Top 10 dedicated server provider 2024

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10 dedicated server provider 2024

It is often assumed that only one of the largest sites on the web needs a dedicated server. However, most shared hosting plans will require an upgrade to a website that consistently attracts more than 20 simultaneous users per minute, mainly due to the percentage of CPU resources consumed by the account.

Because many website owners to host multiple domains on a single web hosting plan, businesses with 10 or 20 domains under management to exceed the limit with ease, even with the fairly traded websites.

Each website regularly attracts 100 to 1000 simultaneous users who will need to evaluate between VPS and dedicated server plans.

A single Apache server would not be optimal support more than 10,000 concurrent users except the website files, HTML pages, and database operations are all very cache.

CDN integration can also be used to take the load off the tension of the webserver.

Implementing Cache Varnish and Nginx solution for high-traffic sites is a key reason to upgrade to a dedicated server.

where even CMS script can be configured to support 10-20000000 page views per month on a single hardware instance using this platform extension.

VPS hosting can be used as a development environment, with a sandbox, staging, and facilities used to publish to a dedicated server testing.

Most web hosting companies do not have elastic cloud capabilities on their dedicated server plans.

so there are a lot of competitive software projects that seek to expand the amount of web traffic on a single server that can support a high level of performance.

Adding more RAM, CPU cores, and SSD storage for dedicated server plans is one of the best ways to improve performance.

It is important to confirm with the web hosting company if they support hardware upgrades live on a dedicated server without taking a website offline, or if it will require a transition plan for other hardware.


Bluehost is like a reliable good friend – it’s been in the industry for a long time and it never fails to deliver what it had promised.

You will get very good uptime and impressive speed. What is best about the lower-tier Bluehost is their initial price of $ 79.99 / mo.

You can not really go wrong with Bluehost, especially if your budget is limited.

The only downside is that a low price is only available for long-term commitments (3 years).

In our tests, from January to February 2019, Bluehost comes with a 99.98% reliable uptime and speed of 369ms.

Throughout the years we have monitored Bluehost, we’ve seldom had significant downtime.

Though they have 19 minutes of outages in January 2019 their overall uptime throughout 2018 was outstanding 99.99% with an average speed of 415ms.

So if you’re looking for a good host with solid uptime and speed – you needn’t see further.

he support offered by the team at Bluehost is also quite good. In our tests, connect to a live support agent took 3 minutes, and responses to our questions usually come back after 2 minutes.

their answer is simple and precise. They answered what we asked, but no more – so there is little room for improvement.

But support Bluehost outstrip many other support we have seen, who have difficulty with the English language.

which is just copy-paste answers or links, or (in the worst-case scenario) the initial version of the program based on artificial intelligence.

With the support of Bluehost, you will get what you ask for, no more and no less.

The technical specifications of Bluehost dedicated server Standard plan are pretty good considering the low price point (as well as excellent uptime and speed).

You get 500GB of disk space and bandwidth so large caps (5 TB) You may never realize it. 4GB of RAM is a little on the low side but for small to medium size sites, it should be good.

If the traffic you should suddenly increase (or if your site starts to grow very fast), Bluehost will not charge an additional fee. The downside is that most likely your site will get slower until next month.

Both Standard and Enhanced plans are definitely on the cheap side compared with other providers.

They offer the same features that you will get to double or triple the price with some other providers, including a fast processor and lots of bandwidth. Plus, they come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The price offered by Bluehost that striking low. their plans start at just $ 79.99 per month but keep in mind that after the initial 3-year package runs out price will rise to $ 119.99 per month.

You should also note that the prices indicated below only applies if you pay for three years in advance.

Bluehost monthly payment option has a much higher price (starting at $ 149.99 paid monthly).

Overall, with Bluehost, you get very decent statistics for less than most other hosts. If you need a good quality dedicated server, but your budget is limited, Bluehost is a choice.

There are several providers out there with lower prices, but usually, they have to compromise on reliability and/or speed, or they have not invested in customer support right (as you’ll see below).

With the cheapest plan, you’ll get some pretty good features at a cheaper rate. Memory can be a little better, but you can always upgrade if you feel the increased activity on your site.

Also, please note that the price shown is for 3 years paid in advance and the cost increases after the first 3-year period.

Even then, Bluehost is still at the level of low-end dedicated server prices compared to the competition.


Prefer dedicated server rather than shared hosting will speed up your own website, but there is still much room for improvement.

A2 Hosting’s managed server plan to blend some of the tricks and technology to try and ensure you see the best performance.

It started with a powerful set of server components: OPcache and PHP APC can accelerate processing by 50%.

Key MySQL Memcached stores data in RAM for faster retrieval, while the use of mod_pagespeed some tricks to optimize your site’s content.

SPDY and HTTP / 2 further speed up page load, and support for technologies such as edge side includes and WebSockets allow more fine-tuned optimization of your site.

A2 Dedicated Hosting plans also include free CDN Cloudflare and the Railgun Optimizer.

which “compresses web before uncacheable objects up to 99.6%” and could result in a 200% increase in average performance.

In fact you may not see anything like it – the boost will vary widely, depending on your site – but still worth having technology.

Elsewhere, the performance-boosting add-ons including RAID 1 SSD storage of up to 2 x 1TB.

A Turbo Boost feature optional fee of $ 35 per month replacing Apache with LiteSpeed ​​server, apparently brought up to 20x faster page loads, and other add-ons may cache the HTML content of the page.

Then quickly reload later without the need to run PHP. We are very pleased to see cPanel thrown in, too (this is often an extra charge with other hosts).

This kind of professional features come at a cost, even with the most basic Sprint plans priced from around $ 99 per month.

But if speed is your main priority then this company could be worth a try, especially since this A2 ‘Anytime Money Back Guarantee’ will refund your fee if you cancel within 30 days of your order.

In monitoring the uptime and speed of our standards, A2 hosting has been done very well.

They have by far the best speed we’ve seen in the industry (248ms). It has been proven that visitors leave the site slow heartbeat – you will not have this problem with A2.

99.96% uptime they are decent as well. It is not in our top 3, but under 15 minutes of downtime per month is not enough to cast a shadow over other great features that A2 Hosting provides.

A2 is also good support. Connecting to the agent via instant chat basically, and their response to our questions about CDN and limitations of max visit again in a few minutes.

their customer support quickly and accurately. You’ll get a quick answer and in general, they help.

You may have to do some additional digging if you want to know more, but overall .

They provide everything you’d expect from a good customer support representatives. We would definitely recommend them to anyone.

The technical specifications offered by the A2 will be more than enough for most users.

Basic bidding plan 1TB of disk space, bandwidth caps 10TB, a fast 3.1GHz 2-core CPU and 8GB of RAM server A2 is also slightly faster than other providers at this price point.

Couple that with the fastest speed ever seen and we have a serious contender here.

At $ 99.59 per month, this A2 dedicated web hosting is among the cheapest available, but with one catch.

To use cPanel, you will need to pay an additional $ 39.95 / mo. There are also a few other features, ie caching, backup sites, etc. which may incur additional charges.

So the initial price may not cover everything you need and you may end up paying more.

Also, when it’s time to renew your subscription, you’re looking at a 17% price increase to $ 119.99 / mo.

when-money-back guarantee they are actually a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Liquid Web is a popular provider of business of high-end products ranging from WordPress and WooComerce plan succeeded, to cloud VPS, dedicated server hosting and private cloud.

Special offers companies may look expensive, with prices ranging from $ 199 per month (can be reduced by $ 140 a month if the annual billing is selected), but they are also much better than most of the competition is determined budget.

Even the cheapest dedicated server includes two speedy 240GB SSD drive, for example. There is also a backup of 1TB SATA drives are provided, making it easy and convenient to carry out regular backups.

The plan includes a dedicated IP. Support for Cloudflare CDN must increase the speed of your website, and your server can be hosted in one of three data centers (Arizona, Michigan, or the Netherlands).

Although, plan special entrance only host in Michigan.

Most importantly, all dedicated server is managed by a team of professional support Liquid Web.

They monitor the health of the system, proactively respond to the notification (for example, they would restart the failed service), in addition to taking care of installing and updating the operating system.

If you have difficulty, support is available 24/7/365, and the company guarantees 59 second response time by phone or chat, 30 minutes via a ticket and email.

Factor in a variety of optional add-ons – load balancers, firewalls, VPN – and the range has more than enough power for almost any purpose. If you manage a website heavy duty, Liquid Web needs to be on the shortlist.

You may also want to check out the guide to buy our other hosting sites.

LiquidWeb advertise “100% uptime guarantee”. In the past two months, their uptime is> 99.99% with only 2 minutes of downtime. Not quite 100%, but still very good.

Their average speed of 658ms not the best in the business, but still above the industry average.

Average time to Liquid Web to respond to requests for support less than 1 minute, fulfilling their “59 second bail support.”

agent knowledgeable and answered all questions in detail.

We asked some basic questions about the differences in core CPU and RAM and about SSL and CDN which he answered quickly and in human language uses the metaphor (if necessary).

Agents also asked about our plans with the website and suggest the best plan based on your needs and goals.

Liquid Web server was very good. Even the cheapest package provides 480GB of disk space, 5TB of bandwidth cap, and a quick 4-core 3.5 GHz processor with 16GB of RAM.

This specification is almost identical with SiteGround, with the exception of bandwidth (you get 10TB with SiteGround), and a clock speed gains little by Liquid Web (3.5 GHz vs. 3.2 GHz).

However, keep in mind that Liquid Web comes with the best and fastest customer support in the industry and with the package for $ 1000 .

you will get immediate access to web architects to solve your problem directly. Obviously, this is the best package for large enterprises with a ton of traffic and activity on their sites.

Liquidweb price may seem steep compared to other providers, but their business model is geared toward professional users who require the best performance.

They range from a package plan ‘entry-level’ at $ 149 / month, to a server which is really horrible for $ 499 / month.

There are some additional costs you should be aware. First of all, they charge $ 20 / mo for using cPanel.

Also, if your site uses more bandwidth than you’ve subscribed to, they will charge you for redundant.

But so are most other providers. Therefore, it is always good to keep an accurate estimate of the traffic on your site.

Bandwidth is not directly related to traffic, it depends on simplicity and use your site. A simple website with 2-3 pages and around 1,000 visitors / mo will require about 1GB of bandwidth.


HostGator is another well-established player in the field. They have a large customer base and they know exactly what they are doing. HostGator definitely also host the most reliable.

They come with a pretty good ratio of feature-to-price.

However, the only downside is that their sites can be a bit slow compared to the competition this time.

As we have repeated a hundred times – uptime and speed is the most important factor when choosing a web host.

HostGator is exceptional uptime – 100% perfect. There are no distractions, whatever.

Unfortunately, HostGator does not fall short bit with their speed 1,113ms – it is slightly below the industry average of 890ms.

Although the speed could have been better, HostGator is not far behind the average, and taking into account the exceptional uptime, they can still qualify at the top of our list.

HostGator is a pretty good endorsement. We contacted them several times and in testing we connect to the live chat takes on average 3 minutes, with a spike of 20 minutes on one occasion.

Answering the question we took a little longer with an average time of 5 minutes.

Instead of answering our questions personally (we love about Liquid Web), they provide a lot of links provided more than enough information.

Based on their answers and the overall information on the website, it is safe to assume that most of their customers are avid users of WordPress with knowledge of the technical details and some coding.

They do not sugarcoat anything to make things too complicated. their sites, as well as customer support, not for total beginners .

unless you’re willing to spend some time digging into the details and meaning behind the information you find.

On paper, the features offered by HostGator dedicated server web hosting is quite good, especially the fact that you get unlimited bandwidth as long as you remain within their terms of service.

You will get 1TB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth (in fact, it 10TB – we asked), 8GB of RAM and a very fast processor multi-core processors.

These statistics are really good, especially with the prices they come up with.

You will most likely never see the bandwidth cap. But in case it does happen, your site may get slower until next month.

Unlike Liquid Web, HostGator does not provide an automatic back-up for your own dedicated website. You will be responsible for itself.

HostGator price is in the lower-middle range compared to the competition. Hosting starts at $ 118.99 per month if you opt for a long-term commitment of 3 years.

After the initial plan runs out, the plan to renew on $ 189 per month. Do not worry – even the new price is at a reasonable level considering the features you’ll get.


GoDaddy is a great name you come up with the big guns on. They have a large company with a large customer base. Also, uptime and speed they are very decent.

However, despite their popularity, we were somewhat disappointed with their customer service.

With a large client base, you would expect that they would invest more into professional and knowledgeable staff.

Appearance Let’s look at the good news first. GoDaddy hosting is fast and reliable:

Their latest uptime of 99.99% was close to perfect. We experienced an hour of downtime in July 2018 but in addition, has very good uptime.

their site speed of 610ms decent too, continues remaining slightly above the industry standard.

Now the bad news. GoDaddy support very slow.

In the first test of our live chat to them, we had to wait 27 minutes to be connected to an agent.

Once connected to an agent, our only request was answered after an average of 7 minutes to wait.

When your site goes down, you do not have time to wait for about half an hour – you want to get a hold of a customer support representative immediately.

In an effort then we contact support, faster response – we can get an answer within 10-15 minutes and a support representative informative and polite.

They provide us with sufficient information and somewhat disinterested goals and our needs.

Basically, GoDaddy support can not be predicted in terms of time to reply as well as the support level. On several occasions, the agent knowledgeable support and respond quickly.

Other times it took them forever to answer simple questions, such as the question about the SSL certificate.

GoDaddy support was far from the best we’ve seen but it was not the worst, either.

This inconsistency can be annoying – if you get the timing right, you might get the right answer in a reasonable amount of time. If not, then … well, do not hold your breath.

Moving from a sub-par service support, GoDaddy dedicated servers actually offer features that are quite good.

1TB of storage, and bandwidth is truly unmetered (comes with several conditions, which you can read in their Hosting Agreement).

CPU Speed ​​(4-core 3.1 GHz) is pretty good, but we were not entirely impressed with 4GB memory first plan comes with. At this price, you expect at least 8GB, 16GB otherwise.

We are very pleased to find that cPanel comes as standard, and they offer backup website at a very reasonable price – at $ 4.99 / mo.

GoDaddy dedicated hosting plans start at $ 89.99 per month ($ 169.99 a month when you update).

This would represent a fair value for the features that are included, but were let down by the lack of reliable support.

GoDaddy offers surprisingly good plan at a decent price. RAM they could be a little better, but at $ 119.99 / mo with cPanel included – it’s not a bad choice.

In short, GoDaddy dedicated hosting plan features decent performance, but marred by depressing their approach to customer service.


InMotion Hosting offers three levels of dedicated hosting plan. Each plan offers a robust solution for your hosting needs.

If you are looking for power and performance to drive through the most demanding tasks, we have a server hosting for your perfect.

First of all you should know that Inomotion now offer dedicated servers on Linux operating systems supported only.So all software and addons to build around Linux are supported.

All servers embedded with Samsung SSD (Solid State Drives), which ensures 20 times faster than other SSD server.

InMotion currently offers six different versions of the Intel Xeon server Intel® Xeon® E3-1220 v2, E3-1270 v6, v6 E3-1270, E5-2430, Silver 4110 And Finally Silver Dual Intel® Xeon® 4110 (this is a double cores are available with CC-2000 plan this inMotion)

Equipped with Web Host Manager (WHM), which helps to manage server configuration options with ease.

Also useful if you are planning to setup a reseller hosting which includes preparing a package for buyers reseller hosting and configure the hosting quotas for each package and allocate resources you .

And all know that the use of WHM require license fees you need for a monthly or annual fees.But good news is inMotion dedicated server hosting covers this so you do not have to pay an additional fee.

be sure cpanel control panel for managing the site selection and software selection Cpanel control included with the package you like WHM server.

8 GB of RAM 64 GB of RAM available to the package. And using double FREE promotion of RAM available to the inMotion time for time.

Using this one can upgrade their servers so double RAM if you buy 8 GB of RAM in Starter (Essential) plan you will get 16 GB of RAM in your package with free upgrades ,

For Disk space you have two choices with plans starters (Essential, Advanced and Elite) .

Either you have the option to choose the normal Disk space Disk Driver with a higher or faster SSD Disk half the normal size Drivers.

For Examples of “Essential” plan offers choice of 500 GB SSD or 1TB HDD 7.2k (normal disk) .

But we always recommend to select the server SSD rather than a normal driver even though disk space is half the size but the SSD provides faster access level by providing a website loads faster than normal drives.

RAID feature in web hosting helps to support from within Disk contents is not stored in a single disc.

InMotion offers two types of dedicated server hosting package RAID features.

The first two plans is important and sophisticated starter comes with software RAID just means software that automatically backup data regularly to another Disk regularly.

But with other hosting packages such as Elite, CC-500, CC-1000 and CC-2000 is equipped with Hardware RAID feature involving multiple disk drives are connected using hardware that involves copying the data to another disk at the same time the original disc writing.

Monthly transfer is one of the important factors you should consider hosting your website.

Its because of network traffic depending on the monthly transfer this limit.

If your monthly transfer limit settings hosting companies reach their limit means showing your website “Bandwidth limit reached” message to your customers and website goes offline which all ended with a loss of money.

Offered by the different companies inMotion monthly limit transfer of 6TB (6 Terra Byte) t0 15 TB (15 Terra Byte) that look promising.

FREE inMotion deals launch assist feature that helps to launch a dedicated website with inMotion servers.

Whether you are starting a new website or migrating existing web sites to inMotion that involves various tasks such as installation of software is required on the server.

The file migration (migration) and Server setup. All these tasks are supported through this service.

Dedicated IP addresses are building blocks fro reputation.From set up an SSL certificate to send email broadcasts dedicated IP address comes as factor.

The rescue package deals for 5 to 15 dedicated IP address as the default by those who do not master limited.You package.

But can buy addressees more dedicated IP with inMotion and you can use with your hosting if you are willing to pay extra for them.Yes available.

It’s a useful feature involves performing tasks important and advanced server configuration with your dedicated server remotely from your desktop.

Important tasks of the boot on, shutdown or reboot the server and operating advanced taks such as access to the keyboard away from the terminal server are also available.

Auto SSL feature is available with WHM and Cpanel supply management (installation and renewal) SSL certificates easy task.

Using Auto SSL you can generate keys and certificates automatically using the click of a button.

2 Hour Hardware Replacement-In the rare case when one server hardware is not working properly or failing of it will be replaced with new hardware within 2 hours of time.That it guarantees promised by inMotion to its customers.

SSH access is very important for customers who want advanced server tasks periodically.

All of dedicated hosting packages that allow SSH access makes access easier.Root work of servers available at all times.

Custom firewall options for individual customers dedicated hosting package this available.

Using you can write custom instructions firewall to restrict access to the example servers.

For If your server and customers mainly from Europe and if you want to block traffic and access on the continent or another country mean you can do this via a custom firewall options.

InMotion is an industry leader in customer support. This is a big selling point, especially since several other web hosting providers fall short in this category.

For the most part, all web hosting needs will run smoothly. But if at any time you have questions, concerns, or need some kind of help, it is comforting to know that InMotion team will be there to help you out.

InMotion offers support via live chat, phone, and email. In my experience, you will not have to wait more than a few minutes to be connected with an agent.

If you prefer to learn on your own, InMotion has online tutorials and community forums as well.


cPanel Managed Dedicated Server Hosting plans, now with free solid-state drive.

Get the highest level of speed, security and dedicated server uptime..

Affordable which is a cost effective alternative with the same reliability strong infrastructure and high-end technical support 24/7 as the rest of their fleet.price start from $ 115.69 / mo.


The fastcomet industry evolve, your business grows, and product offerings FastCloud are increasing to keep up.

Dedicated hosting platform they do not fall into the category of traditional hosting as different from traditional infrastructure Dedicated server setup.

Availability of high n-tier architecture, design for different security. They use a cloud-based server virtualization using KVM with redundant hardware, including SSDs in a RAID 10 configuration.

Each level is set separately, with different security mechanisms and policies in place.

Dedicated Server v3 Е5-2680 their line has been around for several years now and continue to outperform all other processors in its class, both in value and performance.

Although the chipset is currently among the smallest of what was offered to boast Intel hyperthreading, performance is still outstanding.

It was not a long time because they have recently updated their dedicated server plans and the additional burden of extra services may be taken advantage of.

Feature an updated plan increased RAM, CPU and space quota, and comes with industry-leading uptime, rocket-fast their 24/7 customer support, and easy scalability, to meet the evolving needs of all users.

the availability of high FastComet Dedicated Server is optimized for workloads where consistent performance is required or where a full work assignment (100% CPU all day, every day) needs to do.

Agility to do things quickly and seamlessly is fundamental. CPU Dedicated Server is optimized to provide the balance of a good proportion of memory, a dedicated CPU and SSD storage resources.

They are ideal for a variety of application workloads ranging from web application and database for larger applications that have higher memory requirements and still require CPU performance predicted.

These include business applications, e-commerce sites, agencies with high profile clients and application servers busy.

They emphasize the “dedicated” -ness – that can rotate 100% CPU all the time, without the worry.

Underlying the CPU resources for a dedicated server and shared with no one else.

Dedicated thread CPU core is assigned exclusively to the hypervisor, so there is no division or compete for resources between servers.

Since this managed hosting plan, you will never have to worry about your site’s performance or security.

Their team is always ready to help in your journey whenever you need help.

They offer support around the clock and we will help you with the handling of software updates, security patches, and the LAMP stack.

We are here to manage the core infrastructure so you can focus on your website and business.

New FastComet Dedicated servers are powered by AMD processors EPYC 7501, designed to meet the requirements of applications that can take advantage of the higher clock speed.

How AMD Epyc 7501 compared with the previous processors used Intel Xeon E5-2680 v3? Epyc.

It was obviously not a typo. The new processor offers an epic performance results across the industry, packing benchmark standard package that blows out of the water mister.

Equipped with a lot more CPU cores: The 7501 includes many additional processing core of what we have in Intel E5-2680 v3.

A large number of these processor cores assist in tackling some heavy programs or multi-threaded applications.

memory bandwidth is significantly higher: The AMD EPYC 7501 has a memory bandwidth of 150% higher, due to a faster memory supported.

CPUs officially support DDR4-2666 memory, whereas the microprocessor Intel E5-2680 v3 is limited to 2133 MHz level data.

Higher memory bandwidth improves performance in a memory task-bound. However, the profit performance in programs that are not memory-bound, will be much lower than 150%.

Handle more threads simultaneously: this allows (not single-threaded) multi-threaded applications to run faster because more than one thread can run at once on the CPU.

And, if the processing power is not enough, FastComet Monitoring Observer simplifies your toolset for system-level metrics collected all in one place.

It offers an insight into the use of resources across the infrastructure of a person.

Monitoring provides administrators all the necessary information with a graph made specifically about the health and integrity of servers such as CPU utilization, data transfer, disk usage and activity.

It is especially lightweight and can analyze the status of the server with a much higher level of standard monitoring systems and provide 12 hours of data retention.

Meet FastComet Dedicated Server, a dedicated server is recreated with the expected features, including very easy scalability, load balancing, and rapid deployment of procurement.

Deploy cloud instances with dedicated CPU, RAM, and SSD drives, just for you.

Enjoy a level of flexibility that was previously only possible in a virtual cloud. And, as always, you still have to make sure 100% the performance of a dedicated server.


Their outstanding Technical Support and Customer Service is one of the main reasons why their clients FastCloud level as the number one hosting solution for personal and small business websites.

And they can not thank them enough for their recommendations. Due to the transparency and honesty are part of their core values.

we believe it is important that they let you know what is included in the hosting support their products and what does not, before making your purchasing decision.

Day or night, rain or shine, anytime 24/7/365 Their team is here for you! 15 minutes. Based on the response time of 10 000 requests for support.

we decided 83% of the problem in less than 15 minutes.They Make sure you are served by the right people with the competence of your problem.


Fast Check our dedicated hosting plan, designed for all of you, small or large. Starting from $ 111.19 / mo.


If you’re looking for a dedicated hosting for your website, then you may evaluate several different web hosts to find out which companies have a web hosting for your website best.

IPage dedicated server platform includes three major levels of pre-configured hardware is available for short and long-term contracts with all the most popular LAMP developer tools running on CentOS with cPanel.

The company is offering 20% ​​discount across the board for all new account sign-ups.

The main advantage of dedicated server plan of iPage is the license including the software platform, the installation of a preconfigured environment.

The ability to rapidly deploy hardware, and the inclusion of support for administrative systems in terms of contracts.

The data center is a good position for a website that is popular in East Coast markets.

In short, iPage provides, solid reliable hosting service with technical support staff were very good and reasonable price in a dedicated server, with discounts on the new account sign-ups that can be locked in until the period of three years

iPage tools advanced load balancing techniques in the Boston area data center to prioritize web traffic across their networks.

Their dedicated hosting plan includes all of the software stack installed on their shared hosting account, with regular maintenance of hardware, security updates, and technical support managed by the system administrator during account iPage.

One of the things we love about iPage hosting is the fact that they have been able to maintain a solid uptime record of more than 99% over the last two years.

This is a pretty good indicator that they will be relied upon as a web host and that you can trust them to host your website.

Dedicated Hosting iPage has limited ability to install software and control panel that is easy to use, you will have full control over your hosting environment.

You will get the optimal security, speed, and uptime for storage mirror and absolutely no resources are shared among users. It is the culmination of web hosting.

With limited ability to install software and control panel that is easy to use, you will have full control over your hosting environment.

Optimum security, speed, and uptime for storage mirror and absolutely no resources are shared among users.

It is the culmination of a seamless web hosting.nstant procurement and migration options allowing total scalability as your website grows and your audience increases.

iPage server management is a little more hands on than many other companies as well.

They will cover damage to hardware and network problems of course, but they also help with your custom MySQL and Apache configuration, email and DNS problem, will help you with SimpleScript install, Google Apps, and issues of load sites as you go.

1 year Free Domain Name Registration
CentOS 6.4 with cPanel
2 core CPU with 4 core CPU
4GB of RAM 16GB of RAM
Disk Space 500GB to 1000GB Disk Space
5 TB bandwidth to 15TB bandwidth
3 5 IP address IP address

iPage offers dedicated hosting on their Dell servers, running on Intel Xeon E3 processor 3.5GHz CPU.

Their most expensive plan is $ 119.99 per month and comes with 4GB of RAM, 500GB of storage, bandwidth 5TB and 3 IP addresses.

A more expensive plan cap at $ 191.99 per month, and the use of 3.7GHz processor, 16GB of RAM, 1000GB storage and 15TB bandwidth.

Once again they came up with a common language pre-installed and ready to go, and again, despite having root access, you are locked into using CentOS 6.4.

Both VPS and dedicated hosting run with cPanel.


If you use a hosting provider that does not have very good customer service, then you’ll likely understand how frustrating the situation may be.

You will spend hours on the phone, live chat while trying to solve your problems, and many times, the problem can not be resolved quickly so that you can get your website up and running again.

We appreciate the support of customers, and so we take a look at the support team that you will be dealing with if you are using iPage hosting, and we were pleased with what we found.

IPage support staff is quick to respond to any questions, happy to help, and they know what they are talking about.

Overall, we were quite pleased with the support that we were given, and it is a big plus in our books because we value customer service is top-notch.

If you want to have fast customer support, then we would recommend iPage hosting.


iPage currently has three different plans in their dedicated hosting layer:

Startup Plans – From $ 119.99 per month
Professional Plans – From $ 151.99 per month
Plans of the company – from $ 191.99 per month

You should always check to make sure that your website requires a special web host.

This is because it can be expensive to use a dedicated hosting, so you must ensure that your website needs a particular web host before you commit to a long term contract.


Host4Geeks LLC is a leading web hosting company that offers services in the US and UK.

Quality web hosting is important for the sole purpose of maintaining a business presence, especially when it comes to companies that sell products and services via the Internet.

Most online businesses lose their customers due to poor web hosting services. They provide their customers the perfect platform to run their business on.

Their team focuses on innovation and customer satisfaction as they are the key factors for a successful business venture. Their expert consultants provide you with the right solution you need to succeed online.

Their goal is to achieve excellence in managing our clients with deep integrity and respect.

They aim to provide innovative solutions to their clients at an affordable price point.

We are proud to have some of the most experienced individuals and motivated passionate about providing a better level of service every day.

Host4Geeks walked four sophisticated data center facilities in three major continents.

Two are based in the United States, Lenoir, North Carolina (East Coast) and Los Angeles, California (West Coast). One is located in London, England, and one in the heart of Pune, India.

All the data Host4Geeks center is manned 24/7 by the site engineer, to ensure delivery, the performance of fast, reliable and secure hosting for all their customers.

Fully managed dedicated servers come with cPanel / WHM or DirectAdmin installed, configured and optimized out right most and can be setup in one of four global data centers them, all free offer DDoS protection services at no cost.

They are pro-actively monitor your managed dedicated servers 24 × 7 and is always the first to know if and when things go wrong.

They monitor your RAM, CPU, and services such as MySQL, Web Server, FTP, and email. They can also advise you when it’s time to upgrade your server, depending on your usage.

All Managed Dedicated Servers they come with cPanel / WHM or DirectAdmin is installed and configured, and they include licenses bundled with all their plans at no extra cost.

cPanel / WHM makes managing your website, database and server as easy as just a few clicks.

They give you full control over your server, you should need to SSH as root and geeky enough to navigate Linux well.

Managed Dedicated Servers they come with cPanel or DirectAdmin pre-installed and configured, but you can still install whatever software you need.

They do not cut corners on their hardware here. They custom build all our dedicated server and using only the best components available to ensure that you receive the level of reliability and stability they promised.

You can upgrade components such as RAM, HDD / SSD, Network, IP Addresses at any time by contacting your account manager.

When you book with Host4Geeks Managed Dedicated Servers, otheir expert technicians are available 24 × 7 to move your files, web sites and databases for their system at no charge.


When you choose Host4Geeks as your Managed Server provider, you get the service and support of a company that is recognized and endorsed by the cPanel and DirectAdmin as official technical assistance partner.

Need at 2:00 in the morning? Or just looking for some advice about the upcoming surge of traffic that you are expecting.

They are always happy to assist you. They took care of rocket science when you do what you are best at – developing your business.


In Host4Geeks we have always been passionate about offering the best service at a price point that is affordable for everyone.

They are proud to be able to support small firms during their startup phase and offers a fully managed solution without breaking bank.Pricing star of
$ 129 / mo.

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