Revealbot Review 2024: 5 Ways Advanced Ad Automation Platform Can Improve Your Business

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The rules of Facebook reveal your advertising optimization routine 24/7. Revealbot automatically tracks Roas, CPA, and other Facebook pixel metrics and optimizes your ads that are running according to the specific rules made by you.

Pause or boost ads, adjust budgets and bids as often as every 15 minutes. Get alerts via email or Slack when a rule is triggered or when a specific benchmark is achieved.

Multiplatform performance reports by email or slack in Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Mailchimp and manymore.

Revealbot is an automation, optimization, and management tools for reliable AI Facebook and Instagram ads, designed for all agencies and brands that trust on Facebook to advertise.

It is an innovative tool that enables marketers to automate Facebook Ads, notifies them when they waste funds on ineffective advertising campaigns and delivers insights on to how to mend the campaigns.

The solution applies machine learning to its core, making it easy to analyze historical data and project CPA and conversions.

Revealbot comes with 3 strong modules that include automation, automatic increase, and mass making.

The automation module allows marketers to create specific rules for automation and advertising alerts.

Meanwhile, the auto-boosting module enables marketers to promote content and keep control of their audiences and objectives.

Lastly, the bulk creation module is designed to streamline the creation of bulk Facebook Ads.

Revealbot Benefits

Imagine if your ads were administered Automate all ad management strategies for Facebook, Google and Snapchat ads on a single interface. Work smarter with Facebook ads automation software.

Turn your best Facebook advertising strategies into automated rules to boost ROAS and save time with our Facebook ad automation tool. Scale PPC with Google Ads automation software.

Turn your best Google Ads strategies and tactics into automation scripts to boost ROI and save time with our Google Ads and AdWords management software. Improve ROAS with Snapchat Ads automation software.

Scale profitable snaps and optimize your cost per swipe by using our advanced automated rules constructor for Snapchat Ads.

Most Brands and agencies are using Facebook ads for advertising on Facebook or Instagram. Also, brands regularly growing their Facebook and Instagram communities through enhanced posts.

Every brand and agency understands the influence of social media marketing in the modern era. Social media marketing is a key component for success in marketing that unleashes the full potential of a business.

Revealbot is designed by remembering this, and provides the following benefits:

Simplified Ads management

Revealbot lets you create automatic rules specifically for Facebook ads, AD sets, and ad campaigns.

The rules streamline most of your marketing team’s routine with simple actions such as start, set/increase/decrease budget, pause, and bid.

Also, Revealbot comes with a powerful log interface that allows you to optimize the rules and analyze results.In addition, the application provides metric continuum such as Roas, special conversion, and time metrics.

These metrics can be compared and used to improve the performance of your advertising campaigns.

RevealBot services to help with performance improvement on Facebook include:

  • Rules constructor
  • Custom metrics
  • Metrics comparator
  • Rule frequency check
  • Bulk ad creator
  • Increasing your following with ease

In addition, Revealbot is built with a reliable auto-boosting module. This module provides powerful tools that help you promote your content to maximize post scope.

Revealbot allows you to set conditions once and provide a space for solutions to promote posts for you. It takes a hassle-free of the marketing process and allows your posts to get the best attention.

Better still, it lets you monitor the auto-boosted posts through automatic notifications which are sent in slack, via email, or your Reveal account.

Maximum advertising expenditure of $ 3 million – $ 2,999 / month or $ 2,519 / month is billed every year

Improved marketing performance

In addition, Revealbot keeps your marketing department in a performance loop. This provides a complete analytic review to your Slack team or inbox from Twitter, Facebook, Google Ads, Google Analytics, YouTube, and MailChimp.

Reports from Google Analytics and Facebook can be customized to focus on the most important metrics.

Why do you use a revealbot?

Revealbot helps with your social media ad automation, gives you comfort. But do you have to use a revealbot or not depend on what you need or how much your business is.

Revealbot may be expensive if you have a small business structure.

But if you need convenience by managing your ad and if your finances will make it possible, this tool can be perfect for you, the price is related to the threshold of your advertising expenses.

Overview of the revealbot feature

  • Optimizing Facebook ads
  • Post auto-boosting
  • Scheduled report
  • Convert tracking
  • Automatic issuance
  • Analytics
  • Customer targeting

Revealbot Position in our category

Knowing that the company has demands related to their own business, it is rational they avoid choosing the “best” software system that includes. However, it is difficult to try to show such software products even among famous software solutions.

Smart steps to do will write some of the main functions that require supervision such as critical features, plans, technical skills capabilities of staff members, business sizes, etc.

Next, you must double your research as a whole. Read some revealbot review articles and check each software option in your list in detail.

Such comprehensive research guarantees you get rid of applications that are not suitable and pay a system that provides all the features you need for success.

Revealbot position in our main category:

Top 200

Revealbot is one of the top marketing software products.

Revealbot is also listed in the following subcategories:

Social Media Monitoring Software

Each company has different needs and requires a customized system for size, type of workers and their clients, and their particular industry is located.

For this reason, there is no software that can offer the perfect features of the shelf. When you try to find a software product, first make sure for what you need it.

Read some RevealBot social media monitoring software reviews and ask yourself whether you need a basic tool or do you need a sophisticated tool? Are there industrial specific features that you are looking for?

Find answers to this question to help your search. There are several elements that you need to reflect on and this includes your budget, certain business desires, the size of your company, integration requirements, etc.

Take your time, check out some free trials, and finally select the application you need. To improve the effectiveness and productivity of your Company.

Revealbot Price?


Free trial

Max $ 5k advertising expenses

$ 49.
Max $ 50k advertising expenditure

$ 299.
Max $ 400k advertising expenditure

$ 899.
Advertising expenditure of $ 1 million

$ 1449.
Max $ 3 million ad expenditure

$ 2999.

Raplebot offers a simple company price based on maximum advertising expenses:

  • Maximum advertising expenditure of $ 5000 – $ 49 / month or $ 41 / month is billed every year
  • Maximum ad spending $ 50k – $ 299 / month or $ 251 / month billed every year
  • Maximum ad expenditure of $ 400k – $ 899 / month or $ 755 / month is billed every year
  • Maximum advertising expenditure of $ 1 million – $ 1,449 / month or $ 1,259 / month is billed every year

We realize that when making a decision to buy social media monitoring software, it is important not only to see how experts evaluate it in their reviews, but also find out if the people and real companies that buy it are really satisfied with the product.

That is why we have created our customer satisfaction based on Algorithm behavior that brings together comments, comments and client revelations in a wide range of social networking sites.

The data is presented in an easy way to digest that they show how many people had positive and negative experience with Recebot.

With that information in question, it must be equipped to make an informed purchase decision that will not regret it.


Awesome tool to automate Facebook ad management.

I have more free time so you can concentrate on more interesting things than to pass manually through accounts and kill ads / decrease or increase budgets.

Pros: The best of Revealbot is that once I identify the patterns that follows to make decisions when managing an account, you can configure rules and have revealed to do everything for you.

Free a lot of time, it gives you more resources (you can not verify an account every 15 minutes 24/7, can you?), You do not have to do manual things, what more would you like?

Cons: I would love to be able to export the rules of a reveal and import them to another. In addition, a great feature would be “Apply this rule in the X accounts, and, Z” to be able to save me duplicating each time. Apart from that, I think it’s great!

Final finding

Revealbot’s automated reports functions are incredible. Administration of advertisements that make well-performance ads and cut below the parameter configuration so that the program clearly do what you ask me to do is a bonus.

It is very much time consuming by learning the interface, it is not really easy to use, however, customer service really is and are useful.

This platform is very easy to configure and use. In fact, at first, you can think that you have done something wrong.

In general, it is the ease of establishing and using is what I like the most. That is followed by the functions of automated reports.

If you still have doubts, RevealBot offers a free 14-day trial (credit card information is not required) although prices are not as bad, starting at $ 49 per month ($ 5000 AD spent), which means that I could experiment with him and see how it helps.

The rules are not difficult to create, there is a very good training area with many reais expert advice. I hope this review of Revealbot will help you take a step further. Click here to try now.