9 Best online book publishing platforms for writers 2024

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The best way to publish a book

If you’re trying to build your personal or professional brand—what’s the best way to do that? Basically, how can you stand out?

There are a lot of ways to do that, but one of the very best is pretty old school: write a book.

scribe media mission is to help everyone on earth write, publish, market, (and own) their book. scribe media past authors include major company CEOs, famous entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and people with amazing personal stories.

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Writing a book has been complicated, time-consuming, and painful while getting a book published has been equally challenging. our mission is to help everyone on earth write, publish, market, (and own) their book.

Traditional publishers only publish a small number of books each year, keeping ownership, creative control, and freedom away from authors. They say they do it to “maintain high quality.”

The self-publishing industry is full of scammers who will put out anything, producing cheap, low-quality work. They say they do it to “increase ownership and freedom for authors.”

Working with scribe media, you’ll keep creative control and ownership of your book so you can turn your vision of being a published author into a reality.

And if you can’t afford scribe media services or just want to do it yourself? Register for Scribe Book School. Book School takes you through the same process created by scribe media’s 4x New York Times bestselling author and co-founder Tucker Max and is 100% free.

How does writing a good book help build your brand and elevate your career? There are six different ways a book can help you:

  1. Increase Visibility & Raise Profile: Books can increase visibility in any number of ways, like making it easier to gain media exposure or raise your profile in your niche.
  2. Establish Authority & Credibility: Books help you establish authority and gain credibility within your field.
  3. Get New Clients & Opportunities: Books can easily help generate new business and other opportunities across a variety of platforms and venues in multiple ways.
  4. Speaking Invitations: A book is almost a necessity for becoming a paid speaker, or often, for getting booked for any public speaking at all.
  5. Legacy: A book can cement your legacy and pass your knowledge and story on to others.
  6. Create Impact: Probably the very best long term way to build your brand is to actually impact others, and there is no better way to scale your impact than to write a great book that really helps other people.

Let’s break down each of these and see exactly how they work.

1. A Book Increases Your Visibility and Raises Your Profile

Whenever do any media want to comment on something, who do they go? The expert, right?

And how do they know someone is an expert?

The experts are the people who wrote the book on the subject.

A book is the #1 signal of expertise. The media want to talk to experts, and they judge expertise by who wrote the book on the subject.

Could you use more visibility in your field and media coverage? Write a book that establishes you as an expert, and media coverage will be 10x easier to get.

This is EXACTLY how Jonathan Siegel’s book got him so much coverage. He wrote a good book that detailed a lot of the fallacies of conventional wisdom in tech start-ups, and dozens of media outlets like Inc., Business Insider, and others wanted to cover him.

He was already an expert in his field—he just needed a book to be the book to get him coverage.

The same thing with Stephan Aarstol. He wrote a book about the innovative culture at his company that allowed them to work 5 hour days, and the media could not get enough of him and his book.

Now he’s all over the media, with articles in Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company, CNN, CNBC, FOX News and others. Everyone in his world knows who he is.

I know you know this. How many times have you seen someone in your field get a lot of attention simply because they wrote a book?

Even if you know more than they do, they got the attention that you didn’t, because of their book.

2.A Book Establishes Your Authority and Credibility

A lot of people like to say that “a book is the new business card.”

That’s wrong. Everyone has a business card. You can go to Office Depot and get business cards.

But you can’t go to Office Depot and author a book. What I like to say instead is that a book is the new college degree.

It used to be, about forty years ago, only about 10 to 15% of people had college degrees. If you had one, it was a major signal of credibility and authority. It meant something.

But now that everyone (70%+) goes to college, it doesn’t signal as much. So what is a signal of credibility and authority now—one that’s reliable and difficult and rare?

A book:

A book shows you can commit to something and follow through. It shows you get things done.

And most importantly, it shows the world what you know. A book sets you up to be judged by your actual knowledge and work. It’s really easy to skirt by and still get a college degree. It’s really hard to manipulate your way into a good book.

Yes, being judged is risky, but that’s why a book is a valid credential: it is a risk.

By writing a book, you are in a place that most people are unwilling to go—being judged—and it usually requires a lot of work to get there. It requires you to prove you actually know something.

This is exactly what Bob Glazer did with his book. He wrote about a hard subject that has a lot of baggage (affiliate marketing) but wrote in a very open and vulnerable way, and shared his knowledge about his industry.

He got tons of credibility and authority from both the media and clients because of how good his book was, how much of his “secrets” he shared, and how honest it was.

Same with John Ruhlin. He is a gifting expert and shared all of his best secrets in his book. As a result, the book not only took off, but John now does 20+ keynote speeches a year and has seen his company double in size.

Most people are not willing to take that risk. They’re afraid of sharing their knowledge or showing the world what they know.

This is why we are very upfront with our authors: you can’t just vomit out nonsense, call it a book, and reap the benefits.

To get credibility and authority from a book, you have to share valuable knowledge and ideas with your readers.

If you can do that, you will rocket past all your contemporaries who do not have a book, even if they are just as smart and accomplished as you are.

3.A Book Gets You New Clients and Opportunities

The #1 search engine is Google. YouTube is #2. Know what #3 is?


Even more relevant, it’s the #1 search engine for professionals (ranking even higher than LinkedIn).

When people look for a credible expert or authority, what’s the first thing they think about? Same as the media—everyone wants the person who literally “wrote the book” on the topic.

Having a great book lets people know exactly who you are and how you can help them, and it brings them right to you. It’s the best marketing tool you could ever use—not just to build your brand, but to actually attract clients.

4.A Book Creates a Real Impact on People

Look at some reviews from the books I’ve mentioned. From Driven, by Douglas Brackmann:

1. driven-Douglas-Brackmaan

From The Third Option, by Shannon Miles:


From The Cilantro Diaries, by Lorenzo Gomez:

3. the-cilantro-diaries-Lorenzo-Gomez

From The Five Hour Work Day, by Stephan Aarstol:


From The San Francisco Fallacy, by Jonathan Siegel:

5. the-san-Francisco-fallacy-Jonathan-Siegel

There are literally thousands of these. Reviews from real readers who were deeply impacted by books.

Remember: the very best books are win-win.

When the author really works hard, puts their best knowledge and stories in their book, and commits to delivering real value to the reader, then both the reader and the author come out better off.

A book is a multi-purpose marketing tool with unique and special abilities to create attention for you, that you can use to build your brand and career in multiple ways.

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