Top 10 Gameserver Hosting provider 2024

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10 Gameserver Hosting provider

Are you going to host your own game online? And wondering what a game server is and where to get one for you to host your game? If someone is telling you to get any dedicated or VPS server and host the game, then they’re misguiding you.

Generally, they’re not different from normal servers but there are some features that make them different, below you’ll what features make game servers different.

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Online gaming is large with countless gamers playing online games each day, and nowadays most of the games (such as PUBG & Fortnite) are multi-players, people looking to host their own game servers online.

The game server hosting became a difficulty of this new experience and with thousands of game server hosting available it’s a bit tedious to decide on the correct web host for hosting your game online.

What is a Game Server?

Usually, game servers are two basic kinds of servers with listening to servers and dedicated servers. Listen servers are mostly used by individual players you’ll use the server at a LAN party.

Dedicated game servers are generally created on a remote server because the server isn’t in the same locality because the gamer and this server will be a part of the data center, which may be a facility that contains many servers for various purposes.

The best game server hosting can also come with extra features like voice capability, using voice communication gamers can use to communicate with one another.

The performance and quality of the server depend on many things, like server hardware, bandwidth, number of players connected to the server and other factors.

How do I Find the simplest Game Server Hosting Providers?
The modern game server web hosting makes about 10-15 nodes available on each server, which may be a good illustration of the type of space the game and functions require.

It also introduces the requirement for reporting features that quickly let the website owner know which of their games is receiving the most attention or usage.

Many gamers like to discuss with other gamers while playing online games, and to socialize with fellow gamers, due to this it’s important to check if the game hosting company provides applications like chatting or forums which can be added to the enjoyment of the customers.

When choosing a game server hosting provider, always remember to keep your specific needs in mind and it’s your job to assess what kind of server would be best for your game.

When choosing a game server hosting provider, always remember to keep your specific needs in mind and it’s your job to assess what kind of server would be best for your game.

Features you must check out while choosing the game server hosting:

  • The game you aiming to host is supported by the hosting provider
  • The servers are protected against DDOS attacks
  • The game server is powerful enough to support your indented users
  • The server should be closer to your players
  • The hosting company should own SSDs and the latest hardware

Last but not least check their online reputation by reading reviews on different blogs, social media and hosting forums

You can take your own time to make the decision because it can have a lot of impact on determining your success.

Top 10 Game Servers Hosting Reviews 2020

Any of those game server web hosts would be great to travel with. Much of it comes down to personal preference.

Like with any product, you’ll get some high-performing servers if you’re willing to spend a bit of additional cash, but there really are great game hosting providers in every price range.


They provide 24/7 support, lag-free online game servers, dedicated servers, Teamspeak 3 Servers, and Web Hosting.

they need been provide cheap server hosting for over 8 years and pride ourselves on fast support, a simple to use control panel and easy configuration editors in order that even the most novice users can host a successful server.

If, in the unlikely event, you’re not completely satisfied with their hosting services we’ll refund you fully. Join them today and join one of the biggest and fastest-growing game server providers in the world.

GTXGaming was started in 2007 as a hobby.

They are dedicated to working hard on making GTX the simplest option for game server hosting while always sticking to the key objectives they started with.

they’re fast, friendly support, affordable pricing structure and always being before the competition in terms of hardware power and developing new technologies to form the gaming experience as easy as possible.

we might prefer to thank all the customers that are still with us from day zero. Many of which we’ve got to know very well indeed, one even gifting us football tickets.

  • Hosting Key Features
  • Control Panel
  • Customer Support
  • Game Networking
  • Easy Configuration
  • High-End Servers


In terms of price, server quality, and customer support, ServerBlend reaches for the stars and succeeds in all areas.

The price of the servers is good and barely experiences lag or host issues. If you do have issues, their team of customer support agents goes above one’s expectations.

Those that I deal with regularly are courteous, polite, understanding, and informative. Their response time on any issues, from minor to severe, is actually amazing.

I want to praise the entire team for the amount of support that they provide. However, I would like to call on those that have personally assisted me.

Mathew J, Marek W, and Ryan W are excellent gentlemen to provide assistance when one is struggling with any issues with their servers.

Adjusting settings for your game is straightforward as are often.

Game files are often edited manually otherwise you can use their own configuration editor to quickly and simply alter almost any setting available.

Unfortunately, thus far I even have only hosted ARK, but that’s aiming to change and I am confident the experience will exceed my expectations as they have at every turn.

The user panel from my personal experience, while not totally “Noob” friendly, is still really quite user-friendly.

If this is often your first server, you’ll need a bit of assistance if you would like to add mods or customize your game, but navigating the portal is simple and fairly intuitive.

The server runs smoothly, with no issues. The control panel is easy and simple to use.
Staff are friendly and communicate often. Great hosting, great service, great pricing.

Setup and management of the server were easy and knowledge was provided on how to access and modify the server. With other providers, this will be difficult, but ServerBlend made it easy

  • Discord bot to control server
  • 14 Days a refund guarantee
  • Official ARK Server API Partner
  • Free migration service
  • High minimum slots at 30

I would highly recommend this service whether you would like a space Engineers server or the other type of server.


They strive to cut back their average ping by ensuring that their servers are kept in just the simplest data centers with top-quality connections to the worldwide internet.

By constantly investing in modern hardware while maintaining it to the best standard they make sure that you won’t be unhappy with the pings you’re receiving on any of the games that they provide.

They own and maintain all of their gaming dedicated servers with the aim to give their customers more for their money.

They only use server components to boost the performance of all our servers so as to optimize gaming and reduce downtime. None of their servers is overloaded so as to keep performance at its peak!

They have setups for every game they provide ready to replicate which are pre-tested to make sure you get started as quickly as possible.

As soon as you place and order and therefore the payment has been confirmed their automated system will have you every game server up within a couple of seconds.

which suggests you’ll be ready to access your game within minutes of set-up and may play on your server 24/7.

All their servers use the most recent SSD‘s in order to improve your gaming experience.

By using SSD rather than HDD they will guarantee top performance on any of the games we host on their high spec servers from around the globe.

SSD gives us the edge in performance, speed and reliability, giving their users peace of mind. Your game will never be short of storage space.

They include free DDoS protection on all of their servers in order to keep your games safe 24/7. They constantly work hard with their server team in order to keep all our servers in check and free from outside attacks.

They offer free customer support and a contact us page which can send your queries straight to our dedicated support team. We also included a FAQ on all our games in order to assist answer your questions quickly and effectively.

With some of the largest sandbox and multiplayer games being released this year there’s no wonder why the demand for game hosting, voice servers and dedicated servers at a reasonable price is in such high demand.

With the release of games like Five Reborn, Conan Exile, Minecraft, The Forest and other Beta titles the demand has grown larger for dedicated game servers which will handle the gamer’s need.


Survival Servers was started in August 2012 by two friends.

As one of the initial hosting providers for the original ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead mod “DayZ,” (the obsession that started it all) Survival Servers quickly became a known brand due to the competitive pricing and full-fledged feature set of their custom DayZ Tools, Private Hive scripts, and simple integrations with other popular Arma 2 mods.

Honestly, in terms of price/quality and customer services, this hosting service goes above and beyond. Whenever we’ve any issues the replies are fast and that we can believe them any time 24/7.

Added 15 new games and established content creator partnerships with over 25 million total followers reach (summit1g, dasMEHDI, PeteZahHut, Canal do Pigman and more) Partnered officially with Frostkeep Studio’s on their Rend title to deliver high-performance official servers for Unreal Engine 4.

Certification for ARK: Survival Evolved game servers for Playstation 4 allow expansion to console game server hosting. Staff expands to eight full-time employees for 24/7 coverage to support the growing global customer base. Added Ylands, Stationeers, Citadel: Forged With Fire, Dark and light, Blackwake, and Conan Exiles to the game service offering.

Headquarters in Sacramento, California open. Support service expands to include a mod install service for ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 game servers.

Multiple new games were rolled out on the in-house panel. Website re-designed. ARK: Survival Evolved becomes largest game hosted breaking company records. Added Hurtworld, Killing Floor 2, Reign of Kings, and Rust to the game service offering.

In 2014, a custom control panel was developed in-house to cater directly to the complex requirements behind popular ARMA 2 and ARMA 3 mods.

The panel was a response to the lack of flexibility popular game panels have offered for years. Allowed us to expand to more games, more complex modding setups, and a higher level of direct customization.

  • Custom control panel
  • PS4 ARK Servers
  • Specializes in survival games
  • No refund policy
  • Only Europe & US locations


Tidyhosts is fine, but fine is not ok. While tidyhosts could be a decent web host, you’ll get better quality hosting at a less expensive price with Hostinger, as an example.

Established in 2004, tidyhosts has servers located within the UK hosting over 200 thousand websites. It offers shared web hosting and WordPress hosting among other options, and every one of its services is provided entirely in English.

The todyhosts cloud VPS hosting gives you a good variety of options to choose from with storage starting from 40GB to 120GB along with an equivalent 30-day money-back guarantee.

It also includes SSH access and SSL certificates. The cloud server is extremely powerful and simple to use, additionally to also being flexible.

The servers perform very well and once you set them up, they begin working within a fraction of a moment.

Tidyhosts has become a leading cloud hosting provider since its launch back in 2004.

Tidyhosts boasts a feature-rich choice of services, from domain registration, to game server hosting. We operate and manage their own network infrastructure, with fully redundant connections to the rest of the world.

Their passion and drive for fulfillment have gained a reputation of reliability and trust, making Tidyhosts the number 1 choice for hosting services.

Tidyhosts was founded by 3 developers, with their own infrastructure requirements. Years on, the corporate has expanded and provided services to customers around the world.

tidyhosts may be a high-performing cloud hosting vendor offering very powerful and quality hosting services, apart from support, and at very affordable costs.

  • Powerful cloud servers
  • Fast and secure WordPress hosting
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


They have proven themselves over the past years when it comes to hosting the simplest game servers within the industry and offering extremely knowledgeable customer support. They’ve sponsored LAN events and numerous professional gaming teams.

End of Reality provides an unmatched level of performance by hosting its services on the simplest server hardware within the industry.

They use super-fast 15,000rpm Hard Drives in a RAID-10 configuration in all their host machines ensuring both speed and redundancy.

End of Reality also utilizes the most recent processors from Intel with up to 16 cores in each host machine and dual-gigabit NICs.

Combined with a Network and Power 100% uptime SLA and dual A+B power feeds, EOR is unparalleled in uptime and performance.

thousands of game and voice servers across the US and Europe. End of Reality boasts an unmatched reputation in the game server industry for its quality of service and lightning-fast support.

  • DDoS Protection Comes Standard
  • TCAdmin control panel
  • Full FTP Access
  • Remote Game Console Access
  • Full RCON / Remote Game Admin
  • Extreme Performance OS
  • Fully Managed Service Level
  • 24/7 Support
  • 1-Click Mod Installer
  • Fully Dedicated Hardware
  • Super Fast 3.4ghz+++ CPU
  • Free FastDL & Database!


Elite Game Servers has provided the simplest network speed for my SAMP server and it’s allowed our server to be open to many sites and has registered over 500 players so far, their support is super good and therefore the control panel is basically good because it provides a clean interface and simple to use control.

They carefully choose our datacenters partners and make sure they have the simplest network at each location, with low and stable ping times and reliable connectivity.

The datacenters they use have excellent connectivity with the whole world by using only the simplest transit and peering providers.

which means the data of your game server reaches the players using the most optimal route. This leads to better ping times compared to other game server providers!

They choose our hardware and datacenters very carefully and negotiate very cheap prices. This results in lower prices for their clients also , which allows us to provide you with excellent quality game servers for an unbeatable price!

They only use state-of-the-art Intel© Xeon processors and server hardware from renowned brands which provide lower energy costs and stable servers that always perform well without lag. this is often not only a price reduction but it is also good for the environment!

All of their game servers will be online within minutes after we receive your payment. This process is totally automated so your server will be delivered no matter what time or day it’s.

All of their game servers come with FTP access so you’ll upload your own maps, mods and plugins!

For most games, it is also possible to install mods and maps from the control panel so you’ll quickly start without having to upload the files to your server.

They make use of an advanced control panel that provides you full control over your server.

They actively monitor your servers and if they crash the control panel will automatically reboot them without your intervention.

You can even make sub-accounts with different access levels for your clan members and server admins so that they can reboot your server or change the maps once you aren’t available.

  • Full IPv6 support with native connectivity.
  • Redundant networks with high availability.
  • Multiple 10GE and 100GE transit and peering uplinks.
  • The lowest latency(pings) possible!


Fragnet is a leading provider in online gaming services including game servers, dedicated gaming servers and voice over IP communication software. Their network infrastructure spans 30 data centers worldwide.

A good network, though, is nothing without quality hardware. Their machines use only high-end enterprise components. This ensures great reliability and performance of each service they offer.

Since the beginning, they have worked tirelessly to provide a top-quality of service unmatched in our industry, not only in the services they offer but in the support we offer to each and every customer.

Fragnet was built for gamers by gamers. By carefully picking networks with low latency and top quality Internet bandwidth and only hosting on Enterprise hardware.

They have created the ultimate platform for hosting fast and reliable game servers. Fast, smooth and superb hit registration are key factors for a successful game server.

Secondly, they added THE control panel for game servers, putting YOU in charge.

Their fantastic control panel allows you to install mods, maps or even reinstall your game server if needed. you’ll even let clan members gain full or partial control.

Nothing of the above is as important as fast and responsive Support. they have a knowledgeable team comprised of gamers able to assist you with any questions you have.

All game server orders are set up instantly after your payment are received. the process starts right away and your service are going to be online within a couple of minutes.

If you’re not satisfied within the first 5 days of your purchase, you’ll request a full refund!

  • All servers include
  • Instant Setup
  • 24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Game Panel
  • No Branding
  • Free Voice Server
  • Low Latency Networks
  • 5 Day Money-back Guarantee


I’ve used both ExtraVM’s Minecraft game server plan and Dallas Ryzen VPS. Both have performed great and are a really good value, especially for their price.

Mike responds to support tickets extremely quickly(usually within minutes), and can go above and beyond in terms of helping set something up or answering questions.

If you’re trying to find Minecraft or VPS hosting, ExtraVM is certainly a solid choice.

The server performs great, any lag spikes which may occur maybe once an hour are quite acceptable at this price point especially since TPS is great the rest of the time, uptime has been 100% thus far.

Customer support isn’t the best, but it’s alright. During working hours they reply very quickly, which is ok by me, they also tend to reply on Sundays.

But you would possibly want to double-check their responses, sometimes you might need to tell them twice what exactly do you want to get done.

Fast VPS with access to the OVH “Game” network firewall for protecting game servers.

Their Game VPS plans run on hardware that gives a quick and reliable experience for any type of application.

They use modern, high-frequency processors, SSD or NVMe drives, and have various methods of monitoring to make sure stability.

In Dallas, they have a variety of systems for both Virtual Private Server and game server clients.

Their VPS clients are hosted on their own colocated AMD Ryzen hardware connected to the HiVelocity network, who provides excellent network reliability and connectivity.

Game servers are hosted on a collection of our own hardware and rented hardware from various network providers.

  • Game Anti-DDoS
  • Their Game VPS (KVM Game) plans utilize the OVH Game Firewall to provide excellent DDoS protection.
  • 10+ Filters Available
  • The Game Firewall has over a dozen customized filters for game and voice servers to make sure attacks are blocked.
  • Multiple Locations
  • Their Game VPS plans are available in multiple locations to provide good latency to most regions.
  • Manage Your Server
  • Complete common tasks like rebooting, reinstalling the OS, managing IPs and more.
  • Remote Access Console
  • Lose access or connectivity? you’ll access the HTML5 VNC console instantly to gain access.
  • Install Operating Systems
  • You can quickly reinstall any common Linux operating system or install your own via ISO image.


Whether it’s for a competitive match, or a casual game with friends. Streamline Servers has the right game server package for you!

Streamline has always been Fast to reply and great to work with, I always check them when looking at servers before anywhere else.

They provide servers that are non-laggy ( GMod server has not had a single crash) and it’s extremely easy to configure/customize.

And even after years, the support team at Streamline continues to be the best customer support in any server provider company. They respond incredibly fast and truly help solve issues.

If you’re considering a server, you must consider Streamline as your host!

Amazing service. Helpful staff. Willing to support every type of customer and offer great packages with the reliability of a corporate enterprise and the friendliness of a small business.

Their systems come with an abundance of awesome features! ranging from one-click mod installs to custom scripts that make running your business or community a dream.

You can view the status of every node we own. If there is a problem, you’ll see it in real-time and that we will be notified instantaneously.

They strive to provide you with the best service possible. With their support team we will help you resolve most problems and get back to gaming in no time.

Their Network is backed by DoS and DDoS protection and on-site mitigation appliances. Boasting Blacklotus and Staminus for their international and NSFocus mitigation appliances for domestic-based attacks running in-line.

Dedicated Game Servers offer you the lag-free gaming you desire, make sure you get that positive KD.

Dedicated Minecraft Gaming Servers offer you the freedom of control with utter simplicity.


Then is that the right place for you! they offer all this – with plenty of passion and knowledge. Best network infrastructures offer the best DDOS protection and highly available server performance. give it a try!

Start renting a blazing-fast game server for your favorite games powered by and have fun along with your friends on your own server!

To ensure that your server doesn’t suffer from performance breakdowns, even with high mod and plugin loads, your server will only be installed on current and powerful hardware. Likewise, you get free DDoS protection with your Minecraft game server.

This effectively prevents DDoS attacks from the outside. If an attack takes place, you’ll not even get that while you’re playing.

If you have a game server with its own IP address, you even get administrative access to the protection and can view the attack log.

The combination of DDoS protection and branded hardware ensures smooth gameplay. Likewise, we will promise you the best possible playing experience. is hosting Gameservers, Teamspeak 3 Servers, Virtual Servers and Webspace since May 2010 and is now one of the biggest server providers in Germany.

ZAP provides top-quality support, which may be contacted via LiveChat, phone and our ticketing system 7 days every week from 10:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

A novel product from ZAP are their Minecraft Lifetime Gameservers. Only a one-time fee is to be paid to host your Minecraft Server for a lifetime, without any incurring monthly fees.

In April 2017 we released our new custom web interface, the ZAP 2.0, with which many unique features like a wish box, affiliate system, community ad system, donation system and much more are introduced.

For all products, customers can prefer to pay anonymously using prepaid payments with no personal data being collected by ZAP.

12.Apexminecraft hosting

Apex Hosting for Minecraft is one of the most popular Minecraft servers On the market today. they provide solid support, for an affordable price and have high-performance servers.

They sometimes have offers and discounts of up to 25% off selected hosting packages. they have over 100,000+ Satisfied customers around the world so you’ll make sure they’re reputable and trustworthy.

Apex hosting advertises 24/7 uptime and also provides DDOS protection.

High-end hardware is used, along with a quick internet connection – 1Gbps. you’re unlikely to experience lag unless you don’t buy enough RAM.

A very good feature of this host is that they let you pick from 9 different geographical locations for server hosting. This way, you’ll host your server close to where your players live to reduce lag.

In our opinion, you’ll only get so much performance out of these shared Minecraft servers before you run into issues.

Because this host doesn’t offer dedicated servers or VPS, you’ll have to change hosts if your server gets very large and requires a more powerful server.

But if you’re searching for a small to the mid-sized server, Apex is certainly worth looking into for your server hosting needs.

One of the primary things we look for when it comes to Minecraft servers is their user-friendliness.

The service is extremely user-friendly and it’s also simple to maintain. It doesn’t matter what your current skill level is, getting to grips with this Minecraft server is simple enough.

Developers also are able to add and manage members, also as plugins with ease.

Other than that, it’s also worth mentioning the responsive user interface which ensures that developers who switch to Apex rarely want to then look elsewhere.

All the choices you need are right in front of you and you get a 100% free address for your server with each order. Apex also offers free subdomains, too.

Another important feature of any Minecraft server hosting is customer support.

This one offers 24/7 customer support that includes a live chat feature that’s home to a dedicated and expert support team.

It doesn’t matter where you’re in the world, you’ll contact the support team at any time and find a helpful response to your query.

Also, automatic backups are available to assist you maintain your server in order that any key data never gets lost.


Pingperfect is one of the most popular providers for game server hosting and web hosting.

Every member of staff is a gamer, with 7 days to die, Space Engineers, Minecraft, The Isle, Ark Survival Evolved, DayZ Standalone and Conan amongst the top office favorites.

Perhaps that’s the reason why their highly trained technical support team excels beyond our competitors.

You, their brilliant customers and fellow gamers are at the heart of Pingperfect. should you ever need assistance along with your game server or website, they aim to answer your ticket within 20 minutes!

They continually invest in the latest hardware for the best-dedicated servers to host a variety of games, ensuring you get the best performance possible.

They certainly prefer to live up to our name, and with data centers worldwide they’re quite happy to recommend a location suitable for you and your gaming community.

In all our locations, you’ll enjoy our customized network optimized for game servers. What meaning is that it gives you every chance to point out off your skills instead of who got the best connection. was established in 2012 to provide reliable, friendly and affordable game servers for clans and individuals. Founded by three gaming enthusiasts and industry veterans we understand what true gamers require.

They maintain and monitor their own dedicated servers with the best quality hardware and software they know you’ll be proud to say you have a game server from

They have 24/7/365 support available via our ticket system and can always endeavor to answer any queries or support requests as fast as possible.

Their EU dedicated servers are located in Roubaix 4 data center (Paris) which also has two separate 10 Gigabit networks and direct peering points in Paris, London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam with a complete network bandwidth of 120Gbps.

The process was easy, the staff are always helpful and precise in their instructions especially if something is wrong, and also the game panel are often easily utilized they even have instructions on what you’ll do about your server and how.

All in all, the service is ping PERFECT!


Host Havoc Ltd. is a registered Canadian company currently situated in Ottawa, Canada. Their team is currently comprised of 4 individuals.

As a corporation, their number one goal is to make sure our customers’ satisfaction at all costs.

They strive to maintain a low overhead operation, allowing us to provide our customers with the best possible pricing.

Host Havoc has services for gaming servers which has a number of the most popular games in the current market.

some of these games that servers are purchasable include Counter-Strike: GO, Squad, Rust Experimental, etc.

All of the gaming servers give users complete access to FTP and have a file manager for simple management.

For the server admins, any necessary changes in rules or actions are quickly accessible through the command line manager.

This command-line system is applied for all the gaming servers, which makes server configuration more convenient. All server updates or necessary restarts are automatically executed, and installing mods takes just one click.

For instant voice communication and instantly sharing content among a large group of individuals, TeamSpeak 3 is that the best platform.

Therefore, users can use Host Havoc to purchase TeamSpeak 3’s servers so that smooth communication is maintained in the least time.

When playing team-based games, talking back and forth is very important to know what’s happening in the game.

Or, when an online meeting is taking place, a clear exchange of voices is important.

For cases like these, TeamSpeak 3 shines the most by being a perfect software for purposes like gaming, education, business. Inside the servers, multiple channels are often created, and users are manageable by assigning different roles and power.

Smooth transition of voice is guaranteed because it has high-quality bandwidth, and a location changer is provided for better ping.

Host Havoc’s gaming servers for Squad, Counter-Strike: GO, and Rush Experimental are $18.50, $10, and $14 without the discount. of these servers for gaming delivers twenty to thirty slots as default which are expandable if required.

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