Perimeter 81 Review 2022: Cybersecurity solution platform for businesses

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Traditional network security no longer works for today’s modern workforce

With the rise of the mobile workforce and cloud transformation, the traditional network we once knew can no longer be trusted. Employees now work remotely from home, cafes and unsecured locations.

In addition to companies around the world that are moving to cloud infrastructure such as AWS, Google Cloud and Azure. With this in mind, the traditional hardware-based VPNs and Firewalls we’ve relied on for over 30 years are no longer adequate in securing remote and on-premise access. 

In a site-centric network, employees must be present on-site or use a VPN to connect with headquarter offices in order to access security services or the cloud environment.

There is no segmentation or user awareness within the network. Cloud environments and SaaS services are not being properly protected and in some cases are being exposed to public internet, which can leadto massive data breaches.

One example of a huge data leak is last year’s Capital One breach, which resulted in the leak of nearly 106 million of the bank’s customers’ and applicants’ personal information.That’s where Perimeter 81 comes into play.

How does Perimeter 81 help?

Perimeter 81 is a Zero Trust Secure Network as a Service designed to simplify secure network, cloud and application access for the modern and distributed workforce. They are among the first companies to provide solutions fora fully customized and automated secure network infrastructure deployment in one holistic platform. 

Unlike traditional network security technologies, Perimeter 81 incorporates the Zero Trust and Software-Defined Perimeter models, offers greater network visibility, seamless onboarding and automatic integration with major cloud providers. 

With Perimeter 81, IT managers can easily build, manage and secure their networks within one comprehensive platform.

Secure Access for Remote Workers

With the rise of cloud-based mobile workforces and the complexity of modern hacks or breaches, the traditional networking model can no longer be fully trusted. As employees work more remotely, antiquated standard security appliances are no longer suitable for secure access.


Who can Benefit from Perimeter 81?

IT Managers, CTOs, CIOs, CISOs, Compliance Managers from companies of all sizes and verticals can benefit from Perimeter 81’s award-winning service. Perimeter 81’s clientele ranges from SMBs to enterprise Fortune 500s.

HIPAA Compliance for Healthcare

Perimeter 81 helps healthcare companies to achieve HIPAA compliance by protecting ePHi with end-to-end encryption and built-in MFA (multi-factor authentication).

Data Protection for Finance

For Finance companies, Perimeter 81 keeps critical financial data safe against cyber threats by securing on-site and on-the-go access to sensitive data and organizational resources, siloeingthese resources from the public Internet.

Cloud Security for Tech & SaaS

Most technology and SaaS companies have embraced the cloud and are utilizing providers such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. Perimeter 81 offers seamless integration with all the major cloud providers so that Technology & SaaS companies can meet compliance standards and secure their cloud, network and application access with a simplified software solution.

What Does Perimeter 81 include?

A Unified Cloud Management Platform 

IT teams can manage their team, network and permissions, and monitor network activity. The interface is extremely easy-to-use and offers built-in Single Sign-On integration, Two-Factor Authentication and mobile support.

The Multi-Tenant Cloud

Multiple networks can be deployed and segmented based on different permissions. Each one of the networks can be interconnected, either with a centrally based office and native firewalls running on-premises or to cloud services (like AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and other SaaS services) through IP whitelisting.

Easy-to-Use, Cross-Platform Applications

Perimeter 81 can be easily installed either on mobile or laptop devices offering employees single-click access to any local network or cloud-based resource and provides a unified security experience, regardless of where employees are located.

Zero Trust Agentless Application Access

Perimeter 81 employs multiple layers of user trust and device trust policy validation to authorize employees before granting them swift access to applications in a session that is fully audited,recorded and monitored. This secures the network, employees, and applications by using Zero Trust guidelines, and isolates the applications from the network at all times. 

Built-In Features for Cutting-Edge Security

Perimeter 81 offers several built-in features to ensure full network segmentation and security. The list of featured services includes:

Automatic Wi-Fi Security

Perimeter 81’s patented solution offers automatic and immediate bank-level encryption over any Internet connection. As soon as an employee connects to an unsecured Wi-Fi hotspot, their connections are automatically routed through Perimeter 81’s secure servers. 

Single Sign-On Integration

Access can be easily managed on a per-user and group basis with seamless Active Directory, Okta, GSuite and Azure AD integration.

DNS Filtering – available in Premium and Enterprise plans

With a user-centric approach to network security, it’s easier for IT teams to monitor and stay aware of those accessing their organization’s resources, but it’s often not enough.

Active measures for blocking entry to certain websites is a cornerstone of any truly secure access management model.

This is especially true when hackers create over 300,000 new pieces of malware every day, and when at any given time, it’s estimated that a full 1% of the internet’s 1.5 billion websites are infected.

ThereforePerimeter 81 has added powerful DNS filtering

This feature allows you to:

  • Filter unwanted content on company and personal devices (BYOD)
  • Prevent distractions in the workplace by restricting certain websites
  • Block malicious websites and malware from your network

Additionally, we’ve added more gateways in Helsinki, San Jose, Fremont, and Mumbai, reducing latency for remote workers, especially as remote work becomes the new normal.

Two-Factor Authentication

Your organization can instantly add an extra layer of security and prevent remote attacks with built-in SMS or Multi-factor authentication (2FA& MFA). This is particularly useful for organizations utilizing legacy applications that do not offer two-factor authentication.

FWaaS (FireWall as a Service) Feature

As traditional firewalls fall short, the result is an IT department that struggles to secure networks and resources by patching together a variety of tools. This causes high
overhead and human error, leading to hacking vulnerabilities.

Perimeter 81 brings firewall-level protection to your cloud network and resources.

It provides a single point to manage the access to your networks, apps, and network resources and can be applied to your servers and services around the world, extending a layer of security and protection inside and outside of your organization.

Benefits & Features

* Quickly create, apply and manage traffic rules for scalable security

* Prevent network vulnerabilities by easily and centrally controlling access to
servers and services on Layer 3 + 4 within a single dashboard

* Prioritize traffic rules within each network for role-based access

Getting Started with the Service

With Perimeter 81’s zero-touch framework, it’s very simple for IT managers to begin working with the product and roll out networks in a matter of minutes.

First, you sign on to the cloud management platform to create a dedicated workspace. This provides your organization with its own distinct URL where your team can build and manage your network.  

Within the cloud management platform, you can easily purchase licenses for team members and private gateways by attaching credit card details, or using PayPal, and selecting the desired license amount.

The deployment of a network is fully automated and highly scalable. Team members can join through their organization’s SSO provider, or by email invitation.

Team members receive invitations to download single-click client apps, available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. These applications encrypt device traffic and allow team members to safely access company resources and work securely – whether they’re in the office or on the go.

SWG & Web Filtering.Benefits &Pain Points

A Secure Web gateway (SWG) has become the number one solution in protecting thousands of companies from online dangers. SWG achieves web security with web filtering, web activity tracking and malware protection ‒ a triple web threat.

Through the implementation of SWG, companies can create web filtering rules that control user Internet access for all employees. By tracking user web activity, IT admins can get a granular view of Internet traffic and understand which sites are being accessed by who.

On top of that, with malware detection, malicious files are scanned and blocked from user download,preventing security breaches.

Web filtering is the key feature of SWG that allows the admin to determine who can reach what URL or website, even if they are not connected to the network. Users can be allowed access, denied access, or warned against proceeding.

Benefits of Web Filtering

  • Filter out malicious sites and protect your employees and network from web-based threats.
  • Increase productivity by decreasing distractions from unwanted websites.
  • Prevent shadow IT and ensure that employees are only using authorized sites and web applications for business functions
  • Track web activity and increase compliance with web auditing requirements
  • Define bypass rules as necessary to comply with user privacy regulations and prevent issues with commonly used web applications

Pain Points that Web Filtering Addresses

  • Danger of hacks through phishing attempts of employees or employee access of malicious sites.
  • Employee use of distracting or illicit sites (such as gambling sites) during work hours.
  • Need to provide auditors with tracked web activity for compliance purposes.

How Web Filtering Works

With Perimeter 81, admins can set web filter rules using the same easy interface and quick deployment that the Perimeter 81 platform is known for.

With, Perimeter 81, web filtering operates even when the employee is not connected to the network – in other words, the employee device is always protected.

Web Filter Rules

Web filter rules can be set per employee or employee group and can also apply to specific days of the week or times.

Admins can choose to block a specific site or an entire category, such as “Gaming” or “Phishing.” Categories are dynamically updated daily as new sites are identified.

Bypass Rules

There are certain cases when web filter rules should be bypassed.

  1. If there are privacy regulations – for example, if employee access of healthcare or financial sites is not allowed to be tracked.
  1. If an application, such as Slack or Dropbox, needs unfiltered access.

For this Perimeter 81 has Bypass Rules, which can be similarly set for specific employee groups, web categories, and programs.

Monitoring and Tracking

Monitoring and tracking are a fundamental and necessary part of SWG.
Perimeter 81 Web Filtering tracks all employee attempted access of “denied” or “warned” sites, so that companies can take action following suspicious activity. Reports can be exported as a CSV file for auditing and analysis purposes.

Perimeter 81 Support

Perimeter 81 offers 24/7 support with immediate, 1-day email response for any questions. After every customer joins, the Customer Success team reaches out to them to welcome them to the service and provide them with a 1:1 onboarding session.

Furthermore, Perimeter 81 has a documentation center which provides helpful product guides, video tutorials and how-tos in order to proactively help our customers with all product features and aspects of the service. 

Cost Reducing Proof VS traditional, hardware-based business VPN

What is the Pricing of Perimeter 81?

Perimeter 81 offers 3 simple, straightforward, pay-as-you-grow pricing with a 20% discount for annual plans:

  • Essentials: $ 8/mo per user + $40/mo per gateway (minimum 5 users)
  • Premium: $ 12/mo per user + $40/mo per gateway (minimum 10 users)
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing + $40/mo per gateway (minimum 50 users)

The service offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure clients are satisfied. Check out the full pricing and plans here

Scheduling A Demo

It is very easy to schedule a demo with the Perimeter 81 team. Simply visit, provide a few pieces of information and the Perimeter 81 team will provide you with a 1:1 customized demo, explaining how Perimeter 81’s solution can help to address your organization’s network and cloud security needs.

They also offer in-site chat support for connecting with a support or sales representative to schedule a demo and learn more.