, interactive surveys to target a specific audience in seconds.

This provides valuable feedback when it matters most: as visitors are frustrated, experiencing issues, or in need of help.

Website Recordings: Mouseflow provides web site recordings that have a wealth of knowledge and area unit straightforward to navigate.

I will see what a user is doing from begin to end and what problems might have arose.

I will even see a spread of variables together with click-rage, kind interaction, and more.

I particularly fancy that I will tag or transfer a recording for future use

Interface: The Mouseflow dashboard is ready up with the user in mind. A manus menu clearly outlines all of the options you’ll be able to use.

you only click a menu item once, and you’ll be able to see all of the info you wish.

I exploit variety of on-line tools and Mouseflow is at the highest of the list for simple navigation.

Setup: Adding the Mouseflow trailing code is pretty straightforward and easy.

If you have got a WordPress website, they need a plugin and if you wish to feature it by hand, the directions area unit terribly straightforward.

The dashboard conjointly instantly acknowledges once the code has been further.

Session recording shows precisely what users do on your web site. after they scroll, what they click on, after they hesitate – you see the screen as they might see it.

Heat maps show you wherever users are clicking, however so much down the page they scroll, wherever their mouse cursors pay most of their time and conjointly that space of the page they dedicate the foremost attention to

Form analytics show you ways users are interacting together with your forms – that fields they click into, however long they pay in every field and conjointly that fields ar inflicting them to drop out .

Helps bolster your normal A/B testing

Tool therefore you’ll perceive precisely however usage is differing between 2 situations, and makes it easier to settle disputes amongst colleagues concerning what’s going towork best.

Session recording is not precisely as a user would see it . this implies you may not see browser specific show quirks.

Tagging feature is helpful, however it’d be nice if Mouseflow was ready to capture all sessions then solely keep those sessions that match the factors you are finding out .

This might build it easier to diagnose additional advanced, multi-page issues and perceive however a user triggers them while not victimization all of your monthly sessions.

Build Your Own

You get full control of your data with their powerful REST API.

Mouseflow reveals why your visitors aren’t converting into customers.

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