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Best cloud Server hosting services in 2020

Cloud hosting still won’t be for everyone, and small, simple websites are likely to be better off with regular packages. But the technology has a lot to offer anyone with larger or more ambitious projects, and many hosts run free trials which make it easy to explore their abilities for yourself.

Cloud hostingthese resources are spread across multiple devices instead of just one, and changing your plan later – adding another gig of RAM, for instance – is generally as easy as dragging a slider, with the extra power coming online within moments.This flexibility is great for delivering extra power when you need it most.

Cloud hosting isn’t just for big business.If you need something more powerful, the top-of-the-range Business Cloud plan supports unlimited domains, gives you up to six cores and 6GB RAM, and includes private SSL and a dedicated IP.Benefits of the cloud plans include (up to) twice as fast load times, along with more site statistics, and because your site is mirrored across multiple devices, the ability to switch your site to another server in the event of a hardware failure.

The key advantage of all cloud hosting schemes is scalability. If your site can’t cope with demand, you can scale up to eight cores and 8GB RAM with a click. 

There’s no waiting around for someone to process your order and no downtime while your web space is reallocated – you get the extra resources right awaycloud hosting introduces a greater level of scalability, availability, and performance. The added flexibility of adding or removing resources means many hosting providers bill customers monthly for exactly the resources used. 

Cloud hosting—which spreads your site across multiple servers—is the most unique of all hosting types, as it lets you do many things that you could not do with the standard shared, virtual private server (VPS), dedicated, or WordPress hosting options.Cloud hosting’s use of multiple servers gives it certain advantages over traditional hosting.there are different types of cloud hosting. 

Traditional web hosts, such as DreamHost and HostGator, offer cloud hosting packages that are priced similarly as their other web hosting packages (typically in the Shared or VPS range).Enterprise-level, infrastructure-as-a-service cloud hosting from the likes of Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Rackspace are also available.

Though these are technically cloud hosting services, they are not what’s highlighted here. For more on that flavor of expansive (and potentially more expensive!) cloud hosting, please visit our story about the best infrastructure-as-a-service solutions.Many cloud web hosts offer unlimited monthly data transfers, so other factors may help you decide which service is best for your business. 

That said, if you’re interested in “unlimited” anything, no matter if it’s data or storage, be sure to read the tiny print to make sure that there aren’t any surprises. In other words, make sure your definition of unlimited matches the hosting service’s definition. They can be two very different things.The best provide top-notch, reliable service at an affordable rate, delivering a product that meets your specific needs.

Best “Cloud Server Hosting” Providers 2020


Starting form $10/mo.Enjoy 20% OFF for Three Months on High Performance Managed Cloud Hosting platform.Coupon Code: ‘CLOUD20’

Managed Cloud Hosting Platform

Cloudways is an interesting company because it is in the process of moving from a service offering, where every deployment is essentially a custom one, to a far more productized approach.

Cloudways in an exceedingly managed cloud server service that provides an amazing worth. you decide on the cloud supplier and Cloudways connects their platform thereto that makes it unbelievably simple to manage. You pay a little monthly premium vs going direct in exchange for the management platform and support once you want it.

Cloudways aims to provide people, teams, and businesses of all sizes the ability to produce their web site visitors the foremost seamless user expertise potential.

Not to mention, this distinctive company offers platform-as-a-service (paas) cloud-based web hosting, that sets it apart even from such a big amount of different hosting suppliers that provide a range of hosting solutions.

Hosting plans go along with an amazing feature set, support you’ll deem, and costs you’ll afford.

Cloudways managed cloud hosting platform takes away all the technical complexities, letting you focus on the growth and success of your website with complete peace of mind.

Cloudways managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting takes away cloud server related hassles so you can scale your website the way you want. Cloudways Cutting-Edge Managed Cloud Web Hosting features include advanced caches coupled with Breeze, a simplified Cloudways cache and CloudwaysCDN for fast performance. They all come together to provide a seamless web hosting experience.

Go Live in Minutes
Our cloud hosting platform takes away the complexities of setting up your website and allows you to go live in minutes.

Scale to Success
Cloud are committed to deliver fast performance, ironclad security, and seamless scalability for your websites.

Manage like A Pro
Cloudways help agencies and businesses to build and manage web apps more collaboratively and efficiently.


Account Management Dashboard
SSD-Based Servers
Dedicated Environment
PHP 7 Ready Servers
Pre-configured PHP-FPM
Dedicated Firewalls
Staging Area & URLs
Unlimited Application Installation
Optimized Stack With Advanced Cache
Built-in WordPress and Magento Cache
Easy DNS Management
Built-in MySQL Manager
5 Cloud Providers
60+ Global Data Centers
1-Click Server Cloning
1-Click Advanced Server Management
Server & App Monitoring (15+ Metrics)
1-Click Free SSL Installation
Auto-Healing Servers
Managed Backups
Regular OS and Patch Management
Free Trial Without Credit Card
Seamless Vertical Scaling
Multiple Databases
Launch 10+ Apps Through 1-Click
Multiple PHP Versions
24/7 Support On All Plans
Smart Assistant


Starting form $10/mo

Rackspace may be a premium hosting company with further support and services double-geared towards businesses. they’re not for your average user, with hosting beginning within the triple digits per month. That’s a hefty value as expected, however the advantages square measure various. the corporate guarantees no time period, and has a lot of expertise with OpenStack than the other company on the market.

actually Rackspace isn’t the most effective call if you’re simply trying to host one web site. however those searching for managed hosting, cloud services, and infrastructure services bushed one can realize it with Rackspace. However, competitors Amazon net Services and Google Cloud provide larger service portfolios for significantly less cash.

Rackspace isn’t going for the unimportant hosting user, they’re targeted on businesses and being a technical resolution, instead of simply another seller. whereas being a user on the enterprise scale, however, there are still some options lacking.

Rackspace has a rich name supported their fanatic client support and their hands on managed service. the corporate has over once been known as “the Nordstrom of cloud.” Their target market is medium to giant sized businesses which will afford their higher rating, and is very similar temperament for firms with a lean IT department. Those trying solely for hosting services however a similar store feel ought to investigate WP Engine, a managed WordPress answer while not the cloud services.

On the foremost basic plans, you have got access to email, live chat, and phone support – emails ar typically answered in beneath twenty minutes with unbelievably thorough responses, and live chat responses ar typically received in beneath a second. The Rackers may be reached by phone 24/7 and are very useful on the phone.

Much of the support employees can go higher than and on the far side to convey you additional nice support. On associate infrastructure level account, support won’t log in and build changes for you, however in parlous things they’ll plow ahead and mate anyways. the upper finish plans leave this, which may prevent heaps of your time and grief. Rackspace prides themselves on providing best support, and on the complete they deliver.

Rackspace has a lot of options and square measure ready to customise most any configuration for your web site. once talking with associate account manager they’ll dig in to seek out the options you actually would like and ways that to enhance your structure. Rich media, mobile apps, e-commerce, SharePoint, SaaS systems, and plenty of area unit all on the market inside Rackspace and run seamlessly. Their hardware is high notch and permits you as several relevant servers as is important.

Rackspace runs off of dedicated servers and backs up your info daily, permitting them to quickly modify and move things around once long-faced with threats of period. wherever several have suspect Amazon internet Services of overloading their servers, Rackspace very looks to induce this facet right. They very have the numbers to prove it, too. Since 2005, Rackspace has run an almost good ninety nine.99% uptime.

If you would like to alter your account standing or discuss valuation you’ll ought to ask a dedicated account managers, you can’t merely get in and alter it yourself. If you’re somebody that likes to be walked through everything, this may be a profit, however if you wish a point of management and have a DIY perspective, then this may encourage be an extra obstacle.

Fanatical Support Wherever You Are 24x7x365
They’re more than just a hosting provider – they’re your trusted service partner, and they’re ready to help solve the toughest problems. Gartner has recognized us as a leader in their Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers, Worldwide.

Migrating to the Cloud
Migrate to the cloud of your choice, across all leading public and private clouds.

Protecting Business Data
Protect your sensitive data with an environment built for PCI-DSS, HIPAA, SOX and FISMA compliance.

Regulatory & Compliance
Address your industry’s regulatory mandates by building in a compliant environment.

Uptime and Performance
Avoid downtime with a customized infrastructure built for speed and availability.

Consolidating Data Centers
Replace your aging physical infrastructure with powerful modern hardware, optimized for efficiency and scalability.

Disaster Recovery
Prepare your business for the worst-case scenario, with a holistic security approach.

High-performance, RAID 10-protected SSD storage
Redundant 10-Gigabit networking
Option of booting from Cloud Block Storage (additional charges apply for Cloud Block Storage)
Disk I / O up to ~ 35,000 4K random read IOPS and ~ 35,000 4K random write IOPS * AND
High-performance, RAID 10-protected SSD storage
Option of booting from Cloud Block Storage (additional charges apply for Cloud Block Storage)
Redundant 10-Gigabit networking
Disk I / O scales with the number of data disks up to ~ 80,000 4K random read IOPS and ~ 70,000 4K random write IOPS. * - private cloud


Starting from $20/mo .Google Cloud, Azure, AWS $100 discount.use code AFF100.

Premium cloud hosting is now easier and quicker than ever before

Their user friendly dashboard contains everything you might need while setting up and maintaining your server.
their dashboard allows you to keep on top of important data for each of your sites and control it in a simple manner.

Improving your infrastructure may be quite stringent in terms of your time and cash. the complete method additionally needs a high level of technical experience and skill, that might mean poor performance of your business if you choose to delay the upgrade. Simply put, enhancing your infrastructure to either AWS or Microsoft Azure may be a frightening prospect. therefore discouraging that it totally occupies your mind whereas cost accounting you time and cash.

Cloudwithme simplifies AWS adoption and lets anyone, even with no technical data, install up to five AWS servers inside minutes. Our techies have organized our on-line resolution to permit you to line up your AWS servers quickly exploitation our user friendly dashboard. AWS may be a secure cloud services platform, giving reliable, efficient, and servers that rescale or down in line with the performance of your web site. we tend to launched in Feb, and have our product in eleven languages and supply a $0 account that permits you to line up5 AWS servers , a pre-configured email and FTP account and that we even have a spread of paid add-ons offered if needed to assist you improve your server/domain: MySQL, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Roundcube, HTML, Google Analytics and additional.

Cloudwithme could be a easy setup resolution gets your AWS server up and running in minutes with no would like for technical skills. it’s an answer straightforward to control and manage, creating it very easy to upgrade your infrastructure AWS and boost your business. No would like of previous data No coaching of employees needed No time and resources wasted.

AWS server established one email account one FTP account, My SQL, hypertext mark-up language and Google Analytics enclosed. Add up to five servers. New Managed answer, five totally different rating plans supported your business desires, No ought to go close to the AWS console, ranging from $40 per month yearly paid. additional paid options ($5 monthly however yearly paid) or 7$ per month: Magento, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress. Self hosting answer still on the market.

Cloud With Me Features

Install your server in minutes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           CloudWithMe installation process can be completed in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is choose your hosting provider and server region, enter your domain name and you will be good to go!
Leave the complicated techy stuff to us, and your cloud hosting plan will be ready to use n no time at all.

Server locations all over the world
Choose from our 3 providers and 39 regions around the world

5 Server setup
Email Analytics
AWS EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud)
Microsoft Azure’s VM (virtual machine) Pricing Model
Monthly payment
Customer Types
Small Business
Medium Business
On Premise

Devices Supported


Starting from $159/mo .[Enjoy 34% off for 6 months on select Cloud Servers, use promo code: FASTCLOUD34]

Managed Private Cloud Servers

The Private Cloud is a robust, flexible and isolated virtual solution. Instead of Cloud VPS instances running on a parent server within LIQUIDWEB public cloud platform, the Private Cloud gives you sole control over the parent server and its resources. LIQUIDWEB build these parent servers to order based on your capacity needs. 

Once built, they get all the same scalability and features as any public Cloud VPS. However, with a Private Cloud build, we give you the keys to the kingdom. You can create as many private cloud VPS instances as desired. Limited only by the hardware available on the parent server, a single parent can run both Linux and Windows instances together.

Another key side that you just get with a private Cloud is privacy. These parent servers solely have a minimal affiliation to the remainder of liquidweb public Cloud platform. The connection is enough to alter access to the backup and imaging options at intervals the Liquid web Manage Interface. 

However, you get to work beneath isolation which implies you are doing not share network information measure with alternative tenants. This isolation reduces the frequency of neighboring DDoS attacks from impacting your systems.

You’re not restricted to one private Cloud either. Adding further private Clouds expands your capabilities and resources, permitting you to shuffle your instances between your private Cloud parent servers. Rearranging resource usage to create area for required systems. you’ll additionally move any instances over to our public cloud platform and convert them into a public Cloud VPS.

Private Cloud Usage
There are many ways to leverage our Private Cloud. Each instance uses the technology in its own way. The granular control over your virtual infrastructure has limitless possibilities. Here are some real-world examples to help paint the picture:

Private Virtual Office
Cloud VPS Reseller
Web Developer Design Firm

LIQUIDWEB Private Cloud allows you to create your own private cloud environment, within which you can create, move, resize or destroy any number of virtual instances. With minute control of your resources and the ability to move instances to the public cloud or create a public network of private cloud servers, the usage possibilities are endless.

It’s easy to create virtual instances and configure them exactly as you wish.

Move, resize, clone, and destroy virtual instances in your private cloud.

Resize the RAM
Adjust the Disk Size
Configure the Number of Cores
Once your virtual instances are created, you have the ability to move them between your Private Cloud servers or even into the public cloud platform.

Launch a network of Private Cloud servers to create your infrastructure.

Whether you’re configuring a Private Cloud environment for your enterprise or creating a network of virtual instances for your clients as a reseller, the Private Cloud is a perfect fit.

The ability to create an entire cloud infrastructure that is completely controlled by you, without the security or compliance concerns of shared platforms, opens up a great deal of possibilities for anyone from resellers to developers and beyond.


Liquid web features a redundantly designed, multi-tiered network with four datacenters primarily based out of the North American nation (plus one coming back presently to Amsterdam). They benefit of all the most recent technologies on the market, however most unambiguously, they own all of their hardware. By owning instead of leasing, they need a lot of management over the choices they’ll supply their clients.

Heroic Support® Team

Should disaster strike or queries come back up, you’re never alone. inside minutes, you’ll get on the road with a extremely trained Heroic Support® technician World Health Organization are going to be well-equipped to run you thru any hosting perplexity. These team members were mentored by consultants, several area unit currently Red Hat certified, and every one of them uphold the Heroic Promise to be all clear and there for you. The Liquid net Best Effort Support policy means that they’re going to attempt to facilitate any approach that they will, though it needs work outside of their ancient services


The hard-to-beat support that Liquid web offers to their customers has been raved concerning by users, as evident by their systematically high NPSs . The devoted Heroic Support® team and equally reliable time period rates, to not mention superb, custom technologies, all work along to yield such client praise

Call, live chat, or email for assistance anytime and you’ll instantly be connected with a knowledgeable technician who’s been through thorough training and mentoring.


Liquid Web’s Storm® Cloud Platform features                                                                                                                                                                                                    scalable, high-speed, highly available virtual and dedicated servers.
With instant provisioning, automatic migrations, and high-powered SSDs, Liquid Web Storm® Servers feature the ferocity of a dedicated system with the flexibility of the Cloud.
Now users can get Load Balancers, Object Storage, Block Storage, and a VPN as part of Liquid Web’s Storm® Add-Ons.

Engineered for Peace of Mind
Free Standard DDoS Protection
Free CloudFlare CDN
Free ServerSecure Security
Free Gigabit Uplink
cPanel & Plesk Available
Single-Tenant Servers
Root access via SSH
100% Uptime SLAs
Dedicated IP Address
SSD Storage

WP Rocket - WordPress Caching Plugin


Starting from $5/mo .Free $100/60-day account credit.

DigitalOcean focuses on cloud hosting for developers. they supply a scalable infrastructure for developers to create websites and applications with quick preparation times.

Based in the big apple town, DigitalOcean was supported in 2011 by ben and Moisey Uretsky.

The simplest cloud platform for developers & teams

Deploy, manage, and scale cloud applications faster and more efficiently on DigitalOcean. DigitalOcean make managing infrastructure easy for teams and businesses, whether you’re running one virtual machine or ten thousand.

Developers can use DigitalOcean to create virtual servers, or “droplets,” in under a minute. With each droplet, you get full root access, including the ability to customize your server setup and choose your operating system.

Deploy and scale seamlessly
Digitalocean optimized configuration process saves your team time when running and scaling distributed applications, AI & machine learning workloads, hosted services, client websites, or CI/CD environments.


Droplets are a scalable compute platform with add-on storage, security, and monitoring capabilities to easily run production applications.

Rapidly provision one to thousands of Droplets in seconds
Choose from Standard or Optimized Droplets and customize from there. Get the flexibility you need to get up and going quickly.

Deploy a pre-built app or distro
Skip the installation and configuration and get straight to deploying your code.

Choose a size and type
Because Droplets are resizable, SSD-based virtual machines, you can deploy what resources you need now and upgrade at any time down the road.

Select a region
You can deploy your Droplets around the world in any of our 8 datacenter regions with a reliable connection.

Elegant API
DIGITAL OCEAN API enables you to deploy and manage thousands of Droplets and resources in a simple, programmatic way.

Manage your Droplets with greater flexibility using conventional HTTP requests. Take any number of actions or requests—including creating multiple Droplets, resizing, rebooting, enabling backups, and more—with curl commands or the official API wrappers. Includes OAuth support.


DigitalOcean engineered their own custom back-end code. Cloud servers square measure engineered victimization KVM Virtualization on Intel’s Hex-Core CPUs with dedicated ECC Ram and RAID SSD storage.

You can use DigitalOcean’s board, or use DigitalOcean’s name-spaced API to style your own.

From the board, you’ll one-click install common applications or Linux distributions to your droplets, like CentOS or FreeBSD, and WordPress or Drupal.

DigitalOcean has datacenters in San Francisco, London, Singapore, Bangalore, and three each in New York and Amsterdam.

The Singapore datacenter supports IPv6, and DigitalOcean plans to roll out support to their other datacenters in the near future.

BEST Customer Support
DigitalOcean offers support via a ticket system. Issues can be marked as critical for immediate attention. They do not offer live chat or phone support.

Network features and additional specs

99.99% Uptime SLA

DIGITAL OCEAN provide a 99.99% uptime SLA. If we fail to deliver, we’ll credit you for the amount of time that service was unavailable.


Create a DNS record by entering your domain name and selecting a Droplet. Full DNS management allows you to easily control every aspect of your domain’s DNS settings.

Global Datacenters

Datacenters located around the world mean you have the connectivity and redundancy you need to stay up.


Best-in-class network connectivity for speed and throughput.


Locate your Droplet in the cloud with the most up-to-date version of the Internet Protocol.

Private Networking

Enables Droplets to “talk” within the same datacenter. Traffic sent between Droplets across the private network will not count toward your bandwidth costs.

Snapshot Transfer

Transfer the ownership of a snapshot to any DigitalOcean user.

User Data

Add customized scripts to automate package installation during initial setup.

Cluster Deployment

Deploy multiple Droplets with a few clicks within control panel or from the command line via digital ocean API.


Vertically scale your Droplet’s resources up or down based on your usage

Enterprise SSDs

Digital ocean use enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSDs) for increased storage performance.


Enterprise-grade KVM hypervisors improve network performance and security.


Public cloud Starting from $50/mo and Private cloud starting from $600/mo.5% Discount .use code  -5SICTLGTIIO8


When moving your business to the cloud, you have 2 options to choose from. Either a private cloud or a public one. With Cirrus, you have both cloud hosting options at your disposal, but cirrus hosting do definitely focus on private cloud set-ups.

Cirrus Canadian based cloud infrastructure revolves around dedicated private cloud servers and for good reason. A private cloud setup offers your business so much more… more resources, more flexibility, more control, more freedom.

With a public cloud, things are shared, much like shared hosting. Virtual Machines from multiple users are all hosted on one shared physical server. Logical volume is shared. So is the NIC card on the physical server.

A private cloud on the other hand keeps things, well, private. Physical boxes are dedicated to you and you alone – you’ve got your own NIC card because you’re the only one using the box. Only your VMs are hosted in your cloud environment. Dedicated logical volume is also just for you. You can create your own private backnet network setup to communicate between your VMs.

Cirrus Tech’s network has been engineered from the ground up to accommodate the high-availability demands of the internet’s most popular websites. Operating via private peering connections and public Network Access Points, Cirrus expansive, redundant network was designed to offer a forward-thinking alternative to the existing network options. Cirrus utilize multiple major upstream providers to ensure continuous Internet connectivity, greater route diversity, and ultimately, enhanced Internet performance. This strategic combination allows customer traffic to be routed over the best available connections

This mission critical facilities located right in the heart of Toronto offers its tenants the best in safety, connectivity and reliability. Everything from the structural features, to the power, to the cooling systems has been built with security and redundancy in mind.

Cirrus Infrastructure is secured and protected by a mixture of security appliances, ie, Firewalls, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and DDOS Mitigation Platforms and is monitored by its 24/7, Toronto based, Network Operation Center.

Cirrus The newest piece in Cirrus security infrastructure arsenal is ThreatSTOP, an IP reputation based service that protects networks from criminal malware attacks. It enables firewalls to block both inbound and outbound traffic, preventing the theft of valuable data. ThreatSTOP lets firewalls know about threats in real-time and allows networks to automatically stop any incoming or outgoing traffic from known malware sites.

It’s a cloud based system that prevents theft by making sure there are no firewall or network holes where malicious malware can slip through infrastructure arsenal is ThreatSTOP, an IP reputation based service that protects networks from criminal malware attacks. It enables firewalls to block both inbound and outbound traffic, preventing the theft of valuable data. ThreatSTOP lets firewalls know about threats in real-time and allows networks to automatically stop any incoming or outgoing traffic from known malware sites.

All Cirrus customers get access to a professional support team ready to help, whether you have a query related to your dedicated web server or need assistance with choosing the right cloud software. Cirrus experienced support engineers are on hand 24/7/365. Whether by phone, by ticket, or by live chat, contact us anytime from anywhere.

Cirrus oursourced colocation management is handled by Vere Consulting Inc. Take advantage of their enterprise level technology and team of expert technicians. Access a wide range of flexible solutions that can be custom tailored to meet your needs. With their team of professionals at your disposal, outsource your colocation services with confidence.

When it comes to your crucial data, ensuring its safety and security is a major concern and a major responsibility. Don′t want to deal with the headache of managing your own backups? Let us take a load off. Cirrus offer data backup, snapshotting, staging and backup replication. Cirrus can also help by syncing/replicating data to a secondary data center of choice (either yours or ours, whichever you prefer). When it comes to your data, the Cirrus team has your back.

Cirrus hosts 100,000+ websites and has been hosting companies around the glove since 1999.

24/7/365 SUPPORT
Phone, email and ticketing support is available with maximum of 2 hours response time


What sort of SLA you need for your cloud? Let us know and cirrus will build the cloud based on your requirements.

Your private cloud can have your data protection policy. You can choose one or HA data storages and set the backup frequency and retention policy of your own.

Create your own custom cloud templates to clone and scale your specific setup in seconds

Add CDN support and custom policies for it

You can also sync or replicate your data and cloud to a secondary location or datacenter of your choice



Starting from $14/mo.

CLOUD SIGMA offer a full deployment spectrum allowing customers to optimize how they balance their workloads between private and public cloud infrastructure options. Through CloudSigma global partnership with Equinix ,CloudSigma are able to offer a combination of world class private hosting capabilities alongside leading CloudSigma public cloud locations.                                                                                                                Host private infrastructure alongside CloudSigma.
Patch with a 10GigE layer 2 line.
Achieve full line speed & low latency with CloudSigma private patch technology.
Cloud Burst with ease or use CloudSigma for disaster recovery & backup seamlessly.

cloudsigma distinctive is their dashboard. its very clean and unionized, it is very simple to maneuver around and realize your method through them. its very use the platform too, you’ll be able to launch the server you would like with simply some clicks of the button. for the server you’ll choose between a large vary of applications and operative systems, their property settings, storage setting and therefore the specification for the servers like variety of cores and memory in step with your want.

pricing is on the low- mid-range once you compare different similar services and this one fully definitely worth the cash. the servers square measure of very good quality, they’re very quick and ne’er went down within the whole time i used them. another attention-grabbing possibility in clousigma is that the ability to upgrade or downgrade the system while not losing information and with no extra charges. this provides users rather more flexibility, in contrast to the other service. you furthermore mght get root access and complete management of your server.

Cloud Integrations & Drivers

CLOUDSIGMA constantly look for new ways to make their cloud easier to use and more relevant to their customers’ every day computing. Cloudsigma are proud to offer a number of external integrations, drivers for our cloud as well as valuable partnerships offering customers value from partners including Ubuntu, OpenVPN and New Relic.

High Availability & cloudsigma Service Level Agreement

Service availability and uptime are essential for production services. There is a danger when moving to the cloud that you can lose proper visibility over your infrastructure allowing single points of failure to creep in. cloudsigma’ve built tools that empower their customers allowing them to automatically see single points of failure on compute and storage and eliminate them. Ask cloudsigma about our high availability feature-set and tools!

Highlights of cloudsigma SLA:
A 100% uptime reference point
x50 time credits against any downtime over 15min
1ms max latency internally in cloudsigma clouds
Full details by location: Switzerland | United States
Professional Incident Management:
Proactive alerting of affected customers
Periodic updates throughout any incident
Incident closure alerting
Full root cause analysis & actions shared with customers


Instant Provisioning
Provision servers, drives, IPs, private networks and pretty much any other resource CloudSigma offer on the fly without delays.

An Elegant API
CloudSigma use their API for their own customer control panel. It’s got 100% feature coverage and is easy to use.

Wide Resource Ranges
CloudSigma offer up to 40 CPU cores and 128GB RAM per server. Size your SSD drives up to 5TB each or up to 100TB per magnetic drive.

Free Resources
Every customer spending $10 or more per month receives 1GB of RAM, 50GB SSD and 5TB of outbound data transfer gratis.

Data Safe from Prying Eyes
CloudSigma and secure cloud servers are structured to be independent by location. If you do computing with us in Switzerland you are subject to Swiss law only. In the US subject only to US law, etc.

A Custom KVM Cloud
KVM delivers full virtualization. That means dedicated resource allocation, better securing and ring fenced performance per customer.

ISO Security Certified Cloud
CloudSigma’s cloud infrastructure and services have been certified as compliant with the highest ISO 27001 requirements for security and data privacy.

Public, virtual private & hybrid cloud options

Offer customers the full spectrum of infrastructure options on top of services.

Global Deployment Options

Offer cloud, data center and managed services to customers worldwide.

Value-added Cloud Services

Deploy DRaaS, security features, load balancing, DDoS mitigation and more.


CloudSigma is ISO-27001 certified and PCI-DSS compliant. They deliver a high degree of security in accordance to various aspects of computing


Choose the most appropriate national legal framework under which to run customer cloud computing infrastructure.


CloudSigma guarantees 100% availability of virtual servers and network backed up by strict SLA of x50 times credits against any downtime over 15 minutes.

Flexibility & Compatibility

Any x86 OS or application can run in cirrus cloud unmodified. Resources are not bundled together and there is no ‘standard size’ server.

Excellent Support
friendly customer support is available 24×7 and cirrus escalation policy ensures the rapid resolution of all issues.

Flexible Pricing Models

Combine long-term subscriptions for predictable workloads with on-demand scalability for unplanned capacity. Pay only for what you need and achieve best price-performance ratio.


Starting $13.12/mo to $675.68/mo.

eApps Hosting was launched in 1996 as an applications oriented hosting environment, with first class technical support for mission critical web sites. They began offering Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting in 2001 and achieved rapid success, going on to serve thousands of customers seeking advanced, yet competitively priced, reliable hosting with responsive support. They now offer a Virtual Server hosting service on a “true cloud” platform, featuring custom hosting plans that you create in minutes, with predictable recurring billing. You receive reliable hosting backed by outstanding technical support that includes support for many leading applications used for industrial strength sites. eAPPS evolution as one of the premier Cloud service providers continues.

Custom Virtual Cloud Server with Guaranteed Resources & Managed Services


The eApps® Create-A-Cloud® tool allows you to create a custom cloud plan with the guaranteed allocations of CPU, RAM, and Disk resources you need, with a known, recurring price. As demand for computing resources increases or decreases, you can change your resource allocations immediately, resulting in an adjustment of the price of your custom cloud hosting plan.

With the eApps® virtual server hosting service, powered by OnApp, you have the freedom to adjust your hosting resources to meet demand, with a predictable recurring bill. Your resources are guaranteed, they are always there for you.


eApps Hosting’s Virtual Cloud Servers include an impressive list of free, included Managed Services:

On-ramp Assistance – At no extra charge, eapps help get your site or application up and running fast!
Control Panel & Customer Portal Support – eAPPS tools save you time, and eapps stand behind them.
DDoS Protection – Your servers are protected by an industrial strength anti DDoS system, designed to keep even the targeted site up and running.
Site Accelerator (CDN), Web App Firewall (WAF), enhanced DDoS – Within minutes your site will be accelerated through a world-wide network, and be protected from hackers.
Uptime Monitoring, with First Responder option – Alerts you when your site is down, with a low cost option for eApps Support response.
Resource Monitoring – Tracks and reports your resource usage, with alerts when you reach usage threshholds.
Server and Security Investigation – Initial inspections by eapps skilled technicians are free of charge.
Minor Software Updates – Assistance for minor updates is included.
SSL Installation – Free installation for certificates purchased from eApps.
Consultation on Use of eApps Cloud Services – eAPPS Sales team will assist you, at no charge.


Build your Virtual Cloud Server from a comprehensive list of Operating System templates, prepared by eapps technical team and designed to fit your needs. The list includes Linux and Windows templates, as well as special purpose templates to deploy VPN and load balancing solutions.

Also included are choices with ISPmanager, Plesk and cPanel/WHM control panels, and choices with popular application servers, including Tomcat, Wildfly, GlassFish and more. eAPPS approach saves you administrative time which means your application can be deployed fast and easily.

If you need additional managed services, eapps provide options for backups, server monitoring, application monitoring, software updates, security services, and enhanced support. All Managed Service options are selectable individually for each Virtual Server. eAPPS do not force you to buy services you do not need!


Your eApps Virtual Server provides all of the capabilities you expect – root access, full resource control, and more. In addition, eapps custom hosting service allows you to choose from a large list of supported applications, featuring a supported library of middle-ware software used to power mission critical web sites. The list includes Tomcat, GlassFish, WildFly, JBoss, Liferay Portal, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Groovy and Grails, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, PostgreSQL and more.

24/7 Technical Support
Being there for you is one thing. Being competent, responsive and caring is what separates us from the competition. Contact us through 24/7 by email, chat, landline phone, and world-wide toll free VOIP using Skype to get help from an eApps team member that is dedicated to your success.

True Cloud Platform
Your Linux or Windows Virtual Server runs in a state of the art Cloud hosting environment, with advanced capabilities for self service, scalability, and automatic recovery from hardware failures. Their Virtual Servers are also highly insulated, drastically minimizing any impact from “noisy neighbors.” You can count on eApps for reliable hosting.

Predictable Pricing & Flexibility
With eapps Create-A-Cloud® tool you select the quantity of RAM, CPU & Disk that you need! This results in a custom hosting plan that fits your needs, at a fixed price. Later, if you need to adjust resources you can do so in your self-service Customer Portal. eApps Cloud offers the perfect balance of predicable prices and flexible resources.

Applications Support
Since 1996 eApps has provided outstanding support for the server-side software used to power mission critical web sites. Other providers offer a list of applications to install. They help you use them. When you reach your hand out to eapps for help, it will be taken by a technician with the skills and experience to resolve your issue.


Customized Linux or Windows Virtual Server
Full control of the server, including the OS kernel
ISPmanager (no charge), Plesk, or cPanel/WHM Control Panels are available
App templates – Tomcat, WildFly, GlassFish, Liferay Portal, DBs, WP, Joomla, Drupal, and more
Advanced services for backups, VPN, load balancing, security services are available
Fixed, predictable, pricing based on customizable resource allocations for RAM, CPU and Disk
Docker® containers support
Supports large servers – 32 GB RAM and 1 TB Disk
30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

On-ramp Assistance for New Sites
 Control Panel and Customer Portal Support
 DDoS Protection
 Site Accelerator (CDN) & Web App Firewall (WAF)
 Uptime Monitoring, with First Responder Option
 Resource Monitoring, with First Responder Option
 Server and Security Investigation
 Minor Software Updates
 SSL Installation (for certificates purchased from eApps)
 Consultation on Use of eApps Cloud Services