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Pinnacle Cart Review 2021: How to organize an unforgettable best e-commerce platform?


Pinnacle Cart is an extremely powerful shopping cart and website builder application. Built from a marketing perspective, Pinnacle Cart PHP shopping cart software is designed to increase traffic, drive sales, and increase the average sale amount.

Pinnacle Cart is the clear choice for serious merchants focused on rapidly and cost-effectively deploying, managing and growing a successful web-based business.

Pinnacle Cart’s eCommerce software system is simple to use once you ought to build your web site, and its checkout method for patrons is intuitive.

Red 16, Inc.

However, this service offers fewer of the hosting and web site tools we tend to seek for in our review compared to alternative firms, and it’s comparatively very little to supply in terms of back workplace and security in step with what we tend to wont to judge eCommerce services.

I evaluated the Pinnacle Cart’s businessperson platform. This arrange offers 10GB of storage and 20GB of information measure, with no product limit dictating what percentage of things you’ll sell on your website.

This company charges no setup or group action fees, although you must bear in mind that you simply can possibly got to pay a transaction fee to the payment entree you decide on to use.



Pinnacle Cart was one of the best platforms to use as so much as building a custom eCommerce website cares.

you’ll be able to order a customized template from this company or, instead, over thirty free templates area unit accessible for you to settle on as your web site style.

These templates area unit is principally customizable.

you’ll be able to edit many things on the positioning preview, otherwise you will use associate degree markup language or CSS editor to urge your web site specifically wherever you would like it.

Dynamical text and pictures is additionally fairly oversimplified, and adding merchandise to your web site is intuitive.

This company provides you with a novel domain and has integration accessible with WordPress.

However, there’s not a journal inbuilt to your web site.

Pinnacle Cart conjointly doesn’t have a CDN (Content Delivery Network), that might probably block the speed of your web site for a few or your users.

One thing else to remember of is that this eCommerce platform pushes your website live as you build it, therefore you will good your website before your customers can notice it on online.

Guest checkout and PayPal choices area unit accessible, and also the eCommerce platform’s checkout method is compatible with mobile devices, which might facilitate your customers to have a simple time finding out on your web site.

You’ll be able to conjointly translate your website into languages apart from English if you wish to.

This platform is compatible with over thirty completely different payment gateways.

If you would like to stay with your current payment processor, confirm it’s compatible with Pinnacle Cart before you register for this service.

Fraud detection isn’t a part of the bourgeois set up, however if this is often a service you need, you’ll be able to customize your setup and add this feature for an additional value.

If you would like an ardent SSL certificate, you want to pay further for this similarly, although it’s normal to own a shared certificate across all Pinnacle Cart sites.

Pinnacle Cart’s bourgeois set up doesn’t go with any custom email accounts, and it doesn’t have an inherent POS system, that might be a downside if you have got a brick-and-mortar store you would like to integrate along with your online store.

When you register with an eCommerce web site builder, you receive associate degree email along with your login info.

However, no support contact or link is provided during this email.

This company will supply 24/7 support via the phone, that is free once you register for the eCommerce set up. a web knowledgebase is additionally accessible, although live chat isn’t.

Pinnacle Cart offers associate degree easy-to-use hosting and pushcart platform with no product limit.

However, it doesn’t supply several of the options we have a tendency to explore for in eCommerce software system. What it will supply, however, is value work for a web store.



Build your business on the eCommerce platform designed for growth

PinnacleCart General Features and Settings
From desktop to mobile, PinnacleCart allows your company to provide your customers with a superior buying experience

The PinnacleCart eCommerce platform offers cutting-edge features designed to drive revenue while boosting brand exposure.

From advanced product syndication tools to avant-garde marketing optimization features, retailers who switch to PinnacleCart experience double-digit growth in both traffic and sales.

Host your store with Pinnacle Cart, or on your own

To succeed, your business needs to be both flexible, and scalable. Most eCommerce platforms require you to host with the.

Pinnacle Cart don’t Host your web store on Pinnacle Cart lightning-fast, fully PCI compliant, cloud-based servers or move it to your data center, the choice is yours.

Fully customizable (edit HTML/CSS/JS out of the box, SDK available for PHP)

Your eCommerce platform needs to work for you, not the other way around. PinnacleCart allows you to customize the platform to meet your business needs, and modify it as your business advances and flourishes.

List your products everywhere your customers are

Ensure your products and services are listed in the most visited sites on the web.

Syndicating to sites like and Google Shopping with Pinnacle Cart omni-channel approach means all orders from your website, mobile, or social networks come into one central location.

Get things done with the Pinnacle Cart team of eCommerce experts

Are you looking for a higher level of customization?

Let PinnacleCart team work with you to create a beautifully designed store that integrates seamlessly with your business.

From development to marketing, Pinnacle Cart professional services team will work with your existing staff, giving you the expert resources you need to build a successful business


Create a professionally designed storefront that reflects your brand

PinnacleCart Design Features

Choose from one of Pinnacle Cart editable themes, or construct your own.

Great design is one of the key components of any successful eCommerce business.

Pinnacle Cart platform allows you to create a professionally designed storefront without ever touching code.

Simply select one of their conversion-optimized designs and customize it to reflect your brand. Need help?

Pinnacle Cart Professional Services team is standing by, ready to assist.

Includes our “Cart Designer” feature at no additional charge

You have complete control over the look and feel of your site without the need for a professional coder.

Pinnacle  Cart Designer offers ‘drag-and-drop’ and ‘point-and-click’ functionalities that allow users to create professionally designed online stores in a snap.

  • Upload image feature for adding logos, home page images, and more
  • Add and adjust panels/boxes to create advertising areas
  • Add your own custom header and footer
  • Embed music or videos, link to PDF’s or add in 3rd party content
  • Change colors, fonts, and text styles easily

Other design features include

  • The WYSIWYG editor is available for select theme elements (allows for additional design edits without coding)
  • Edit existing theme CSS and HTML via your browser (CSS / HTML for most elements can be edited through ‘Cart Designer’ without using FTP / File Manager)
  • Direct CSS / JavaScript / HTML editing is available via FTP (all existing theme files are fully editable, new files can be added)

All themes are responsive (for mobile optimization)

Your store will look great on mobile, desktop, and tablets.

Additionally, our platform detects if the user is accessing your store from a mobile device and will optimize the checkout process to ensure the highest conversion rate possible.



All the tools you need to engage and convert visitors into buyers

PinnacleCart Products Features

The PinnacleCart platform has been helping merchants achieve success for almost two decades

It’s no coincidence that we’ve become the leading eCommerce solution for companies looking to take their online business to the next level.

Pinnacle Cart management tools allow you to create compelling product and service offerings that result in more frequent conversions.

  • Web-based image uploader
  • Product image zooming/enlarged product images (4 different zooming options available for product images: zoom, magnify, magic thumb, and image layover)
  • Unlimited number of images per product (1 primary image, no limit on the amount of secondary images)
  • Bulk image uploading for products (all product images can be managed via FTP – filename of image should match Product ID)
  • ‘Thumbnail Generator’ feature optimizes and creates image thumbnails images for products and categories automatically (user can control size of thumbnails)

Sell more with the industry’s most powerful product features

Build excitement for your products by creating promotions that are either unique to each product or globally by store. Everything listed below is included with every PinnacleCart installation:

  • Product Reviews
  • Recommended Products
  • ‘Call for price’
  • ‘Product promotion’ feature allows for BOGO (‘buy one get one free’), “users that bought x, bought y”, and other similar offerings
  • Quantity discount feature allows cart admin to set up multiple ranges of discounts per product, based on the quantity ordered
  • Import/Export Products and Categories in bulk using a CSV file
  • ‘Show on homepage’ feature allows control over which products are featured on the homepage
  • Unlimited Category hierarchy. Create any number of Categories and Subcategories to organize your products
  • Filter products by Price
  • Filter products by Brand/Manufacturer
  • Sort products by best match, product name, product id, price, or newest arrival
  • Control minimum and maximum quantity limits per product
  • Exclude tax on specific products
  • Mark certain product as special item or ‘hot deal’
  • Ability to define SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) or Barcode (UPC, GTIN, ISBN) by product
  • Inventory tracking
  • Out-of-stock notifications
  • Special fields and export tools for Google Shopping, Amazon, Ebay, Yahoo, PriceGrabber, Nextag, and Goshopping
  • Create additional ‘non-eCommerce’ pages for things like Contact Us, About Us, FAQ’s, etc

Build your products using attributes

Create an unlimited number of ‘attributes’ or options for each product. These include but are not limited to size, color, etc.

  • Attributes and their options can be set up individually for each product or by using the ‘Global Attributes’ option, which allows multiple products to share the same set of attributes and options
  • Attribute options can increase or decrease product weight and/or product price
  • Attributes can be set up as options with drop downs, radio buttons, or text input fields
  • Attributes can be set up to be required, forcing users to make a selection
  • Set up ‘variants’ for products with attributes (allows the cart admin to control the amount of inventory for specific combinations of attribute options, aka SKU’s or Product Sub Id’s)

Sell physical, digital or service-type products

Gain the ability to configure the ‘type’ of each product as ‘tangible’ (default setting, used for physical goods), ‘virtual’ (used for services), or ‘digital’ (used for downloadable files).

Upload files for ‘Digital’ products and control how many times each user can download the file.



 Pinnacle Cart  work with the world’s leading online payment providers

PinnacleCart Payment Gateways

Zero transaction fees and no additional fees, regardless of the payment method you choose

Securely accept payments from across the globe. Pinnacle Cart gives you the power to choose from over 25 different payment providers including, Stripe, PayPal and more.

Quickbooks Ready

Effortlessly move your product, order, and customer information to both offline and online versions of QuickBooks. No software to download, no extra steps to take.

  • Prevents mistakes associated with manual entry
  • No additional fees regardless of the number of transactions

Sell once and collect ongoing payments with recurring billing

Create subscription-based products with our in-depth ‘Recurring Billing’ feature that allows the cart admin to set up create products with automatic scheduled payments.

  • Tokens are stored at the cart level, giving you complete control over the payment
  • Easily control the frequency and amount of payments
  • Payments can be yearly, monthly, weekly, or by custom intervals
  • Works with Chase PaymentTech,, Braintree Payments, Card Connect, and more…
  • You can allow customer to manage their card in their account area
  • Create an unlimited number of plans

Other Payment Features Included

  • Direct payment and off site payment methods available
  • Most payment gateways support functions for Refund, Auth-Only, Auth-Capture
  • Tokenization (aka Payment Profiles) available for select payment methods
  • Ability to set up ‘Custom payment methods’ which allow for options like COD, net terms, offline payments, etc
  • Payment Gateway Emulation available
  • Cardinal Centinel/3d Secure support
  • Ability to control which credit card types can be accepted
  • ‘Credit Card Storage’ feature allows cart admin to set up payment method that captures and securely stores credit card data for offline processing (Only CC# and Exp Date are saved, 90 days max, username/password required each time to access card number for each order)
  • Create a secondary payment methods should the primary fail


More shipping options means higher customer satisfaction

PinnacleCart Shipping and Taxes Features

Pinnacle Cart recommend using multiple shipping options to provide your customers with a myriad of options.

Get real-time quotes from the leading shipping companies, create your own custom methods or dropship products from your vendors.

PinnacleCart gives you the advanced logistical tools you need to create an unparalleled purchasing experience.

Badges for UPS, FedEx, USPS, Webgility,, and Endicia

Shipping quotes help guide customers to the finish line

Enable Shipping Quotes and let customer estimate their shipping costs before they checkout.

By allowing them to estimate their costs and make adjustments before they reach the payment page.

you’ll reduce shipping price “Sticker Shock” and convert a higher percentage of customers as they traverse through the checkout process.

Works with and

High-volume merchants can save themselves time and money by using either of our major shipping integrators. Both tools allow you to easily purchase postage, print labels, schedule pickups, and much more.

Create your own “Same Day Delivery” network

Exclusive to PinnacleCart, you can set up your own delivery method and set prices to have items delivered to local customers.

Our zip code delivery zone feature allows you to set delivery prices based on your customer’s distance from the store.

Close more sales by offering free shipping

One proven method to decrease cart abandonment rates is to offer free shipping to your customers.

Create storewide or product specific discounts or create a promotional code to be redeemed at checkout. Regardless of what the most effective method is for your business, PinnacleCart supports it.

Other shipping features include

  • Multiple shipping methods can be set up at once to offer different options to users on checkout
  • Ability to define flat-rate shipping costs per product
  • Ability to set up free shipping based on number of items in order, order weight, order subtotal, or by use of promo code
  • Ability to control available shipping methods by country/state/province
  • Ability to disable shipping all together
  • Ability to set up and control handling fees
  • Ability to control if shipping is taxable
  • ‘Shipping Quote’ feature gives customers a shipping estimate prior to checkout


  • Real-time or flat-rate tax options available
  • Supports VAT tax
  • Flat-rate tax options allow for admin to set up tax rates by State/Province
  • Admin has control over which flat-rate tax rates/classes apply to which products
  • Real-time tax calculation is available through integrations with Avalara or Exactor. This allows for destination-based tax calculation, all fully automated and itemized
  • Admin has option to label certain customers tax exempt


Complete Customer Management

PinnacleCart Order Fulfillment

Pinnacle Cart simplified management tool gives your team easy access to vital customer and order information

Manage all of your customers and orders through one, easy-to-use control panel.

PinnacleCart’s intuitive order management system quickly adapts to the needs of your business by seamlessly integrating into your existing business processes.

  • Update order statuses and send notifications to keep customers informed
  • Generate postage and print shipping labels directly from the admin area via or Endicia
  • Send special order notes to customers
  • Fulfill orders in 1-click and supply tracking information
  • Capture payment for ‘auth-only’ orders
  • Refund payments (select gateways) and cancel orders
  • Print invoices or packing slips
  • Export orders to spreadsheet
  • ‘Bulk actions’ allow cart admin to update, fulfill, export, and delete orders in bulk
  • View transaction details from payment gateway


No other platform does more to drive buyers to your store

PinnacleCart Marketing Features

In-app tools guaranteed to boost sales, offline marketing services that expand and complement your existing teams efforts

How did PinnacleCart build its reputation as the leading eCommerce marketing platform?

By creating cutting-edge tools designed to help Pinnacle Cart merchants increase targeted traffic to their store.

No other eCommerce platform does more to elevate your positions and get your products in front of as many buyers as possible.

In fact, companies that re-platform to PinnacleCart experience double-digit growth in both traffic and sales.

Index better in Google, Bing, and all major search sites

We’ve had the distinction of being rated as “Most Search Friendly” by independent review sites like SEO Shopping Carts, Merchant Maverick, and PC Magazine.

Pinnacle Cart responsive themes exceed the Google Penguin recommendations and increase organic positioning for your products and services.

  • All pages are fully indexable by Google and other search engines
  • Flat URL’s are used by default (Example:
  • Ability to create your own custom URL structure (Example:
  • Ability to manage and edit the URLs for ALL pages, including every category and product page
  • Ability to define the meta title and description for EVERY individual page, including each category and product page
  • Auto generate meta information for products
  • Ability to define meta title and description for homepage and all other pages
  • Ability to upload / create robot.txt file
  • Automatically generated site map
  • XML sitemap for Google Search Console
  • Valid W3C template design
  • “Breadcrumb” navigation
  • Use of primary tags
  • Use of mod_rewrite
  • Ability to define custom rewrites via .htaccess ‘overrides’
  • Ability to force www or non-www URLS

Other marketing features include

  • Seamlessly integrate Google tracking tools like Google Analytics, Google Analytics Conversions, and Google Adwords
  • Other tracking tools are also supported since the admin area allows for easy edits of the proper HTML head tags
  • Capture email address for newsletter signups; export email subscriber lists to a spreadsheet
  • Promo codes can be easily set up by a cart admin This includes an unlimited number of promo codes that give discounts (specific dollar amounts or percentages) off the order subtotal, a specific item’s price, or the order’s shipping cost.
  • Gift Certificates, Recommended Products, “customer who bought x, bought y”, QR codes, sales widgets, and much, much more.
  • ‘Drift Marketing’ feature allows you to set up email campaigns to recover revenue from abandoned shopping carts. The cart will automatically email clients who don’t finish checking out with a customizable email that contains a link that returns users to the checkout process, where they’ll find their items still in the cart.

Includes website, Facebook store, and a blog



Business intelligence made easy

PinnacleCart Reporting Features

The more your team knows, the better decisions they will make

Optimize your business and make smarter decisions with Pinnacle Cart extended suite of business performance metrics.

Designed to work collaboratively with Google Analytics,PinnacleCart robust reporting suite provides you key insights into critical eCommerce metrics like store usage, conversions, sale funnels, orders/sale performance, product performance, profitability, sales by customer, promo usage, taxes, and more.



Unparalleled Security and Reliability

PinnacleCart Security and Fraud Features

PinnacleCart is one of the only eCommerce platforms that is both PCI and PA-DSS compliant.

Your entire store and related operations is housed in PinnacleCart state-of-the-art, PCI compliant cloud hosting environment.

This ultra-secure facility is protected by PinnacleCart managed firewall and is solely dedicated to  PinnacleCartoperations.

With a historical 99.99% uptime and pro-active hardware upgrades, this lighting-fast environment comes complete with managed backups and redundant services.

PinnacleCart is a PA-DSS certified application(part of PCI compliance).
Fully secure checkout and registration process with use of SSL.
Create an unlimited number of administrator accounts, each with their own privileges.
Password encryption.
Cart admin has option to force same address for billing/shipping.
Administrator IP restriction.
Eliminate fraudulent orders. PinnacleCart’ve partnered with FraudLabs and No Fraud.
Control of user’s cookie timeout.
Security account blocking.
Payment Error/Order Failure handling.

Extra Features & Advanced Settings


PinnacleCart Extra Features
  • One-way API
  • reCaptcha support
  • Language features
  • User/Customer management
  • Local delivery management
  • ‘Address Book’ for users
  • Multi-Currency features
  • QR code generator
  • File manager tool
  • ‘Testimonials’ feature
  • Social Sharing for products
    Facebook Like button, Facebook Comment, Twitter Tweet button, Pinterest Pin button, Google Plus button, Delicious button
  • ‘Email to friend’ feature for products
  • ‘Wish list’ feature
  • Best sellers feature
  • Wholesale settings
    Cart admin can set up multiple price levels based on user groups
  • Digital gift certificate feature
  • Custom fields
    Cart admin can add their own custom fields to the user registration and/or order checkout process
  • Custom forms feature
    Allows cart admin to create powerful email submission forms
  • Option to enable gift messaging for orders
  • ‘Order form’ feature
    Allows cart admin to create a page on the storefront for bulk ordering
  • ‘Widget’ feature
    Allows for a cart admin to generate ‘buy now’ buttons that can be placed on external websites. Users are redirected to the cart’s checkout page for order submission
  • Remote logs for admin users
  • Integrated Apps


PinnacleCart is understood for their reliable facilitate and support.

Their official company web site offers a wealth of knowledge through searchable cognitive content articles and coaching videos.

If you would like to speak to a client service agent, merely contact the support team via phone, live chat, or email.

Additionally, new users receive regular emails on a way to use the various options of their e-commerce application once language up.

Customers can even access the fast begin guide, to assist you to determine your store simply. PinnacleCart seems to update this guide frequently.

Pinnacle cart eCommerce Marketing Services .Is your business ready for explosive growth?

Acquiring and servicing customers is the lifeblood of any organization.

You need to reach your target market with the right message, at the right time.  Pinnacle Cart teams create metric-driven digital marketing programs that will help your message hit their target.

PinnacleCart services are focused on new customer acquisition, with an emphasis on maintaining and building profitable relationships with your existing consumer base.

Tablet view

Pinnacle Cart objective? Growing your business.

Instead of tuning into one or two individual services, Pinnacle Cart work with you to create a holistic, inclusive approach to growing your business.

Every company requires a different recipe for success. What will yours involve?

Some of the digital marketing services Pinnacle Cart provide include:

  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Pinnacle Cart focus on increasing the exposure of your products and services on Google, Bing, and all major search sites.
  • Influencer Marketing / Blogger Outreach – Gaining traction with the influencers in your market is a key component to any marketing plan.
  • Content Development – Effective content is an essential part of running a successful eCommerce store. It includes unique product descriptions, business and website pages, informative articles, press releases, blog postings, infographics, and more.
  • Remarketing Management, Drip Marketing Campaigns, and PPC – Pinnacle Cart love marketing and will find the right way to go about it for your individual business needs. Pinnacle Cart understand how to create positive ROI.
  • Landing Page Design – Pinnacle Cart build, test, and continually optimize for peak conversions.
  • Structured Data and Product Feeds – Syndicate your products to the places your customers purchase.
  • Conversion Optimization – Get the best possible conversion rates from your site.
  • Affiliate Management – Recruit, manage, and promote with the help of Affiliate Marketers. They can be enormously valuable.
  • Ad Creation – Conversion-focused designs for ad campaigns are one of otheir specialities.
  • Market Discovery – Having trouble zeroing in on your market? Pinnacle Cart can help you find your “sweet spot” and capitalize on it.
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO) – Let us work with you to create infectious viral marketing programs that put Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to work for you.

Pinnacle cart Custom eCommerce Design Services

Pinnacle Cart obsession? Designing web stores that grow sales.

Pinnacle Cart specialize in conversion-focused design

PinnacleCart professional services team has over 12 years of eCommerce experience and has built solutions for some of the leading brands on the web.

Raise the bar for your customers with a storefront that exceeds their expectations and yours.

Put Pinnacle Cart eCommerce experience to work for you

Let PinnacleCart’s dedicated team of professionals create your business a beautiful and elegant storefront that will increase sales.

Intuitive, intelligent design not only builds a better relationship with your customers, it increases your ROI.

Simply put, professional-looking websites sell more. Pinnacle Cart eCommerce experts work with you to understand your business, its goals, and your customers.

Pinnacle cart has three plans for custom e-commerce design services                                                                                                                                     (1) GOLD  – $ 2100 (2) PLATINUM  – $ 3700 (3) DIAMOND  – $5200

Visit here  for Custom eCommerce Design Services


PinnacleCart scores high marks within the support department.

Multiple reviewers have gone on record complimentary the responsive and friendly client service that the corporate offers.

The safety options designed into Pinnacle Cart square measure quite high since this company is PA-DSS and PCI certified.

With PinnacleCart, on-line merchants get to require advantage of a good vary of third-party integrations and selling options.

Setting up a Pinnacle e-commerce store is simple even for non-programmers.

This could be attributed to the useful setup wizard and intuitive net style editor that comes as a part of the software package.

It’s still a decent shopping cart for on-line merchants that require an easy to use platform for managing their net retailers.

This shopping cart is extremely suggested for businesses that cater to international customers since it supports multiple languages and currencies.



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