Voluum Review 2023: The Top 7 Pros And Cons Of Best Affiliate Program Management Software

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Best Affiliate Program Management Software

Voluum is that the platform where one can monitor its efforts done on affiliate marketing. Advertisers can track their activities from anywhere because it is cloud software that’s not device-based.

If you actually want to get achieve your affiliate marketing, then i might suggest reading all the aspects of this post and start using Voluum tracking.

Reading Voluum review is nice to check what Voluum is and how does the software help for marketing before paying its cost.

The software allows you to check out the live updates of your marketing campaigns.

Here you’ll undergo the number of clicks, visits, conversions and therefore the revenue of the affiliate marketing campaign.

No matter how large the volume of traffic your Voluum affiliate tracker can analyze all the information and give insight to action profitable affiliate business needs.

Have you imagined a tracker with in-built optimization tools and offers cloud-based performance at an unimaginable price?

I have never come across such a tracker and this is often often why this article is to suggests you that such wonders happen.

Voluum is one such performance marketing tracker which can take your affiliate business to new heights. it’s an beat one tracker with multi-purpose functionalities and supports various ad formats.

Read this full article and you will know why Voluum is that the #1 affiliate tracker for affiliate business.

Voluum’s Affiliate Tracker:

Voluum could also be a much better tracker to trace your affiliate and ad campaigns with cloud-based functionality and AI-based features.

There are numerous affiliate trackers scattered within the market, however only only a couple of of them have unique features and rest others are copy-paste.

Voluum is probably the only one on the market with the most features, own DSP, direct connectivity with traffic sources and affiliate networks, their new Voluum DSP functionality allows you to shop for traffic directly to partners within its dashboard and did most of the automated work.

Voluum allows you to track, analyze and optimize all of your ad campaigns thereby taking your business to subsequent level.

Voluum supports multiple ad formats and tracks every click that you simply just run using any ad format. These ad formats supported by Voluum include Native ads, banner, Pop-under, Push notification ads, Search, Social, Email, and Video.

Why Voluum Affiliate Tracker?

Voluum is a real time tracking software to analyze the performance of affiliate marketing campaigns.As affiliate marketers, we must track the campaigns to check their insights.

you’re wasting some time if you aren’t tracking the performance of your campaigns. it’s necessary to know what the things that should be changed are and what to keep up with the affiliate marketing strategy so on get a positive effect.

Voluum offers premade templates so you’ll add any traffic source and work with them efficiently. These traffic sources supported by Voluum include Taboola, Facebook, mgid, Revcontent, Outbrain, exoclick, 1 by Aol, AppNexus, Zeropark, and Google.

There are more within the line so when working with Voluum you’ve too many options making it flexible.

Voluum track your campaign and optimized for greater efficiency to avoid burning your money and waste time. Purchasing any of the Voluum plans is worth your money and you no more need to step back within the affiliate business.

If you’re using a self-hosted tracker then it is time to change your mind and switch to Voluum because it offers easy scaling and flexibility. Whereas self-hosted trackers have hidden costs, uneasy setup and security issues. In addition, self-hosted tracker does not offer notifications, AI-based features and bot detection.

Voluum allows you to know the platform during individual onboarding. It offers a step-by-step guide to ease your setup. Using its simple campaign form you’ll start tracking within minutes.

For any assistance, you’ll cross-check its video tutorials & webinars. For any technical assistance, you’ll contact your account manager dedicated to you and solve your queries instantly.Voluum is one great solution to all or any or any your affiliate tracking issues and better management of your business.

Features of Voluum Tracker

  • Real-Time Campaign tracking
    As already stated, Voluum is that the real-time reporting software that gives you with live updates. it’s built with such an interface that you simply will get the real-time results about the behavior of visitors and therefore the conversion rates.
  • Driving traffic
    Voluum provides seamless data to the shoppers no matter how many users are coming i.e. it processes the data continuously. it’s some integration to check traffic sources also. It doesn’t make you check all the traffic sources, then you’ll even manually check the traffic sources by integrating its parameters.
  • Device independence
    Voluum knows that not whenever marketer is available with its PC, so there’s a necessity for device independence to work on even mobile phones. So it works on mobile phones too. Just log in to your account and check the real-time details of your running campaign.
  • Reliable and secure interface
    Voluum has inbuilt an interface that’s completely reliable and keep your data secure. Its encryption and authentication methods are strong and don’t make your data get leaked or theft. within the situation of network time out also it keeps the campaign live.


While all affiliate tracking platform offers many unique features to face out of the competition, let’s take a glance at some of the top developing solutions and tools under Voluum that allows you to scale your affiliate marketing income 300%.

Tracking Your Campaigns

Voluum has multiple cloud data centers in around 5 continents and thus the servers are always running with 100% uptime. This ensures you don’t lose one click and keep a track of all of your affiliate campaigns.

Track every Event: you’ll track every parameter of your campaign because that decides the success of your affiliate business.

Without tracking parameters like impressions, visits, clicks and more you can’t decide where you’re lacking and what improvements are needed to increase your profitability.

It offers direct tracking pixel that enables you to track both organic and paid traffic without you being blocked by Facebook and Google. this suggests saving many dollars that are lost as most traffic sources don’t allow redirects in URL.

Voluum campaign tracking

Multiple models: Different costing models make it easy for you to trace your costs. models available in Voluum is CPC, CPM, CPA or Revshare. this permits you to knowledge much you’ve earned with each event and keep a track of your profit and ROI.

You need to trace each and every conversion may it is a sign-up, product/service purchase or a download. Tracking all of your conversions gives you an idea from where the lead has been generated and helps you modify these leads into potential customers.

Voluum Review 1: #1 Affiliate marketing tracker

Round the clock support: With the superior customer support team, you’ll onboard quickly and determine the complexity of managing your affiliate platform because it requires a deep understanding and time-consuming.

With support, you’ll start over easily and maximize your performance.

Detailed video tutorials: acknowledged your campaigns hassle-free and configure it to tackle the challenges that stop you from generating leads and soaring higher profits.

With video tutorials and helpful articles, you’ll configure the campaigns as per your need and easily track your campaigns for better performance.

Analyze the information

Analyzing the information in real-time helps you are taking action and work as an expert.

Deep analysis: you will get as many as 30+ data points on every visit so you don’t lack when it comes to data-driven decisions.

For better optimization and performance you’d like exact data-driven points and dig deep into the knowledge that you simply just expect from an affiliate tracker. Granular analytics system (GUT) allows you to need action supported data points about impressions, clicks, and conversion.

Voluum Review 2: #1 Affiliate marketing tracker

Extracting the knowledge and discovering the deeper layers will assist you in profitable decisions and go at the side of the most recent trends.With data grouping, you’ll determine the hidden pearls beneath the ocean then when your volume increases you’ll easily extract those hidden gems of data .

Accessing campaign data in real-time will save time and money as you can’t afford to sit down and await the knowledge to be pulled out slowly.What every affiliate needs is high performance and cost-cutting which is possible with real-time reports generated instantly.

This helps you react immediately and stop the events which can be a hurdle in future no matter the volume of your traffic.

Automatic Performance: How great it’d be if you will get the whole performance measured and draw accurate conclusions from it? But usually, it goes past our naked eyes because the info set is large and has complexity attached thereto .

To get improved insights all the information you’ll use the campaign dashboard to get an outline of the important metrics like visits, clicks, cost per impression and more. this way you’ll identify the patterns and improve overall performance.

Voluum Mobile Application: Each minute count in affiliate marketing and you can not seriously afford to lose any offer or does not react to bot traffic.

This might result in a large loss. To react to every situation round the clock and keep an eye fixed on what’s happening you’d like a tool that provides 24/7 monitoring from any device.

Voluum offers a mobile app that allows you to observe your campaign performance anytime from anywhere. If anything unfortunate happens then you will get instant notifications and take required action.

Optimize Affiliate Performance

By using automation to optimize your campaign you’ll improve your affiliate performance faster and effectively.

Advance Targeting Targeting the proper audience is usually a difficult a part of affiliate marketing because without reaching the right audience you cant increase your conversions and your profit won’t soar high.

So what is the solution to reach the right audience?It offers advanced targeting solution that helps you to know the user’s device, OS , referrer, browser version and more. Targeting relevant audience will lower the value and increase the profit so you’ll make the most out of your budget.

What if you’ll optimize ad performance automatically? With AI , you will have traffic redistributed automatically to the most effective offers in real-time.

Metrics Reports: What if you had to spend the entire time just to seem at the reports with various metrics and determine the fault? This becomes too hectic! Voluum makes it easy for you by alerting you when metrics change

This way you’ll monitor your performance using mobile or desktop notifications and react instantly.

Run A/B tests: Running A/B tests on different pages assist you in receiving valuable information about the visitor’s action. this way you’ll know what variants are most converting.

A/B testing is one function that you simply simply should try while starting a fresh landing page or creating anything new while starting a new campaign. With A/B tests you’ll take effective measures for improved performance and better conversions.

Scale Affiliate Business

By scaling your affiliate business you will get more conversions at low cost and reach a wider audience thereby increasing your profitability.

Offers marketplace: Are you finding it difficult to seem for the most effective offers?

It is really time-consuming and requires you to dig deep find the simplest affiliate offers. How wonderful it’d be if you’ll access everything from one place?

Yes, it’s possible to offers marketplace where you’ll search and compare offers from the top affiliate networks within the panel itself. With advanced filtering option, you’ll navigate through and choose which one’s are the foremost effective.

Share Data Safer way: What if you’d prefer to share your data along with your partners or anybody else? Hush! that needs plenty of effort as you’ve to export the info into CSV and arrange the fields and above that eliminate the data that you simply don’t want to share.

Voluum offers shared reports using which you’ll grant access to anyone to any specific a part of your data. you’ll decide the time for the data are going to be visible to the authorized person keeping it safe and clutter-free.

Pricing fits your needs: Now that you simply just have taken all the preventive measures it is time to increase your volumes as scale as fast as you’ll . But while your traffic increases you’d sort of a tracker to handle it and at a similar time cost for scaling should below.

At Voluum you’re ensured to get a custom plan to fulfill high volume requirements at low cost. By choosing annual plans you’ll save more and maximize your profit.

Voluum Review 3: #1 Affiliate marketing tracker

Starter plan will cost $ 49 per month if billed annually. It gives you 1,000,000 events and most traditional features across all plans. It allows you to use only one custom domain and a few of essential tools. The plan is extremely cost-effective for startups and intermediate affiliate marketer.

Profit plan which costs $119 per month on annual billing is one amongst the best value paid subscription which enables many premium features including 3,000,000 events, dedicated onboarding three custom domain, API access, integration push notification rate, the workspace, reports in depth and 12-hour response time for support.

Grow plan which costs about $ 349 per month on annual billing comes with all the features of the regime increasingly + additional tools such as fraud detection, newspaper circulation, real-time reports, management of team and shared reports. The plan enables 10,000,000 events tracking.

Regardless of your subscription, you’ll track any Zeropark events free of charge on any Voluum subscription.

Some unique features of Voluum which make it #1 within the industry!
While most of the affiliate trackers within the market have common features across them, Voluum has made it the most by offering extra tools and a couple of extra amazing features which other trackers lack.

Automatic traffic distrubution:

With the help of advance developed AI Voluum analyzes the performance of your offers, real time landing pages and distribute your source of traffic for the best return ROI.

The automatic traffic distribution is supposed to figure by redirecting the highest volumes of traffic to the most effective performing offers and landers, which can’t be achieved manually.

By using the ATD feature, You get higher ROI, save time as their AI works round the clock, so you don ‘t need to .

The best Anti-Fraud Kit:

While most of the traffic sources are legit and offers ethical traffic. However, some traffic sources are still integrated bots traffic and robots click to make more money from the advertisers.

So if you’re paying high for the traffic and your campaigns aren’t converting because of Bots traffic, you’ll lose all of your media buying investments.

Voluum’s Anti-fraud kit detects bot and robots traffic and takes action many |to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of your budget. Their algorithm finds suspicious click and unrealistic conversions to compressive metrics.

Their anti-fraud system investigates traffic quality to see fake or bot traffic and filter it out by taking action. you’ll export detailed data for invalid traffic and apply measures to remain your campaign running smoothly.

It not only helps you to save|to avoid wasting”> to save lots of lots of money on traffic, but it also enables you to remain good relations with affiliate offer owners, increase your ROI and get actionable insights.

Collaboration tools:

The latest Voluum collaboration tools allow you to organize your work within a team or share your results with partners easily.

Voluum collaboration tools

Teamwork is that the most significant a part of internet marketing and without it, one can’t grow. Voluum collaboration tools allow you to manage your business more efficiently by showing numerous of information or results to partners.

For example, partners can show their payments, so voluum can act as affiliate network here. You can also provide access to sources of traffic to manage several parts and statics.

If you’re performing on a definite project or venture , you’ll give access to a particular campaign to your partner.Voluum has made it simple by offering the only collab tools and features.

Are you considerably excited to use Voluum as your preferred Affiliate tracker?

Voluum Review 4: #1 Affiliate marketing tracker

Gone are days when marketers use to do of those stuff manually which wont to consume tons of your time . With the help of affiliate trackers, Its very easy now and save hours of your time , so you’ll utilize that precious time in exploring new campaigns and traffic sources.

Affiliate tracker works with all networks, platforms like tune, Affise, as well as any custom-built tracking platform. They support most of the traffic sources including native, push, pops, and more.

So if you are still working with the old traditional method, its time to innovate and move to the most innovative and Smart Affiliate tracker within the Market — Voluum!

Are you using Affiliate Tracker?

Affiliate marketing is incomplete without proper tracking and management solutions. An Affiliate tracker helps you to analyze your performance marketing campaigns, understand which traffic source is functioning best for you and also how much is ROI.

Voluum Pricing & Plans

Voluum offers 4 plans which can be chosen supported your requirement and your budget. all-time low plan is that the Discover plan that costs $49/month, Profit plan at $119/month, Grow plan at $349/month and Custom plan at $999/mo

Book a Free Demo at Voluum

If you are a newbie in affiliate marketing and just started using trackers, Voluum video tutorials and support team is there to enable you to know the tracker completely by giving a hands-on demo and also detailed tutorials + video and more to help you connect along with your traffic source and affiliate network.


  • Reporting is always important to me, and that they are excellent at that as well.
  • That being said, I liked the tech tons , sadly i used to be unable to use it so my campaigns would convert better at the time of speaking.
  • It is easy to use and extremely useful for everyone .

I really liked that Voluum have the opportunity to direct traffic from multiple GEO for the link set.


  • You cant get detailed information. there’s no possibility of tracking cross device, which is a big disadvantage.
  • The WORST thing about this software is that the group of individuals behind the product


Voluum can process real-time data, allowing it to provide instant information to users. it’s also accessible from the cloud and may be used on any device, allowing advertisers to stay a pulse on their activities.

With Voluum, users can be assured that their data is safe.The platform is protected by high-grade encryption and authentication methods the same as those of worldwide financial institutions.Voluum allows you to upgrade your plan at any time and higher functionality and higher requirements.

If you’d prefer to migrate from any tracker then you’re liberal to do that with the automated campaign migration.

Implementation is simple, which is a big plus. User interphase and navigation are clear. Its integrated with the main advertising platforms, meaning set up isn’t complicated.

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