WP engine review 2021: The Top 5 Pros And Cons Of Managed WordPress Hosting


WP Engine equips you with a suite of agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions, so you can build and deploy a range of online experiences from campaign sites to content hubs to ecommerce extensions.

WPEngine is high muckamuck WordPress hosting. Their hassle-free hosting offers quick and strong servers which will handle something.

Your web site is much hacker proof, and their mind-blowing client service causes you to want king. they provide automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automatic caching, top-tier security, one-click area, and more.

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When running a business or project, outsourcing time-consuming IT tasks to professionals can save you time, money, and headaches.

That’s the principle behind WP Engine, a managed WordPress host that keeps your site secure and improves speed.

You’ll get additional elements that you won’t get from most hosting providers. This consists of every day backups and automated plugin updates.

WP Engine can cope with many different technical duties for your internet site as well, leaving you with extra time to center of attention on providing first-rate content and bettering centered promotions for your small enterprise or freelance project.


 WP ENGINE partnerships with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform provide you a range of affordable, enterprise-grade solutions that deliver lightning fast, scalable, highly available and secure experiences.

WP ENGINE optimize AWS and GCP for WordPress, so you don’t have to. Instead, you gain time back to focus on building your business.

Leverage the WordPress experts

WP Engine ensures your hosting is properly configured for your business and offers real-time security threat detection, free Let’s Encrypt SSL Certificates, their EverCache proprietary caching technology, and a global CDN.

WP ENGINE also manage WordPress patches and updates. So, you gain peace of mind always being a step ahead.


This managed web hosting is designed to deliver an most appropriate journey for WordPress websites.

You’ll get free site migration and every day backups, CDN (content delivery network) integration, a staging environment, built-in or third-party supported SSL certificate plus lots more.

They additionally offer a beneficiant 60-day money-back guarantee.WP Engine is a premium managed web hosting provider that promises:

  • Stunning speed
  • Powerful security, and
  • Best-in-class customer service.
  • Secures your WordPress site
  • Optimizes server settings for faster load times
  • Performs daily backups, and
  • Automatically updates your WP plugins.


  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Dev, Stage, Prod Environments
  • Transferable Sites
  • PHP 7.2 ready
  • LargeFS
  • Global CDN
  • Page Performance
  • Automated SSL certificates
  • Imported SSL certificates
  • 24/7 phone support
  • WordPress Multisite
  • GeoTarget
  • Content Performance
  • Consultative onboarding
  • Launch readiness assessment
  • SSH Gateway
  • Application Performance
  • Dedicated Dev Environments
  • Customer success management
  • 24/7 ticket support
  • High availability


The capabilities of WP Engine’s digital experience platform are extensive.

Whether you are on a personal plan or enterprise plan, there are numerous tips and tricks that can help you accelerate your online growth and time to market as a developer or agency.

In a recent webinar, WP Engine’s Partner Operations Manager Tony Gilharry walked us through some tips and tricks WP Engine offers to help optimize your site.

Read on to get a recap on how to dive under the hood of your WP Engine account and create bigger, faster, safer WordPress experiences that can help grow your business.


Upon creating an account with WP Engine, you’ll have a WordPress site that’s immediately ready to use — no configuration necessary.

An install includes a set of WordPress core files and a database customized for the WP Engine environment.

 You can log in and begin to adjust the look and feel of your site right away. The tools outlined below will help you with your existing site.

Let’s start by looking at some of the most impressive features available on the WP Engine platform.


 WP Engine automated migration

The Migration Plugin Tool allows you to easily migrate your WordPress site to WP Engine from any other host.

With very minimal technical knowledge needed, you can easily migrate your site in mere minutes. Simply enter the credentials and let the tool do the rest.


staging sites with WP Engine

What if you have an existing site and you are looking to test some things out?

A staging site is a clone of your live website and therefore is a great option for trying out changes before going live.

Staging sites enable you to test any changes or major new features in a private or password protected environment.

It provides you with an opportunity to catch errors or bugs without putting your live site at risk.

Test plugins, themes, and code without worry. You can pick and choose specifics to copy from live into staging or vice versa without impacting your public-facing site.


wp engine copy site

Imagine you’re a developer looking to create more sites. For instance, you made a great site and now you want to replicate it for your clients.

With WP Engine’s Copy Site tool you can copy a site that you’ve already completed rather than build it all again from scratch.

Swap out content and the basic structure ready to go for another use!


WP Engine Billing Transfer

What if you are a developer or an agency building a website for a friend or client?

It’s a serious pain to go and get their credit card info, go get them to sign up etc. So, we created a feature called Billing Transfer.

Developers can create all their sites directly within the WP Engine User Portal. The need to manage your client’s hosting account is now eliminated.

Rather, it’s completed with the ability for developers to transfer the site to their client so they can simply focus on creating content.

Clients can also receive a temporary URL if they want to get a preview of the site. If they like the site, they can buy an account, the site is transferred to them, and they handle all the billing.


One of the most admirable aspects of the WP Engine platform is the contribution we make to the WordPress community.

Through WP Engine support team you’ll be equipped to get all of your WordPress technical questions answered and the support your business needs in no time.

It’s no wonder then that WP Engine’ve won a Stevie Award for the top Customer Service Department year after year.

Here are just a few ways WP Engine expertise touches the WordPress community:


Customer-inspired, WP Engine always have your back.

Whether it be automatic security updates to updating your installs automatically, WP Engine aim to provide you with the best, most secure, online experience possible.

While customers can opt to defer updates in their WordPress dashboard, WP Engine system will send out two notices (seven days and four hours prior) before the update starts.


Once you come over to the WP Engine platform, security is taken care of.

WP Engine protect you from sophisticated exploits, separate our customers at the kernel level, and provide a highly secure WordPress experience for customers at every level. We identify attacks before they happen.

It’s important to note though that security isn’t a feature at WP Engine, it’s a mindset.

 While WP Engine provide a number of security features to harden the security of your WordPress site, you as the end user must also be vigilant about security.

Using strong passwords, giving the right user permissions, and not installing outdated plugins are just a few things you can do to make your WordPress site more secure.


WP Engine want to make sure all your hard work stays available to all your customers no matter the situation.

Disaster recovery refers to the entire process of delivering fast recovery to information systems in the event of a disaster or emergency.

disaster recovery wp engine

WP Engine continuously fine-tune both the developer, front-end consumer experience with their deepest investment in R&D.

WP Engine are very proud to say, through our interconnected network,WP Engine are figuring out how to minimize interruptions both internally and externally.

WP Engine are also limiting the extent of the destruction and preventing data loss in our disaster recovery plan.

WP Engine minimize the financial or global impact of any interruption whatsoever and they want to establish alternate means of operation in advance.

WP Engine train our personnel with emergency procedures and we also provide smooth and rapid restoration services.


offsite backups wp engine

Think of backups as an insurance policy: you hope you never need them but when you do, you are really glad they are there!

In addition to on-demand backups, WP Engine automatically conducts daily backups to ensure your data is never lost.

Both on demand and daily backups are stored in separate geographical locations from your site for ultimate peace of mind.

All of their backups include file system data, a database snapshot, and your media library.

WP Engine ensure you have everything you need to get up and running if your primary data happens to become unavailable.


So far WP Engine have discussed the foundation of the WP Engine digital experience platform.

WP Engine’ve taken it a step further recently with a new suite of intelligence products to help you monitor and measure various aspects of site performance.

Page Performance is the first web speed performance tool integrated into the user dashboard at WP Engine to give our customers insight to quickly and dramatically improve the speed and performance of their site.

It allows you to measure page render times and conduct improvements based on expert recommendations.

Just a one second time delay results in seven percent fewer conversions — something that can be detrimental to your bottom line.

In addition, you can set scheduled automated tests to see if your site has improved over time.

This can also help you determine if a new addition to your site, like a plugin, has detracted from site performance at all.


WP Engine Content Performance

WP Engine newly released tool, Content Performance, integrates data from Google Analytics and optimizes it for WordPress.

This super exciting new feature will help marketers, publishers, business owners and more to better understand how their content is performing.

Currently available to WP Engine customers on a Business plan and up, Content Performance gives you insight into what content is performing the best and worst among real users.


The foundation of the entire WP Engine platform is really intended for scale.

If you’ve ever used a rideshare such as Uber you might be aware that there are cool features in certain locations such as Uber Helicopter in NYC or Uber Boat in Miami.

That’s personalization. Geo IP is a tool offered by WP Engine that brings this type of functionality to your WordPress site.


Geo IP creates a personal user experience that provides personalization by showing content specifically useful to visitors in a certain location. That way you can immediately redirect visitors to content in their language.

Or, if you’re an e-commerce website, maybe you just want to display products or services in their currency.

You can display geographically relevant content or hide irrelevant content.

The best part of this plugin is that you don’t have to code this into your site, they have already integrated it for you.

Geo IP is a free feature for any WP Engine customer with a Business plan or above.


When you’re choosing a personal, professional, business or premium plan via WP Engine plans page, you’ll find that they’ve created a universal combination of installs, visitors, and local storage paired with free SSL certificates and room for traffic spikes.

WP Engine make sure your site stays online while your traffic surges with new visitors.

Premium plans are great for organizations who are resource isolation conscious or are thinking about performance scalability and those are key priorities in their strategic plans.

Another step up from that,WP Engine have their enterprise clusters. This plan offers an incredible amount of performance and strong redundancy while being able to handle extremely large traffic needs.

WP Engine offers the top local performance and power and these configurations are capable of serving upwards of 50 million visitors a month, they are built on high performance, load balanced cloud architecture.

WP Engine are talking about what WP Engine consider self-service (up to 400,000 visitors) but if you do believe that your site has the potential of going over 400,000 visitors or you just want to make sure your site has the highest up time and availability, they have the right enterprise plans for you. WP Engine are here to scale with you!



Go beyond managed WordPress hosting with the only WordPress Digital Experience Platform (DXP).

WP ENGINE deliver innovative CreativeAGILITY, Enterprise PERFORMANCE, Actionable INTELLIGENCE, and Ecosystem INTEGRATION products and features.

Pair that with wp engine global team of WordPress experts at your service 24/7, and you’re unstoppable.

Boost engagement with insights from Content Performance, and improve your site speed with their free Page Performance tool.

Protect your site with managed WordPress updates plus threat detection and blocking, all guided by their dedicated security team.

Manage your workflows with dev, stage, and prod environments and accelerate deployment cycles with their one-click tools.

Improve your site speed, security, and SEO with a global CDN and automated SSL certificates included in all plans.

you’re not absolutely happy with your plan, cancel within the first 60 days and they’ll refund your subscription fees.

WP Engine equips you with a suite of agility, performance, intelligence, and integration solutions, so you can build and deploy a range of online experiences from campaign sites to content hubs to ecommerce extensions.


WP Engine also provides a number of top class safety features. The WordPress core is automatically up to date to the modern day version for you.

WP Engine entirely checks any important core updates earlier than upgrading their customers.

They have a proprietary intrusion detection and prevention device to block any DDoS attacks, brute force attacks, JavaScript/SQL-injection assaults and more.

Securing websites is one of the sturdy fits of WP Engine’s managed WordPress hosting service.

The business enterprise takes a number of measures to safeguard WordPress sites:

(1) WP Engine runs day by day malware/virus scans in partnership with Sucuri.
(2) They display an updated firewall to block the contemporary threats.
(3) All plans come with automatic SSL certificates included. (If you prefer to import an SSL certificate, you can do  (that on any layout above the Startup level. )
(4) All sites are backed up daily
(5) You get a one-click restore feature that can assist you recover your website in case of an attack.
(6) The WP Engine web page presents a guide on “Tips to Protect Your WordPress Site From Being Hacked.”
(7) You’ll have access to 24/7/365 technical assist for any questions regarding security.
(8)They grant webinars on security.
(9) They submit safety suggestions and checklists for builders and engineers.
If your website online receives hacked, WPE will smooth it for free.


Live chat carrier is handy from 6 am to eight pm CT for those who choose on the spot get admission to to support.

By Phone: WP Engine operates a toll-free smartphone wide variety as well, which remains operational at some point of commercial enterprise hours from 9 am to 6 pm CST.

By Email: On the plus side, email ticketing support is accessible 24 hours a day.

One of the great matters about the WP Engine is that their assist technicians have WordPress expertise, so they can provide WordPress-specific guide for your business.

This units WP Engine apart from competitors such as GoDaddy, who don’t provide WordPress-specific support.

Enterprise customers get access to 24/7 ticket support via email. Premium and Enterprise customers receive a consultative one-on-one onboarding experience as well.


WP ENGINE managed WordPress internet hosting can keep you the complications of dealing with technical details.

Small business owners with WordPress web sites — or these building one — will prefer to check out these particular WP Engine benefits and features

(1) A platform that scales with your traffic.

(2) All plugin and core updates are managed for you.

(3) Reliable structure supplying 99% uptime.

(4) Direct onboarding assist – no going it alone.

(5) A launch readiness assessment for any new website online you’re developing.

(6) WP Engine will associate with you in resolving any troubles that arise.

(7) Resources to improve your search engine optimization (SEO), jump rate, and conversion rate.

(8) A vetted concierge service connecting you with theme providers, internet site developers and advertising agencies.

(9) A partnership with Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform. WPE has optimized each for WordPress.

 (10) The gain to you: pinnacle internet sitespeeds.

(11) Actionable data to improve your results

stay chat response time that is under three minutes on averag


If you have a pre-existing WordPress website, you can effortlessly go it to WP Engine servers at no extra cost.

WP Engine has an complete section on their website that takes you thru the migration system step-by-step with videos, easy directions and snapshots.

They even have a Migration Plug-in that automates the whole process.

Once you’re internal the WP Engine portal, there’s a Migration Checklist as well, which affords a guided navigation thru the complete process.

The nice section is that you can contact support in case you need one-on-one assistance to have your WordPress web page moved.

WP Engine  is Best for You

Now that you have read thru our whole WP Engine evaluation and regarded at the performance scores, you would possibly be questioning whether WP Engine is the right web host for you.

After reviewing WP Engine offerings in detail, we are awarding them with the title “Best Managed WordPress Hosting”.

WP Engine is an perfect choice if you’re searching for a completely ordinary web host for your WordPress site.

For bloggers and agencies who desire to quit wasting time on technical important points and locate a WordPress host that just works, WP Engine is perfect.

Developers and freelancers will discover that WP Engine’s superior elements will retailer them time on WordPress development for clients.

And growing corporations will find lots of room to scale up their web hosting as their traffic increases.

WP ENGINE digital experience platform that works harder for your business.

WP Engine Digital Experience Platform augments the highly-popular WordPress platform with capabilities that include marketing analytics, security features, multi-site delivery and some personalization.

This combination has already achieved a high degree of popularity among mid-sized companies with modest digital presences, but is growing in popularity among larger organizations currently engaged in digital transformation


Powerful tech and service built to scale.



Reliable architecture that keeps you online.



Elevate your experiences with actionable data.



Improve SEO, bounce rates and conversions.


WP engine has Six pricing plans for you.you are usually paying for overall performance & not having to assume too a whole lot about maintenance, safety & speed.


Dedicated VM for high-value, highly-cacheable sites.

Annual discount applied!

Starting at $400/mo

$368/mo00 (USD)

Billed at $4800 $4416/yr.

  • 700,000 avg. visits / month
  • 100GB local storage
  • 1,000GB bandwidth / month
  • Up to 50 sites included

24/7 support, White glove onboarding, Launch readiness assessment, 99.99% SLA, WordPress Multisite.


For large businesses and mission-critical sites.GET CUSTOM PLAN

  • Dedicated environment
  • High performance
  • High availability/redundancy
  • Managed onboarding
  • Fastest support response
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • Genesis Framework

WP Engine – Get 3 months free on annual plans.


Very little is wrong with WPengine.

Sometimes it can be a bother to not have the customization of adding on greater thinks (like a client portal built backyard of WP) however thats extremely small and rare.

They can be a little pricey I feel. That is genuinely the solely thing.

The quality factor about WP Engine is how effortless they make everything. If you need a staging environment – satisfactory – there you go.

If you want a CDN set up – outstanding – there you go. If you need SSL – boom – you get it. Also the stay chat help is amazing!

Other positive things are :

(1) Security – WP Engine keeps your website online blanketed with many advanced safety elements that other hosts don’t offer.   

 (2)Fast Loading Times – Servers are optimized simply for WordPress, the whole lot is cached at the server level, and you get access to their CDN.

(3) Reliability – WP Engine’s proprietary front-end layer gadget can take care of site visitors spikes effortlessly barring slowing down your site.

(4) WordPress Expert Support – WP Engine’s entire help team of workers is comprised of trained WordPress experts.

(5) Rave Reviews – WP Engine is an pretty popular host that receives splendid opinions from many clients for their reliability and terrific consumer service.

If you are looking for a best wordpress website hosting solution and looking for a growth in your business then i suggest you to go with wp engine.

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